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19th Sep 2016, 3:45 AM
"Tell a Story: Oops. Left that behind."

A ten foot pole. A collapsible ladder. Torches you never actually light because people forget you can't see in dark caves.

There is a lot of silly things in an adventurer's kit. Name a time a silly something you had actually turned out to be of use. Bonus points if you had it, but accidentally left it behind for being too silly and pointless, and then regretted it.

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19th Sep 2016, 7:17 AM

Well, in the real world apocalypse campaign we all started out at a gaming convention, just before the world would go down.
Of course, our characters didn't know that. But we players did, and we did make quite a few preparations. Still, most of our starting equipment was cosplay stuff, which means that it was a downgraded version of the real thing.

Now I already did tell the story of how my cosplay bow became the best weapon the group had (even after plundering the police station), but the thing was, I was stuck at the start with cosplay arrows. Which did hardly any more damage then my weak punches.
But also turned out to be quite useful. You could shatter windows with them, and distract the zombies. You could should a warning shot with them to convince people that you weren't afraid to use your bow.
And also, apparently if you're mind controlled, you have enough spirit left to actually use your cosplay arrows instead of your selfmade sharp arrows so that you deal less damage when you shoot.
When I asked if I was allowed to that last one, the player I was about to shoot was me very, very thankful, because he was already down on health.

Also, I had a flashlight with me, and I ruined at least three scenes from our GM who mentioned that it was "to dark to see anything" and I simply answered with "I take out my flashlight".

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19th Sep 2016, 8:06 AM
"Destroyed an Entire City"

Rubber band ball. Threw it at the villain after everybody was out of ammunition. One critical hit later he fell off a ladder and off the side of a skyscraper. I picked it up as a joke four sessions earlier while in an office building,

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Bluejay Blaze

19th Sep 2016, 4:34 PM

Similar to Lina, this was for a real world apocalypse setting. We started in a school, and my character went through significant effort to fight her way to the music room to retrieve a trombone (she was a band geek), despite not being a bard. Nor did I ever take any levels in bard as the game progressed. Still, as the campaign went on I never left this trombone behind no matter what I had to go through to keep it.

Fast-forward to a relatively high-level miniboss: a basilisk in the sewers a la J.K.Rowling. I'd been flipping through some obscure sourcebooks the night before and discovered that I had enough ranks in perform (trombone) to use it as a substitute for a flute with my snake charming feat. Long story short, my character acquired a basilisk mount that day.

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20th Sep 2016, 6:42 AM

In our postapocalyptic cyberpunk-esque campaign, the warehouse of our band of mercen... I mean, operatives houses a decent amount of high-tech equipment that we pick from when preparing for a new mission. There are a few items that seem pretty pointless for the setting, among them a highly specialized breathing apparatus made for underwater exploration (basically complete scuba diving equipment that fits in a fraction of the space). Since the setting has barely any large bodies of water nearby because of the apocalyptic cataclysm yadda yadda, this particular piece of equipment almost never comes up. The few times we have taken it with us for whatever reason, we have ended up not needing it after all.

Then one time, we were hired to stea... I mean, retrieve with a low level of permission a genetic sample from a secretive project in a genetics lab in the wasteland. We prepared for every eventuality we could think of to encounter in and around the desert and the facility.

Too bad neither we nor our contractor had foreseen that the genetic sample had to be retrieved directly from the body of a genetically engineered fish hybrid in an immensely large water tank. To top it off, the hybrid was part of a project in developing a muscular structure that would allow for sudden, dynamic bursts of speed. Since stealth was of essence and draining the tank was out of the question, we had to resort to the old-fashioned way of trying to catch the speedy bugger. It had a tremendous acceleration speed, and it took eight or nine tries to even touch the thing. In the end, we got lucky and managed to scrape the little guy enough for it to leave a few loose scales behind. Not much, but just enough for a sample.

With the breathing apparatus, it would have all been over much sooner. At least we got to watch our frustrated tank character (the one with the highest constitution, and also conveniently the only one who knew how to swim) popping up for air every now and then, cursing under his breath.

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20th Sep 2016, 2:19 PM
"Maybe "Had" Isn't quite the right term..."

