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9th Jan 2017, 12:18 AM

Reminds me of the time I threw our druid's animal a companion (a badger) as a means of intercepting an attack. In my defense, that badger was evil (not in the alignment sense) and was totally worth the alignment shift to chaotic neutral.

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9th Jan 2017, 6:31 AM


Regardless, it seems that today's storytime will be "times you used someone else's thing for something totally not it's intended purpose"?....Or would it be "times that alignment check/shift was totally worth it?"

I'm gonna swing for both.

Picture a postapoclytpic setting, the world has gone to hell in a handbasket, tsunamis and earthquakes are dime a dozen, and there's all kinds of death cults about, and a Lawful good character is a unicorn within a unicorn (I had to really justify things to get to play a chaotic good gnome rogue in this setting... despite the cleric of the group apparently being a worshipper of shantae and attempting to proselytize anyone at every possible opportunity, though at one point he was totally down with busting the door down of a temple and murdering everyone with the dragonborn's fire breath, oddly enough it was my rogue and I believe the mage who ended up talking him down, which was odd since we were the two bloodthirstiest characters thus far)

Regardless, things are screwed. Among my inventory was the severed foot of one of my character's brothers that died during the setup of events that led everyone's characters to meet up. After transcending the water temple (filled with murloc like creatures and trident wielding asshat cultists that worshiped some evil sea god) we ended up in an alternate plane of existence, well I think (never got an explanation on that because I ended up moving soon after we wound up there) where we were slowly making our way through a labyrinth and were finding the companions that had died during the intro, and to get the priest to snap out of the fact that these people had in fact died I threw my gnome's brother's severed foot at his face, hitting him square in the nose.

no I don't know why my character actually still had that on his person.

regardless, this was during the whole "breakdown of the priest" and the whole situation was a little absurd with him being all gung ho to kill some people who were on the far side of the door, when up until that point the only people we'd dealt with were eveil murlocs, cultists, and a dragonborn child that was ultimately sacrificed by the cultists after vanishing from our care... yeah dragonborn did not like that and werent about wrecking face when that happened.

regarldess because of the foot throwing.. well keeping, and the priest being a murderous bugger (also he tried to kill my chracter after he faked his own death with a free action by making it look like a 5x5x5 rock had fallen from the sky (arcane trickster, I had an illusion spell, can make an object or sound appear with only a peice of fleece.. which my chracter had an inexplicably large supply of and it was a free action) to crush the gnome... to be fair I was being ganged up on by murlocs and not gonna survive if I didn't do anything and he rolled poorly on his perceiving... so my character show's up and he thinks I'm evil/reanimated and tried to brain me with a mace.

God that's a lot more disjointed when put into text form than I remembered it being.

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Joe the Rat

9th Jan 2017, 7:54 AM

My players used their cleric to go trolling.

They tied a rope to him, tossed him over the side of a boat, and used him as a lure.

They caught a pair of lake trolls.

Although now that I think about it, the cleric was a gnome, so maybe that isn't an unintended use.

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9th Jan 2017, 3:50 PM

this is how my part go fishing as well. freedom of movement+air bubble and shark/monster infested waters is good for food.

Tossing he palladin overboard is an added bonus.

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9th Jan 2017, 9:44 AM
"Scyte of Death and Destruction"

I've told about the fact that my character was partly possessed by the goddess of death and destruction. The thing is, when she gets angry (well, it actually is when she really wants interfeir with the world, which was only the case when she was angry or when there was a really big fight) my body partly transformed, including getting armored and stuff.
I got wings, and got a giant scyte as a weapon. And an epic cloak ofcourse.

After a big escape out of the demon and zombie infested city we ended up sleeping at a farmers house. In return we promised to help him farm his weed the next day now that electricity didn't work anymore and all the farmers machines stopped working.
But ofcourse, our GM didn't actually want us to sleep peacefully and trew a giant hoard of zombies at us. Big enough to get us transformed.

We survived, though very wounded. The farmer was very thankfull of us, but said that the farming still needed to be done - it was the source of food for quite a lot of the neighbouring villages now that most farmers were dead and the grocery stores were not a very good source of food in an apocalypse type event.
He actually had a whole speech that made us all tear up, while still standing there in all our battle gear. The player who was possed by the god of chance was the first to handle.
He grapped the scyte out of my very surprised hands and started to use it as an actual gardening tool.
The whole group was so perplexed that it took my goddess at least two rounds to realise what happened and to go crazy on him.
But the god of chance enjoyed the action so much, that he changed the fate in such a way that she couldn't get a godess didn't even get one hit on the player.
After that she was so embarrased that it took me days to convince to actually talk to me again, so I'm still kinda sour about that, but I have to admit, that was pretty funny.

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9th Jan 2017, 3:54 PM

it's her fault for holding farming equipment so close to chores that need doing.

if she didn't want her holy artifact to be used for farming she should have chosen something along the line of an iron maiden to be her implement of justice

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11th Jan 2017, 10:43 AM

In other words, she reaps what she sows.

I had a shovel specifically set up for its unintended use as a bludgeoning weapon, I even wasted a feat on Shovel Proficiency to make it useful. Why? Because I was a rogue with a rapier, and against skeletons and other enemies with greater DR to piercing strikes, I needed something to smack 'em with.

Then I got a set of boots that combined Jaunty Boots (treats 5-ft-steps as 15 ft), Boots of Lightning Leaping (move up to 60 ft in a straight line in lightning form), and Boots of Cloud-stepping. (For a concentration check, I could stand in mid-air as if it were Favored Terrain for 10 rounds).

Each of these abilities were one per day per every 5 Rogue levels (As I was level 17, that meant 3x a day). And I had some sort of Feat that let me turn a standard action into a swift action, and concentration checks were already considered free actions at that point (we were all Unchained, including the BBEG).

So, in order to dodge an Instant-Kill attack with a 30 foot cone of reach, I took a 15-foot step UP, turned into Lightning to go an extra sixty feet straight up, and then used my concentration check to get a stable place to stand, for a single minute, while the BBEG was distracted. I used those 10 rounds to drop all 6 of my bombs, and then did a Combat Maneuver to use my Fly against his CMD. With a Fly check of around 34, I overpowered his CMD, and then once again rocketed out of range. It was an awesome battle, and we really should not have lived through it, but our healer stopped us all from dying, which was nice.

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18th Nov 2017, 5:52 PM

Using the death scythe as a actual farming scyte...
A random NPC should have popped just to give the god of chance a high-five for that one. :'D

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9th Jan 2017, 5:01 PM

Made me thought of this

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