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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


18th Jan 2017, 12:06 AM

Somehow, I was not expecting that trick. Okay, share a time when you or someone in your party unexpectedly, or not, copied a bad guy's trick. Extra points if you do it better.

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18th Jan 2017, 5:16 AM

So, our werewolf pack was fighting a vampire necromancer who had locked them in a chuckie cheese, and was controlling the ghosts of several kids he had killed to attack us by possessing the anomatronics. Yes it was basically FNAF: werewolf edition. Anyway, the pack had found the kid's bodies earlier in their investigation, and were able to use them to take controll of one of the ghosts and use her to open the powered door-locks keeping them out of the security room the vampire was hiding in.

3 werewolves vs. 5 possessed robots: a tough challenge.
3 werewolves vs. 1 vampire with no combat experience: a very short battle.

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18th Jan 2017, 5:40 AM
"Staring a basilisk to death..."

Now, this takes some background info, soo sorry for wall of text. We can all be assholes sometime, especially to NPC. And bluffs and intimidate can be hilarious.

during our travels between the city and the underdark, there was a weird place. it was our standard camping spot, and it was haunted by the random encounter table.

every time we put up camp there, we encountered a random encounter basilisk. Our DM even started to roll the dies open, since it was soo unlikely. Now, in that system, basilisks are essentially glass cannons with insta kill gaze, but they can't take a hit, so it wasn't that bad, just really dangerous.

Anyways, during one of our travels to the underdark we brought along an NPC alchemist, whom we proceed to terrorize by telling him horror stories about one of our PC. Specifically the guy wearing an armor taken from a death knight. He didn't really believe us, since some of them were pretty far fetched, along the lines of that him being able to steal your soul if you look him into the eye, hell itself spat him out for being to cruel...

Another of our party members decided that his char was bored during night watch, and proceeded to fire blood magic into the night.

DM decides to let him roll a D1000. he roles 1. He then rolls attack. Crit confirmed. a squeak and when he goes to check what it was, he had 1 hit killed a basilisk.

Thing was, there was very litle damage to the body. he procedes to silently wake the rest of the party up. we clean up the basilisk corpse, hand cowering the wound on it's throat. and When the Npc awakens, he our Hell knight (totally legit, not a bluff) is staring into the eyes of a struggling (minor magic to move the corpse around a bit with blood magic) basilisk that sudenly stiffens, and goes limp...

Needless to say, the NPC now believes EVERYTHING about the PC we tell him, after all, he has seen him have a staring contest with a basilisk, and win.

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18th Jan 2017, 10:56 AM
"Two can play that game"

We where playing pathfinder witht eh 3rd party Path of war (tome of battle for pathfinder).
partymember attacks the badguy, who uses a counter to dodge. I use one of my own maneuvers to copy the counter of the enemy, saving it for later. Then the bad guy retaliates, and i, as one of my class skills, can give nearby allies counters to use. So i give the counter i just copied to my buddy, who dodges the enemies attack.

if i recall correctly it was a counter that made the user incorpeal for a bit. So first the enemie ghosts to avoid an attack, and then my buddy does the same thing, without knowing himself how he did it.

Add in a portal wizard and someone with a movement speed around 500 and it was one of the most confusing combats ever for the players, dm and even in character.

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