So, playing a game of Fate, set on an ocean planet with twelve moons (two of them are magnetic!), with a vaguely renaissance-esque mildly biopunk setting. Our group of characters were recruited, directly or indirectly, to secretly observe the mayor of the tropical Hawaiian-Malaysian trade city/former pirate fortress located on an atoll we lived in. This involved spending the evening at The Sultan's Dream, a gigantic floating pleasure house/casino/theater/theme bar, during one of the biggest religious holidays/parties of the year.

My character was a former Guild Arbitrator, until his wife was revealed to be a con-woman and thief on a grand scale, leading to him wandering up and down the islands of the known world, gambling, drinking, and being exactly as duplicitous as necessary, eventually ending up saddled with debt and "employed" by a rich, powerful family of totally legitimate businessmen. Finagling his way inside through connections with one of the other players, a rich young foreign nobleman excited by the idea of spying on the mayor, my character was simultaneously engaged in a game of mahjong and alcoholism. Reminded of his reason for being there, and inexplicably losing the game despite his gambling skill and copious amounts of mental lubrication, he skillfully extricated himself from the table, grabbed a few bottles of liqueur from a passing server, and set off to join his fellows in tracking down the mayor.

And, for some reason I still don't quite understand, I decided that along his way he acquired a monkey. In Fate, you can spend a point to add a scene detail, and I decided that I wanted him to have a golden tarsier land on his shoulder, and start accompanying him through the scene, for no practical purpose; I just wanted a monkey. Lo and behold, not long after, my character and a few of his compatriots had to follow the mayor into the backstage, where all the serious business of pleasure was carried out, but to do so we had to get by the guards. My noble friend just grabbed a woman he knew (literally threw her over his shoulder), said hi to the guards, and walked on in, leaving me, looking almost respectable but not high class, alone with my other friend, an awkward alchemist who clearly didn't belong backstage. Drunk, annoyed at his abandonment, but still a masterful manipulator, my character was challenged by the skeptical guards on who he was and why they should let him backstage, and he responded by indignantly, superciliously, and with great dignity, asking them in return, "Do you know who this monkey is!?" Flabbergasted, made aware that they had no idea who the monkey was, but that she was obviously important, the bemused guards has no choice but to let him in. My roll, with the aid of the monkey, was so successful that my Alchemist friend was able to use their residual confusion to slip in after me, claiming that he was the monkey's butler.

I named her Brunnigunde, and if I hadn't gotten shanghaied later that night, I would have kept her forever.

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19th Sep 2016, 5:38 AM
"Monk Statues"

In my very first adventure, i was a 3.5 monk. At the beginning, our DM made us roll some of our equipment from the treasure tables. Most of it went unused, until, 20 something games later, we ran into a Mind Flayer sorcerer that turned me into stone. Fortunately, our sorcerer had rolled up an Oil of Stone to Flesh, and i was saved.

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19th Sep 2016, 2:54 PM

Emmm, they remember that Zoro need one hit to get K.O?

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20th Sep 2016, 9:12 AM

"a certain floating ship"

Isn't floating the primary function of a ship?

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21st Sep 2016, 12:55 AM

Whoops. *edits speech bubble*

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20th Sep 2016, 10:12 AM

while doing a multi-chained chain of deals we left the magical farting doll behind and oops turns out that's what the crazy old man wanted.

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22nd Sep 2016, 2:16 PM
"Bag o' Crap"

Back when I made one of my first characters, I bought a bag containing a bunch of stuff from the equipment list. It had pots, pans, cups, string, etc. I thought it would come in handy, but it never got used for anything, and the others eventually forgot that I had it.

Six levels later, we encountered a ghost girl who wouldn't help us get pass an army of undead until we recovered her doll that had been torn into three parts. Getting the pieces was easy, but putting them back together was another story. The group was just about set on camping out in a ruined house so our spellcaster could use Mending the next day, when I pointed out that I had a needle and thread. One intelligence check to sew the doll back together, and we were good to go.

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5th Feb 2018, 10:55 AM

another player kept preventing conflict with offers of cheese...

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