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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


26th Sep 2016, 2:35 AM
"Tell a Story: Proximity Boned"

Distance can be your friend, it being a long distance or a short one. As long as it works for your build. As long as it works for your build.

Yes. I said it twice.

Share a story when a character was built to fight at a certain distance, and then was forced to fight outside their "comfort zone." Bonus points if it was because the DM was being an A-Hole.

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26th Sep 2016, 9:30 AM

Wait, you mean not everyone designs their character to have at least some close combat, short, mid, and long range capacity? ;)

Kidding aside, I... have the same story I usually tell. What can I say, it covers almost everything because so many things went right and wrong. The short version is we had a near TPK which my archer survived because he did stay long range until the rest of the party was down and out. Then as our target (an pretty tough ogre) finally was free to chase down the guy who'd spent the last minute firing arrows into him (the kidney when I was able!).

That was when it was time to make like Usopp and run, run, run! As this was GURPS (Third Edition, Revised), I had taken the Running Skill for a speed boost when running in a relatively straight line and the ogre wasn't a ranged fighter either. However he still caught up with me and... so I took out my staff (a good defensive weapon in GURPS) and finally held out long enough for him to pass out from his accumulated injuries. Then I drug one of his two-handed battle-axes overv(that he was strong enough to use one-handed at no penalty), braced the head against his neck, and stomped it until I'd decapitated him.

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14th Nov 2017, 5:43 PM

"Wait, you mean not everyone designs their character to have at least some close combat, short, mid, and long range capacity?"

True that just a least a little versatility can save you ass sometime. especially if you are ranged and the melee don't cover you enough.

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26th Sep 2016, 3:16 PM

I was playing a summoner (synthesist) in Pathfinder heavily optimized for melee, using evolution surge to increase my size multiple times and having a bunch of melee attacks and Pounce.

Ranged, I had a magic bow tuned to my base eidolon strength. It was sad. I could also summon a swarm of lantern archons but after a certain point it doesn't matter how many tiny creatures you have spamming d6 touch attacks, it's just not going to cut it.

So we sneak up on an enemy in the middle of an enemy fortress to assassinate him, and I win initiative and pounce on him while he's relaxing naked in the bath.

Of course he's not quite naked. He's wearing his amulet of anti-life shell that he always keeps on hand that's tuned to allow his servants and concubines to approach, and can't be dispelled unless you target the amulet itself which we didn't know about until after the battle so we wasted several dispel magic attempts on the effect, and yeah it was just complete bull-pocky.

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26th Sep 2016, 8:29 PM

Get a reach weapon. Problem solved. It's still bull-pocky though, because dispel magic should have worked.

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26th Sep 2016, 6:39 PM

I had an epic level monk in D&D 3.5 that was obviously melee only. My DM occasionally tried to force me out of that combat comfort zone, but it never really worked. Once he had an archer targeting me from a high window. I charged the building, passed the jump check to reach the window, then passed the insane tumble check to squeeze myself not only through the window, but through the enemy's space to pummel him senseless.

tl;dr - Epic levels are bonkers.

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26th Sep 2016, 8:27 PM

An epic level monk... and an archer was targeting you? Were you not immune to ranged attacks yet? :p

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28th Sep 2016, 12:36 AM
"Inverse Proximity-Boned"

I had something similar happen with what was supposed to be a difficult boss character. He had a Beholder-eye implanted in his forehead to project an antimagic cone over the battlefield, and he was an expert dual-wielding swordsman. Thanks to his field, the party archer was all but useless at a range, losing most of his magic bonuses. The boss flew in(wing grafts) and started attacking him from close range. Unfortunately, this let the archer 5 foot step out of the antimagic cone then full round attack with full magic bonuses. I thought I'd at least get an Attack of Opportunity out of it, but as it turns out, no, he has a prestige class that I had forgotten about that lets him use his bow in melee with no penalties.

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27th Sep 2016, 2:01 AM
"Archer on a platform"

I was running the game, one guy's first adventure and 2nd session ever. I made everyone make level 5 characters and it was Pathfinder, I believe it was. And they were practically all melee types. The teo that weren't were a short range gunslinger and a wizard. I had designed this encounter before I had any idea what they were playing, so anyways. They're underground and heading deeper in a tunnel with a high ceiling when an arrow comes flying out of the darkness, followed by a gunshot. Down the hill, but on a shodily constructed platform is an archer and a gunmage with a pistol. None of the pcs had thought to nick a shortbow from one of the other enemies, so they could shoot at them with impunity while the dogs and barbarians charged up the hill at the party since the mage had already burned through most of his spells, so he could basically only cast acid orb. He had not picked up any scrolls nor wands with his monies so... Yeah. The fight wore on until the pcs made a tactical withdrawal precipitated by the gunmage casting darkness on a bullet and then shooting it near them.

I had hoped the encounter would give any ranged characters or casters a chance to shine since they had a couple rounds before melee started and had a couple of priority targets they could have 'safely' taken shots at once it had. Alas, the gunslinger and mage sidestepped my expectations and it turned into a brutal slugfest with everyone basically an inch from death and the rogue sneaking beneath the platform to light it on fire, causing gunmage and archer to fall to their deaths, at the end.

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28th Sep 2016, 9:38 AM
"Sniper vs Polearm"

The only Gunslinger I've played so far was built entirely on the idea of being a sniper. He was the Musket Master archetype, and carried a Distance enchanted musket to double his range. I would move him into position and keep firing with the Dead Shot deed while hoping for critical hits.

One session, we're speaking to a man of importance inside a fancy building, when we're attacked by enemies who want to kill him. They burst in through the windows with no warning and start slicing people up. Being a long range fighter, my Gunslinger is not happy about being trapped in a 30x30 foot room with only a table for cover.

I pushed back against a wall for distance, but one soon closed the gap and attacked me. Except, he attacked me from five feet away, and the GM pointed out that they all had reach weapons. Considering the way my character was meant to be played, having to step up into the enemy's face to be able to shoot him without provoking was just the weirdest feeling. I ended up backing the guy into the opposite wall before finally killing him.

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5th Feb 2018, 10:57 AM

another player had a sniper rifle. Always seemed to be stuck in melee...

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