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9th Sep 2016, 12:58 AM
"High rollers."

Tell a story about how you executed a risky maneuver that brought total victory in spite of the odds.

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The Chessmaster

The Chessmaster

9th Sep 2016, 1:19 AM

Dragon used frightful presence against the party. It did this by eating one of its own allies alive. Several PCs were intimidated, but the party warlock was not.

Said warlock responded by scaring the pants off the dragon. Even with their absurd bonus, it was basically impossible. I believe the dragon got a natural 1 on the roll.

I don't think a single person in the party thought that might work. But it was definitely worth it.

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9th Sep 2016, 10:22 AM

Lemee guess- Warlock goes "Those guys taste delicious, right? Of course, I always preferred a nice Dragon-steak with some A1 sauce, myself"

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9th Sep 2016, 1:29 AM

Legend of the Five Rings, "Living Rokugan" module set.

Our group was hunting after the Dark Oracle of Air, who had used a Black Scroll to create a nasty plague. We needed, as I recall, to retrieve the Scroll to have a chance at undoing the spread of the plague. We caught up to the ass, but the Oracle started throwing around some nasty curses that added up to serious action penalties on the two members of the party who poseed a serious threat.

Oracle was literally one round from pulling off a flight spell and leaving us behind. We'd done some damage, but it wasn't enough, and our swords were having trouble even finding their targets through the disruption of the curse.

I take my dice, which I still hold to this day to be cursed, and shove them across the table at my friend. I tell him to take my dice and make his roll. You see, these dice roll *terribly...* unless the roll is truly important.

It was one of the best rolls of the campaign. He absolutely demolished the Oracle. We managed to reclaim the Scroll and, for a given value of "saved" given how crapsack Rokugan can be, we saved the day.

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9th Sep 2016, 1:45 AM

My favorite one is in a pathfinder game wherein I was playing a Lawful Evil assassin. She had been unknowingly flirting with the main villain for half the game via letters to marry in to the royal family. After we cleared the fake final boss, she finally got some "alone time" with him- and he asked how she'd like to be queen. The gm dropped the plot twist on us, I'm alone with him, and he starts monologuing and telling get his plan to kill the king and take over the kingdom. He was impressed enough with my guile he considered me the only bride worthy of him.
Unfortunately for him, I was Lawful and had sworn to help the party, and part of my character's arc (she started as a heartless bitch) involved her coming to slowly care about her party mates.
So I put a dice on the table and start studying him.
Of course he doesn't k ow that so he keeps monologuing. At the end of it, because it's been longer than three rounds, I get close and say:
"That plan sounds excellent. I'm in-"
"Is what I would have said a few weeks ago... But these fools have grown on me... And I have my word to help them. Pity that, we could have been great together..."
The table was actually surprised.
Now, it's a Death Attack so it's save or die. My DC is high but this guy has 8 levels on me. The Fort save is a chip shot for him-
Unless he nat 1's. Which he did.
And that's how I secretly OHKO'd the gm's true final boss (and promptly blackmailed the king with the only evidence of corruption and betrayal in his own family to be named part of the royal family)

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9th Sep 2016, 2:46 AM

During a Star Wars session, our party had gone to rescue one of our somewhat traitorous members (He was working for the bad guys to protect his sister; long story) that was involved with the Death Watch. My character is a Jedi in training (Force sensitive with a lightsaber, basically) in the time between Episodes III and IV, making her a huge target - and basically what the Death Watch were targeting at that time. With that in mind, playing to her personality, I had her challenge the Death Watch's leader, Mandalore the Bastard, to a duel - if she won, then he and his goons would all leave without a fight. If he won, then she would surrender herself willingly as long as they left her friends alone - if they didn't, she would struggle and give them as much hell as she could - which, being a Jedi, was quite a bit. She knew enough about Mandalorians due to her pseudo-father figure forcing her to read about the Mandalorian Wars to know that they pride themselves on their honor, so by making that deal she was effectively protecting her friends - either way, no harm would come to them; she didn't care about herself as long as they were safe. I myself figured that my character would lose the duel, therefore getting captured and forcing the party to mount a rescue mission to save her before she was turned over to the Empire.

