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27th Jul 2016, 12:18 AM

Sometimes the dice hate you. Sometimes they hate that other guy instead. I prefer those times.

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27th Jul 2016, 2:41 AM
"Tell a Story: The Joke Character"

Sometimes you just want to insert a bit of levity. Sometimes you wanna make your players suffer out of sheer fucking annoyance.

Tell a story about a joke character that was introduced into your campaign, and how well, or poorly, the players took it.

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27th Jul 2016, 3:27 AM

I inserted a comic relief kind of guy to lighten up my otherwise pretty serious horror campaign somewhat. The joke character was supposed to be an incompetent, mislead pawn of one of the big bad guys, and I expected him to die early on, at the hands of either the players or the mysterious monster stalking the town.

Completely unexpectedly, the players took a liking to the comic relief NPC and not only avoided harming him, but actually took the time to protect him from the monster. He's still alive. I planned on having the bumbling fool executed by his boss once we eventually continue the campaign, but that seems a tad too cruel to the players.

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27th Jul 2016, 7:32 PM

Since it's a horror campaign, I say kill him. It will give the players (not the characters) more motivation to go after the big bad.

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28th Jul 2016, 11:14 AM

Nah - get him possessed by the Big Bad at a suitably dramatic moment - via a method that can never be reversed, and the players HAVE to kill him.

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27th Jul 2016, 5:58 AM

Have any of you ever watched Courage, the Cowardly Dog? I made Freaky Fred into a recurring anti-villain. He was statted to be nearly invincible, yet harmless, so he'd just wander by occasionally being... naaaauuuugghhty. He'd show up whenever I had enough rhymes to make tense situations weirder... but not less tense.

The reactions? ...1 ambivalent, 2 amused, 1 TRAUMATISED.

The joke DUNGEON I made? Thaaaat one didn't go over so well.

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Joe the Rat

27th Jul 2016, 8:06 AM

Due to the nature of my game, There is little need for joke NPCs. The players are stupid enough as-is. I've found playing straight man to the PC antics has worked quite well.

My favorite (and one of the few they've left alive) is Gary the Goblin, aka Elfbeard the Wannabe Sky Pirate. Literally nobody else in his crew dressed or acted like the stereotypical pirate. He wasn't quite right.
His name game from the fake beard he made for himself by scalping an elf.

That session also had Illya the Fair, an effeminate Elf (so, Elf) diplomat with a voice like Harvey Fierstein and a taste for strong men. He was there to screw with my more hetero-normative players.

They've also just discovered how to use an artifact they've been carrying around for the better part of a year (play time), and met Pepper the Salt Mephit. There's more to come.

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27th Jul 2016, 2:39 PM

Two that come to mind:

The Dragon Emperor:
He was the "end boss" of a short low-level adventure where the party was looking for a kidnapped pet pseudo-dragon. They heard all kinds of nasty rumors about the Dragon Emperor... in the end he turned out to be a level 1 kobold with a big ego and a REALLY nice hat/crown sitting on a "throne" made of sparkly junk in some cave, worshipped by 4 other kobolds. The party laughed at him (a lot), captured him and finally fed him to their pet giant toad when they got annoyed of him proclaiming "HOW DARE YOU! I'M THE DRAGON EMPEROR!" over and over.

And then, there was Coco the orc prostitute.
My players met her in front of a shabby tavern in the harbor, and I went into quite some horrifying detail describing her... "beauty". She flirted with them with a very deep, rumbling, "sexy" voice. They tried to get past her (and into the tavern) as fast as they could while Coco kept shouting "Come on, come back here sailor... no one forgets a ride with Cocooooo...".
Their characters were somewhat traumatised, but I still get everyone who was present back then to smile when I mention Coco :-)

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27th Jul 2016, 4:20 PM

I don't know if it was here or over on Friendship is Dragons, but I told a story about where my players focused on a mime I added to a town as a joke, questioning him for information, forcing me to answer in mime.

