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15th Dec 2016, 11:46 PM
"Going! Going!! GONE!!!"

In many games, it's very standard for everybody to walk, run, jump and tumble on ground level. But sometimes things can get a little vertical. Other times, it gets a LOT vertical.

Tell a time where you, someone else, or a monster was sent FLYING, planned or not.

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Will Mikkelson

16th Dec 2016, 12:12 AM
"I'm free falling!"

In 5E, there are aakroca, these half eagles who fly. In our party there were 2 mages, a fighter, a rogue, and me, another rogue. We were facing an aakroca attack, and we wore them down to one, their leader. So he flew away, in typical escaping villain fashion. But those two mages had a catapult spell, which can send someone flying in the air. So they launched the rogue and fighter after him, with the plan of using the villain's body to save them. He fighter missed, and died on landing. The rogue hit the aakroca, but failed to use the body. So we killed the guy, but at a stupid cost.

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16th Dec 2016, 2:39 AM
"Oh no ya don't!"

I don't have one of somebody going flying yet, but I do have one similar to yours, Will.

We beat up on an Adult Blue Dragon in Rise of Tiamat and he took flight to escape. My Wizard was having none of that and conjured Ice Storm I think was the spell's name right in his flight path. He came down with shards of ice raining all around him and we gutted the remains. No idea why. All we really achieved there was the now-undead Oathbreaker Paladin decided to dig into the corpse and start eating his heart.

I just remembered, I come close to the flying. Involving Aarakocra, funnily enough. I play an Aarakocra Monk as a DMPC for my Princes of the Apocalypse game. A band of five Hurricanes (air-casting Monks) from the Air Cult swooped down to attack the group. The Warlock badly damaged one of them and he hit the ground. The other four glided into a line and all cast Gust of Wind together to disorient the party while they closed the gap. My Monk went after this and so she had to make a Strength Saving Throw. Rolled a 6 vs. DC 11. She flared her wings in a panic and got picked up by the gust and pushed back. The Str 6 Halfling officially rolled a 0 (2-2=0) and got swept up himself. It was pretty funny.

I'll try to remember to add to this story next time we play. None of the Hurricanes have died, and one of them is completely uninjured. I'm hoping to do well enough with them and do more with the aerobatic shenanigans. I'm worried my own Monk is going to get her tail feathers kicked.
Wish us luck!

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Crazy Lou

16th Dec 2016, 7:16 AM
"Dynamic Exit!"

This was Pathfinder, and our party consisted of the wizard (me), the inquisitor, the paladin, and the magus.

We had just finished our exploration of this extremely frustrating pyramid. We'd found our macguffin-gnome and were ready to leave, but because we were teleported inside, and had otherwise thoroughly explored it, we were running out of ideas. Eventually, in the final chamber, someone noticed a passage in the ceiling that seemed to have an air current running through, and a fast one at that. So, we tested this air current by chucking a bedroll into it.

We figured it must have ricocheted off of a wall and accelerated back, because the bedroll clobbered me for a few points of humiliation damage. On the assumption that this passage was capped by an outside wall, we buffed the inquisitor (he was a melee monster) and he launched himself through the passage, intending to bust through the wall and give us a route outside.

The good news is, we were correct. This new hole did lead outside. The bad news is, the inquisitor (who had broken both legs with his dynamic exit) was now flying through the air above the desert. The inquisitor realized he didn't have a way to contact us to tell us that it worked. He did what any good man would do, and chucked the bedroll again. As we're standing inside, hoping he survived (no corpse had ricocheted back, which was promising) the magus gets thwacked by the bedroll.

After that, it was smooth sailing; we stuffed the gnome into our bag of holding, and between two arcane casters and a dragon-man our sources of flight were plentiful. The inquisitor even survived his landing with a paltry single digit of HP.

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16th Dec 2016, 7:23 AM

OK, we were in a (Western style) monastery at the top of a mountain, fending off hordes of evil that were after the profane artifact-level spear defended by the monastics there - and while usually I used my natural weapons, I was the only one who was any good at spear-usage, so I was holding that. I was multiclassing western and eastern monk in a pretty weird way. We were doing decently at holding off the ground troops - after all, they couldn't get up the cliffs very easily.

That's when the dragon came in. It started destroying the monastery, wiping out the defenders, and it was outside of our weight group. The GM had intended us to flee and turn this into a game where we were running, with the artifact, away from the army ...

