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4th Jan 2017, 1:07 AM
"Tell a Story: Battling Buffs"

Just like how you can duel with banjos, you can duke it out with bonuses and morale. Whether it's a music competition between bards, or gladiators working the crowds, people can compete for bonuses.

Share a story about contests or competitions, not just of strength, combat, or bravery, but of performance and Buff counting.

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4th Jan 2017, 1:16 AM

We were participants in a mass combat. Our epic level bard was providing ridiculous bonuses to our army, but the enemy had a group of casters that was doing the same for them. Thus, we went on a foray to take them down. Some slicing and dicing later, we killed two of the four casters (one of them twice!) and the other two escaped. My character chased after them through the gate spell they created, only to end up stuck in Limbo for many sessions (literally as well as figuratively). Without their buffs, however, the battle quickly shifted in our favor. Hundreds of thousands of people and monsters died that day.

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4th Jan 2017, 5:24 AM
"you don't steal from a dwarf..."

we had finally managed to get evidence for how one of the grand dukes had robbed us and framed us for assorted murders, and had placed his loyal servants on a open trial in front of the whole city as a powermove for the prince. (duke had escaped back to his dominion at this time, so we couldn't get to him yet)

thing was, my char was sort of holding a grudge against the duke for stealing a VERY rare sword from me, and i had a inchar reason to be even more then usual personally outraged by the dukes rape dungeon (killing the guards there with a literal bucket of shit wasn't enough. bastard was going to suffer)

and i was wearing an amulet that essentially was a weaker form of mass suggestion, making my words seem reasonable.

Soo, taking to the stage, i sort of fired up the crowd untill it was darn hard for the prince to banish the henchmen's as planned, instead of hanging them to appease the crowd. And i managed to sortof maybe totaly force him to grant me the entire mansion of the duke or face open rebellion from the crowd.

I wasn't allowed to actually USE the mansion, since i in my speech declared it as a pant for until i got my sword back, and had hired it out to some farmers on condition that they used it as a chicken crop/ pigsty.

for some reason, the prince soon sent me on a mission to far far away for a long time after that...

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4th Jan 2017, 6:35 PM

one time while investigating a local drug lord our party discovered he was also an amateur musician who would be preforming at the bar we whee asking questions at that night. when he came out he proved to be a androgynous Marilyn Manson like individual. my character a swashbuckling bard named lanliss aka the elfiest elf who ever elfed, whose gender was literally marked down with a question mark. was incensed at this schmuck stealing his/her shtick, jumped up on the stage and challenged the drug lord to a battle of the bands. I not only won but the party's hobgoblin fighter managed to convince the drug lord that striping would help him win. resulting in the drug lord removing all his magic gear and becoming trivially easy to capture.

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