They found that so hilarious, they decided to recruit the Mime as an NPC scout, to force me to continue to Mime things out.

To let him keep up with the team, I basically turned him into the Mime character from Xiaolin Showdown, where the objects he mimed became real (I don't remember exactly how I did it). The players found this hilarious.

Until the Mime got tired of their endless teasing and taunting, and rolled a Nat'20 to literally steamroll them. (Yes, he mimed a steamroller and ran them over with it, and because they couldn't figure out what he was doing, they got a heavy penalty to dodge.)

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27th Jul 2016, 6:21 PM

While our party was finishing a module called Tomb of the Ice King, we somehow talked the final boss into getting help from the local mages college that he had missed being built due to being frozen in his tomb for the last couple hundred years.
The next time we meet him the badass warrior barbarian that we talked down has basically become the Ice King from adventure time.

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28th Jul 2016, 10:03 AM
"All my characters"

I have a habit of doing this because I like RP wierd characters

Bard the sad bard: Bard who only plays in minor key. Eventually became knife wielding Bardbarian after my RP became more angry than sad.

Moo Heifer: Proud Minotaur of the Moooooooon tribe. Named after Hugh Hefner.

Marvin: Wild sorcerer who's spells I choose by die role.

Gergnome: Happy go lucky deep gnome who loves life and exploring the world outside the underdark

Lansif: Half-orc that is actually a human and an orc who have been fused together. Firestorm dynamic.

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Mysterious Frog

28th Jul 2016, 5:55 PM
"Dunwich the Immortal"

The biggest joke character I had was Dunwich the Immortal. He was a level 1 goblin. But this goblin had stumbled across a magic lamp of a noble Djinn who granted him immortality and invulnerability. This little goblin was super obnoxious, and worse, stupid. he picked fights with anyone he wanted, and always ended up winning against strong barbarians and smart wizards alike.

Upon meeting the party he did his usual thing, taunting them into attacking him and then just laughing as d4 by d4 he slowly poked them into single digit HP with his little dagger. He took all their gold as ransom for not finishing them off before leaving them. Naturally, the PCs were not pleased.

Putting together a grand plan after hunting Dunwich down once more. the PCs got their revenge. They tricked him into entering a large mineshaft by telling stories to local bards of bandits having stumbled over a great big hoard of treasure and sitting on it. Once he was inside, they began blowing up several barrels of alchemist fire. The mineshaft collapsed over him burying him in the mountain. The game didn't go on long enough for me to justify Dunwich scrambling his way out unfortunately but he was definitely alive down there.

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Hell Coos

29th Jul 2016, 12:44 AM

Did you seriously let your players Hidan you, Frog? But you didn't let me have Curse Mark Mira!!!

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Bluejay Blaze

28th Jul 2016, 7:47 PM

I once had a campaign where my players were really going 18+ on the rating- kept molesting barkeepers (and each other), seducing things, the whole picture. So I made a boss for them using material from Chainmail Bikini and Portable Hole Full of Beer. They first laughed, then were royally confused, then were horrified as this drow lady with weird, sex-based powers kicked all their asses, turned the ranger into her boy toy, and eventually mothered a child that would later become the party warlock due to time travel shenanigans. Does this count as a joke character?

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Luminous Lead

27th Jul 2016, 10:59 PM

Zoro's charging. Shouldn't he only have a single melee attack regardless of haste, or does he have a pounce-like ability?

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28th Jul 2016, 4:15 PM

Do you think any self-respecting optimizer would build a melee character in 3.5 who *didn't* have Pounce?

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28th Jul 2016, 10:02 AM

once created a character that existed solely to get hit in the head and say something funny before passing out.

yeah not my best work, but then ive made worse.

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5th Feb 2018, 10:14 AM

a RWBY campaign where my character was jokes built up, lethally. A "cat Faunus", but really a shapeshifting Grimm that didn't realise and had a habit of changing apparent gender or being a cat. And used a wingbeat of giant dragon to put out burning land (forest)

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