Instead, I took in the situation, looked over at a team-mate. "You're our best climber. Can you climb this cliff fairly easily?"

"I ... think so."

"Great. I need you to get the spear back."

"But... you have the spear right there."

"I mean, after I die."

"Wait, why are you going to die?"

I hopped up into the catapult, pointed at the dragon, and said to the catapult master, "FIRE!"

Amazingly, my absurd levels of jumping ability and falling defense, along with some creative stuff on the way down, meant that I survived the fall. So me and my team mate were able to keep the spear, kill the leader of the army, and get back up the cliff to the monastery afterwards. The gamemaster got a bit ... lost ... after that. The army broke up. Game kind of ended.

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16th Dec 2016, 7:25 AM

Sorry, no. My memory stutters. My team-mate was good at spear usage. But I was carrying it because my 'holiness' allowed me to resist its lure better.

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Joe the Rat

16th Dec 2016, 8:18 AM
"Necromancers are just Dittos with more Ick"

We recently wrapped up the main section of the Malotoch/Morrigan arc of our game (Two crow demigoddesses facing off, with the party in the middle). The big battle takes place in this beautiful... well, large vaulted chamber, involving multiple (evil, undead) priests, an army of zombies with curse-giving eyes, a will-sapping miasma, and an evil crusader-type riding around on a giant crow-like bird. It was one of our better runs, everybody scrambling, a little division of labor, the party Paladin gets dropped, good times.

I am expecting a 3D battle here. There's some climbable walls, a set of stairs up to the balcony/altar, a Warlock who can cast Fly on the party... lots of options.

So who actually gets airborne? The Death Cleric. After bringing the evil crusader down to the ground (where he absolutely wrecks things in melee with his flaming sword. Oops.) and dropping the giant crow, the NecroCleric animates it, and takes to the air on its back. This is handy, because the evil priests manage to awaken the avatar of the cannibal-carrion-crow demigoddess.

And like any good adventurer, he opts to jump off his mount to attack.

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8th Apr 2018, 9:17 PM
"Catapult caper"

The final session of my first campaign- We were on a predominantly evil plane, makeing our way to the one good city, and we encountered the seige, an ongoing military exercise from the evil nations that had been going on for hundreds of years in one form or another- I sweet talked them into thinking we were minions of the undead king with my magic skull- but our cleric started preaching- he worshiped Pelor- which brought out a lynch mob. the cleric escaped but the paladin defended him and was caught- the rest of us were ok and I had an Idea- I talked the major into executing the paladin via catapult into the city, demoralizing the besieged and killing the heretic. Unfortunately the item the paladin had- a ring to reduce falling damage- was just that, and not a ring of feather fall like I thought, I had sentenced our friend to death.

Thankfully the wizard inturupted with a spell that made the paladin grow tentacles, claiming he needed to be brougnt in for questioning as a shapeshifting spy- and I parlayed that as the rest of us following in disgrace.

We managed to scout the city afterwards but could find no way in other than the gates, where the army seiging would see us if we tried to just walk up to them, so we eventually went back and I told the commander that by order of the undead king we were all to be catapulted at the city in punishment and he exaperatedly agreed. This time we all had feather fall cast on us ahead of time- still the warforged member of the group and I didn't make it over the wall, with me landing on him after we bounced off the stone., thankfully we did manage get pulled in through the gates afterwards.

After that the game ended with most of us brought out of the cells we were thrown in to find that the cleric had become High priest or something in the meanwhile.