It shouldn't have worked. It really, really, shouldn't have worked. Mandalore the Bastard was several skill levels above us and I was fighting him one on one. But as it happened, luck was on my side - a combination of me rolling well and the GM rolling badly meant the fight was actually somewhat even. That is, until he got a lucky shot in and forced me to roll a critical. (In this system, if you get enough of a type of result [or a really special result] you can make the enemy roll a critical injury, which can be anything from just being dazed [low result] to things like losing an arm [high result] or even dying, albeit only after several critical injuries.) So I put my faith in the dice and rolled for a critical injury - and wound up being both absurdly unlucky and absurdly lucky in doing so. Absurdly unlucky in that I rolled very high; and absurdly lucky in that the critical injury I rolled was Blinded. And thanks to several various events in Star Wars mediums, we all know what happens when a Jedi is blinded - they instantly become twenty times more badass. A combination of narrative cutscene power and more lucky rolls on my part led to my character winning the duel and forcing the Death Watch to retreat, resulting in our party being victorious and me laughing my ass off wondering how the heck I managed to pull that off.

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9th Sep 2016, 8:49 AM

We have a saying in my group: "The dice love the story" It defies staistics how often rolls give over the top results that fit the narative. Best example, 4e campaign I am a Kobold theif. (Unwilling) Champion of Bahamut, I am Chaotic evil but karmic locked so all my actions have a lawful good result. Party is trapped in a cave, the only way out is through an ice wall that has a white dragon frozen in the middle of it, and complaining loudly. While the rest of the party argues over whether to free the dragon or kill it while it is helpless, I sneak away and try to strike a bargain

"One of our party is a secret champion of the great dragon. The rest will not let you live unless you swear fealty by all the dragon gods."

While technically true, this was still an outrageous bluff. The GM let me make the check, but gave the dragon a d100 instead of a d20 for its opposed roll... and still rolled a natural one.

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9th Sep 2016, 10:08 AM
"that guy with the face"

we launched the dwarven fighter out of a catapult to storm a castle. he survived fought his way to the gate house and opened the gate so we could charge in. He had 1 hp left by the time we got to him.

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10th Sep 2016, 1:31 AM

Ahahahahaha man Cory pulling all their asses out of the fire.

Or well. Hachi is still standing, along with the other two, and there's still Arlong.

Still, 'I'll disarm the sixarmed guy while falling into his array of swords'. That was great.

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10th Sep 2016, 1:59 AM

I was playing a 5e game using the home-brew archetype for the gunslinger fighter that is used by the character percy on the Critical Role stream and against a large winged bat monster. To this day only the DM knows how strong this thing was, a creature he had put in the world that we had a chance of running into and he was sure would wipe at least half of the party. it could create small tornados that damage and blind players, swoop attacks with a flyby skill and had taken our cleric tank down in one round. It landed between our ranger and Monk who got thrown backwards by it's wing beat attack. On the next turn if it took off we were in the perfect position to tornado.

Now I had just the town before won some rare ammo for doing real well in a tournament style event along with the parties warlock. The ammo was almost one of a kind and pretty powerful, I had 20 shells in total and each shell is good for 12 rounds when loaded into a gun. DM stressed how rare they would be and once I used them all it would be hard to get my hands on any others. I ran up to the beast and dropped my ammo bag in front of it and then ran back with the rest of my speed invoking an opportunity attack that almost killed me, used action surge and shot the ammo bag. We worked it out, they were described as bombs of energy so being shot would set them off, there were 19 in the pack each with 12 shots 228d10 of damage was dealt to the monster save for half, it made the save but still fell to the damage. I was thrown back and nearly died outright from the damage I took hitting the wall.

Revived shortly afterwards by the cleric the possible party wipe had turned into no losses at all, all it cost me was my priceless ammo which the DM later agreed was a great sacrifice for the party and was happy we had found a way out. The distressing part is the rest of the party had been blinded by the latest twister attack and no one in character saw me do it, leaving it to divine intervention that got them out. But still one of my riskiest moves for the greater good of a party there.

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1st Sep 2017, 5:55 PM

sometime, good ol' luck with the dice can save you.

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23rd Sep 2017, 1:26 AM
"The master of fate"

Ok, so a friend of mine is a god when it comes to fate rolls. Whenever we roll d100s for something like receiving an unconventional ally "Jack" always gets 100... a.k.a AUTOMATIC SUCCESS! Seriously, it never fails. ... Thank god he doesn't dm very often.

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