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17th Feb 2016, 3:02 AM
"Tell a Story: Memory Lane"

We all started somewhere, and had some messed up games we played when we were kids. We didn't know what the hell we were doing, but it was still fun.

Share a story about a game you played, and it may have just been fast and loose with the rules... if there were any.

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17th Feb 2016, 3:16 AM

Going first, because I'm going first.

My older brother invented a pen and paper RPG that he called "Gun world." You played it using only a single D20, and if you rolled under your ability stat for that check, then you passed. It also didn't matter if your character died, he could play in the next mission as well.

My brother was a bit into Aeon Flux at that time, though he was still a pre-teen.

So every game was just a mercenary mission. Do X, by killing Y that are in your way, and finish with Z exploding, or thereabouts. But it was fun.

Because I was a cyber augmented merc who's maxed out strength score allowed him to carry a minigun for his primary armament.

The most memorable game I played in that system with my bro was when he set me and his best friend up in a PvP mission. I was hired to guard an outpost fort, and the BF was hired to destroy it. The BF made a LOT of mistakes, and I ended up blasting his ass and neutralizing him. Dude should have died, but my brother pulled favoritism and threw the BF into prison, refilled his health to max, allowed him to escape, get his gear back, and restart his mission of blowing up the fort, this time starting from the INSIDE.

I got on the BF's tail and chased him through a chase scene where the BF was blowing crap up to block my way, and even dove down an elevator shaft to try and give me the slip. He was able to slip through a gap in the shaft and a vent grate just large enough for his body while in freefall. And I barely made the roll as well, not relenting on the pressure I was putting on him.

And then the BF said, "rolling out of the dive, I turn and shoot my pursuer as he comes through the vent." No roll for acrobatics, nullifying fall damage, or even to know that I was actually going to make it through the damn vent. Just an attack roll with an OP hand cannon that kills me in one hit. Then the BF was declared the victor and the fort was blown up.

I hollered the accurate designation of "BULL SHIT" and proceeded on my first tongue lashing of a GM, EVER. I was less than 10 years old at that time, and I forced my older brother into the corner of declaring that characters were not destroyed on death. Cause he KNEW he'd cheated his ass off for his friend's sake.

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Sir Loin

17th Feb 2016, 3:17 AM
"The Cloak and Dagger Dozen"

For my absolutely first game of a tabletop RPG, my friend had basically every guy in our class come to his mansion for a game one day. We had snacks, soda and a lot of character sheets, and he had downloaded only the barest hints of the rules of the game + an adventure module online.

The entire setup of the game? Fittingly enough, it was a bunch of low-lives eating at a fancy dinner with a noble, where all the food and drink was poisoned, and only 1 cure was available, for a price.

We had to find some relative of his who got lost, whoever did would be cured and live.

Immediately, the entire group of like 14+ guys split in 2 groups, each swearing loyalty to their group and vowing to kill the other.
Within each group, 2 more formed, with the same rules about the other half.
Within each of those, same thing, all the way down to the 2-man pairs, who totally was gonna betray each other also.

We had no idea what we were doing, what the rules really were or anything, but we had a ton of fun and it laid the foundation for a decade of RP-ing since ^^.

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17th Feb 2016, 3:54 AM

Totally would play that. Also, would totally try to get everyone to turn on the noble. He knows the poison and the cure, we're a bunch of guys of... low moral character. Convincing him to spill the beans wouldn't probably be too hard. And I could point out that, if we play along, one person might live. If we do it my way, we all might live.

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17th Feb 2016, 4:22 AM

My first rpg... I think it was shadowrun.

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17th Feb 2016, 7:23 AM

Unless we count exposure via animation (Dungeons & Dragons cartoon) or video games (Final Fantasy, the original, IV and VI) then I began with GURPS.


This comes as no surprise, eh? Getting the rules wrong isn't past tense from what I can tell. Most folks seem to get something wrong when they play a game system. It just happens more often when you are starting out because hopefully you're learning more as you continue to play.

The first GURPS character I ran was a shape-shifter, but the GM hadn't read the rules for it carefully enough. Same for the Pyromania trait. I was way too powerful at first because we approached the shape-shifting as comic book/sci-fi fans, assuming I could do a lot more than the trait was intended to replicate. The Pyromania was such an issue I was allowed to switch it out for something different or else buy it off ASAP because it was far more time consuming to role-play out than we realized. I think we burned an hour one session (pardon the pun) as I tried to set fire to an abandoned section of city (we made sure it was really abandoned, hence what took so long). After trying to get the logistics down for it all, we realized I needed to get rid of it, because I just wanted a "Heh heh fire! Heh heh!" find of obsession for the character. ^^' What I took was... well... setting buildings on fire when bored. =P

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17th Feb 2016, 10:57 AM
"Aaaah, memories."