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16th Dec 2016, 1:59 AM

ok, at the end of one my first times in a 4e campain, we finally found out that the small annoying mascot monster thing that had been following us around wasn't all that he seemed. Apparently he was much smarting then he was letting on, and much more dangerous. Long story short, we got tricked into getting it back some magical doodad the had the buck of it power sealed within. Before you can say oops, he grows giant, and eldritch on us. Given that his gem had grown with him and had embedded itself into his body, we figured he still need it utilize his power. However we were lacking in ranged methods of attacks. The mage barely knew how to cast her spells without iceing use too. The rouge was always in wasnt actually good at stealth, or skalling. And the warforge had tank treads for a lower half so that wasing going to climb. Hell most of our group where noobs not only to d n d but tabletop games in general. Fortuenly the group had two very experienced players to pull the others out of the fire. A stone fisted monk with more gaming experience the the rest of the group combined including the GM. And an over stated avenging angel. Though honestly this might not have been one of our brightest moments. The the core rules weren't exactly clear on what my new ethereal wings could do. The GM oked their use as gliding and steering, even though we never got around to coming up with how to actually fly without aid. Aid in this case being the several ton monk who was in fact made of stone. So yeah we did another fastball special, and i proceed to fly into the gem at around mach two were i could put that 35 str and great Syth to use. Again i wasnt 100% on this plan. Avenger angel prestige class or no, i was still a cleric, and ergo the party healer, so putting myself in position were Cthulhu jr might somehow separate me from those i am sup post to keep alive was kinda bad idea. Fortunly the monk had me covered. He apprently found whatever passes for balls on the abomination, and proceed to grab hold and swing like tarzan(again the monk is made of stone, and weights god knows how many tons). This caused the poor monstrosity so much pain, that he was more or less incapacitated. Good thing too cause by this point the rest of are group was too busy laughing to be of much help.

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Kaze Koichi

17th Dec 2016, 12:15 AM

I don't have an epic story, but there is one funny one. There was a time when I joined already existing campain, and to get me into the group GM gave me a mission to spy on them. So I found them hiding in 2-story country house. I was playing a rogue, so naturally I desided to climb on the roof and look for the entry point from there.
Little did I know that at this time their mage was performing a ritual. A ritual that was going to teleport every person from the house, but not the house itself.
So imaging my surprise when everything around me suddenly changed, I saw a group below me and realised that I am at 2-story height above the ground. Oops.

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17th Dec 2016, 8:31 AM
"PvP between an attacker, an assassin and a tank"

Sending someone flying was a move my Tank-attacker loved to do, but here are two noticeable ones:

1) Me and my friends were bored, so we decided to create a fight on the roof top with our characters. Here's the scenario - the Attacker is resting on a rooftop, listening to his ipod. The rogue promptly stepped on the ipod by accident on entering the roof, earning his ire, and when the Tank stepped on his stomach as he barged onto the roof in search of a friend (aka person he wants to fight, cause bloodthirst flaw). Said Attacker promptly lost his temper and tried to fling my character over the roof.

He failed (My tank grabbed the railings and flipped back onto the battlefield), but in revenge Rogue proceeded to try to OHK him, resulting in the Attacker flinging the Rogue back towards my Tank. My Tank caught him...

and promptly spun around to fling him back to the Attacker with enough force to dent the rooftop railing

Attacker dodged like a mofo and the Rogue scolded my chara after, but it was a good move! And in the end Attacker won by knocking us down and leaving before we could get back up, so eh.

2) We were in a food fight that involved over a hundred people (BREADWARS! in a style that resembles the anime Obento) and basically my Tank (same chara) got swarmed by a dozen people after his Godbread, the prize of the fight. My chara sent them all flying, but there was a particularly nasty guy who just wouldn't give up. So after a while my Tank did this:

a) Send him flying with a kick to the jaw.
b) the enemy crashed into a table of condiments, knocking him out.
c) ketchup and chilli from said bottles broke and mixed together, creating an effect that looked a lot like a widening pool of blood and staining him a deep, dark red.

Totally unplanned (He was supposed to crash into another person but the girl dodged), but after my chara laughed like a maniac at the sight he rest of the NPC's avoided my Tank after that.

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17th Dec 2016, 10:11 PM
"That One Guy With The Face"

A while back in a 3.5 campaign we were all required to take level adjustment between 1 and 2 levels worth. My character ended up as a half celestial monk, while the sorcerer went half fiend. It was a silly campaign that got out of hand. One session we ended up fighting three Rocs. We were heavily out gunned and it did not look like it was going to end well. One of the characters a fighter got a triple crit on one of the Rocs and took it out of the fight the other two Rocs engaged in aerial combat with the sorcerer and myself grappled us and took off flying straight up. I eventually managed to monk my way out of the grapple, and used stunning fist on the Roc, the sorcerer had a better plan he used suggestion convincing the bird to fly as high as it possibly could. This was shortly after Iron man 1 came out and we effectively caused a Roc to partially freeze itself and come hurtling down to the earth suffice to say the Half fiend did not break free of the grapple in time but did succeed at hitting the Roc I was fighting with his on the way back down. One blood geyser later and the party had won the battle. In lew of the xp he post humusly obtained for killing two Rocs, he was brought back to life. I got partial for fighting one of them, and the fighter got full for killing the other.

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