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3rd Aug 2016, 1:45 AM
"Tell a Story: Endless Supply of Minions"

It's a classic because it works. And because it's done in games like Dynasty Warriors.

Share a story about a time when a group faced of against regenerating or replenishing minions. Double Bonus if it was during a boss fight.

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3rd Aug 2016, 9:34 AM
"The undying undead"

In a 5e campain we were fighting a group of zombies. we had killed all but one of the zombies. there were 3 of us beating up on this thing. It took 7 rounds just to kill it.

For those that dont know, Zombies in D&D 5e (2nd level characters) have a saving through when HP drops below 0 to get back up with DC=5+damage from attack.

I hit it at full damage of 14 twice.

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3rd Aug 2016, 5:10 PM

We got to an island about mid adventure, when we were attacked by some small dragons. About halfway through the fight... some medium dragons shwed up. About halfway through THAT fight, some large dragons showed up.

Long story short, when a single gargantuain showed up, my monk was the only one standing with 1 HP.... literally. I'm not making that up.

So I picked up 2 of my teammates... kicked the third off a nearby cliff, ran (not jumped... RAN) down the side of the cliff, beat the one I kicked to the ground, dropped the other two, and tried to catch the one I kicked so they didn't die from the fall!

Botched... we cracked heads... an were treated to a 15 minute angry lecture from our DM, who was frustrated that we didn't just run from the get go. Or after one person fell. Or after everyone but me fell (yes, I beat one of the dragons myself before the gargantuan showed up, surrounded by the unconcious bodies of my allys.).

We got riled up because we didn't know it was a 'have to fail' encounter, and were accusing him of not telegraphing it properly.

I think he was pissed because he was running out of dragons to make us lose with XD

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3rd Aug 2016, 6:27 AM
"I like how Rika does most of her healing offscreen"

You only remember the healer when he is not healing.

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Joe the Rat

3rd Aug 2016, 8:45 AM

For my maniacs, he's an important part of team strategy.
1) Run forward like you're invincible
2) Get dropped to half hit points in one round
3) Scream "Medic!"

When the Cleric's player is out, rather than have him wander off, we just stuff him in a bag so he can stick an arm out and heal people. A literal Doc-in-a-Box.

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