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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5

Kaze Koichi

28th Dec 2016, 12:13 AM

But I'm a ranger, that's what I do.
If you can't shoot, what should you do?

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28th Dec 2016, 7:24 PM

Can't rangers use knives and short swords?

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29th Dec 2016, 6:15 AM

Gonna nitpick a bit, but the ranger name is from the verb, to range, which means "travel or wander over a wide are", and not from any ability to fight at range. Aragon is a famous ranger and he is a sword fighter.

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6th Apr 2022, 2:08 AM

Aragorn, not Aragon

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28th Dec 2016, 12:36 AM

I feel as though Phil shoulda gotten precise shot by now.

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28th Dec 2016, 1:21 AM

Sometimes you just forget to take a feat, I've done it before.

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Tempest Fennac

28th Dec 2016, 2:03 AM

I agree (then again, Sanji seemed to lack Adaptive Style despite his class normally needing a full-round action to get one Manoueuver use back).

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Orion Fury

28th Dec 2016, 6:53 PM

People seem to keep forgetting that the negative four penalty is to ensure that if you miss the touch AC of who you're aiming for, when you determine what adjacent space the missile lands in, it just skips your ally's space. He can elect to not take the penalty, he just can't miss...

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TB Tabby

28th Dec 2016, 1:35 AM

Get used to it, Yosaku!

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Luminous Lead

28th Dec 2016, 2:20 AM

Haha, when does it NOT come down to a 1v1 between Luke and the final boss? XD

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28th Dec 2016, 2:53 AM
"Mano to Mano!"

In most cases, all mobs, bosses, and encounters happen with the entirety of, or most of, the group. But sometimes the gang splits up, and the result could be a lone party member finding themselves in a situation that's more than they can chew.

Tell a story about a character that got separated from the party, and it resulted in said character getting into trouble.

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28th Dec 2016, 3:34 PM

Star Wars campaign using West End Games rules. My character was a Rodian pirate-turned-rebel and the short version is when the GM tells you he does not want you splitting up the party... he means it. XP

He wasn't even a harsh GM either; in fact past leniency is probably why I kept being rather reckless and ended up facing the "boss" for this adventure (Sith lord or dark Jedi or whatever) and tried to get away by kicking him in the crotch. Using a Force point and getting insanely lucky, my character actually broke through his armor. He didn't Force strangle me, he just did it the old fashioned way, once he'd recovered and then ran me down. >.>

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28th Dec 2016, 5:36 AM

Hi there. Ringmaster here. So I'm running a Pathfinder game, using a homebrew city territory in Ustalav. We've got nine people who made characters, but usually we only get three to four people per game. So what was intended to be a hardline siege of a bandit fortress, instead became an infiltration mission.

So the ninja and samurai circus freaks are fighting zombies outside, having stumbled onto a shallow graveyard. The Drow Bard and Damphir Druid(after having made great stealth checks) manage to infiltrate and actually find the bandit bosses room.

The Bard moves in to coup de grace, but flubbed his earlier stealth check to sneak in. So the Barbarian is waiting and it looks like our most weakest in terms of hit point PC's, are about to die.

Drow manages to survive with the Druid by casting darkness and the Druid summons distractions in the form of animals, long enough for the Samurai to finish off the zombies, and barrel his way through, pulling a big, damn heroes moment as he gets in between the Barbarian and the Bard.

Was a lot of fun.

Funny thing as well, is that I based the Bandit Leader on Arlong, right down to the teeth. Replaced his regular with iron prosthetic's and made him specialize in it as an exotic weapon. So when he was raging in the dark, he was swinging and biting everywhere and it was a very touch-and-go battle.

Was so awesome.

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