My first RP, at the tender age of ten, was Call of Cthuhlu at our local gamestore. My mother actually had to pick me up becuase it started at seven went went til midnight. (Yeah, my mom was cool then and still is)
So I was sitting there with an oldschool hardass GM in his 30s, a twen gamer couple very in to the "acting" part of it and a 16yo munchkin.
We played the Corbitt House and it was terrifying to me, even though I'd started reading Steven King when I was seven.
Since I was so scared of the haunted house, I volunteered to let my character do most of the research, even though I refused to touch the book bound in human skin.
While I finally found out what was going on in the house and was walking there to warn the others, the woman had summoned a dimensional shambler to fight the undead cultist, which turned on them and killed the couple.
The munchkin tried shooting the cultist repeatedly, with a shotgun, to no effect, and went insane in the process.
When my character got there, police where on the scene and I decided to play innocent bystander.
Almost TPK'd, scenario definitely lost, but I was the sole sane survivor, and totally hooked to Roleplaying from that day on.

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18th Feb 2016, 1:52 AM

My first DnD that I actually played seriously (4e with my nerdy uncle when I was twelve and disinterested doesn't count) was a Fallout-themed campaign using a loose adaptation of 7th-edition Gamma World rules that we started at a friend's 21st birthday party, tossed together willy-nilly by another friend. I say 'seriously' in a sort of tongue-in-cheek sense, because the driving force behind use three players was to stretch the rules and our DM's patience as far as possible while slipping as much innuendo into the mix as possible.

The most memorable point, for me at least, was when we were sneaking into an enemy base, and I rolled a nat 20 on a bluff check and convinced the guards we were their replacements, then proceeded to nuke a room full of angry gen-modded dragon into oblivion, making the DM's entire plan for the evening completely moot. It was a joy for all of us.

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18th Feb 2016, 2:42 AM

first game... was drakar och demoner Trudvang, in one of the later editions. Didn't know that as an elf in that system, i needed to put ranks in common... only one person in our party could even talk to me.

Still think that one was probably one of the most broken editions of drakar och demoner, very munchkin friendly, seeing how dwarven rune priests could eventually start with an unlimited amount of gold and possibly mithril armor (in a setting where mithril essentially is epic or above equipment), and an elf priests with a bit of downtime could build his own army of mini ents for free...

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25th Mar 2016, 1:12 PM
"How do I jump?"

First time we played D&D (as in no one in the group, player or GM, had ever played before) there was this vampire flying around and my character was a monk, so he was completly out of reach for me. Then someone suggested I should try to jump and attack. I got 30 on my jump check and asked the GM how high I could jump with that. He didn't bother to check the rules, so he said it was 30 meters, which was more than enough and got a critical hit. I basically shoryukened the vampire to death.

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19th Feb 2016, 1:36 AM

Maid rpg.
we sentaƮed it to the hell of moe.

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4th Jun 2016, 1:52 PM
"So one rainy day in Amtophia..."

First of, I really like this comic. It's pretty awesome, although reading the comments for long periods of time makes me get headaches. I think I finally have something to share too, which will hopefully be as good as the other comments. Good job DT! And now on with the story.

It's not exactly DnD, but its still roleplay. The first one I got into was a high end fantasy land named Amtophia which is basically videogame characters beginning to gain sentience after the game shut down. I was really bored back then and decided to go for it since it was interesting, and haven't looked back since.

Since more than half the characters were playing escaped slaves I decided to go with the flow, but with one twist - the slave didn't escape but was instead left to his own devices after his master and whole army was killed in a bandit raid. Dude was left for dead, but ended up as the only survivor instead, and after a couple of years moping around wondering what to do he decided to get back to the people who sold him (his aunt and uncle, who decided to sell their nephew into slavery for both revenge and profit because the sister left to marry an elf, forcing the aunt to take over the whole slavery business and because elves, half or not, were fetching good prices those days) out of some twisted sense of affection and not knowing what else to do, the way an abused dog heads back to their owners. As you can imagine, dude had a lot of issues.

And that was how Esclava 'Esk' Maegstire, a twenty one year old half-elf monk with wind mage abilities, came into being. He had red hair and a seriously cool hoodie and was an introverted stoic of the lawful neutral class. His face tended to be blank, and he had very few emotions thanks to trauma having numbed most of it away, which helped with keeping a cool head but not interacting with others. Ask him why he cried or seem contented and he wouldn't be able to come up with an answer. it It didn't help that he was awkward as all get out thanks to having been in a servant position most of his life, which caused him to interact with others in an overly submissive manner and constant apologising in over the top ways when they got offended by either him not speaking or some small slight that he perceived, and following others around like a lost puppy and constantly helping out even if it meant pushing himself over the limit - since his change in expression is really subtle and he doesn't talk unless absolutely necessary it was hard to tell too, although since he could project emotions like an inverse empath changed that. He also had a guilt complex over not saving his master from certain death, which manifested as a self sacrificial flaw, so this combined with extreme helpfulness to make himself useful so that he wouldn't be abandoned or sent to gladiator to the death made him like, well...

lets just say that if he thought that getting hit would make things better, Esk would not only allow himself to get hit but also encourage the person to hit him while apologising for making the guy mad. He was also suffering from brainwashing effects, so yeah. Pretty messed up mentally. His character development was essentially a caged abused elephant learning how to break out of its chains and be free.

I explained this within his backstory by making him the son of an elf and a human woman who was destined to take over a slavery corp with her younger sister. The elf was brought in as a slave, she fell in love, they ran off to a distant village and lived happily ever after until a raid for slaves killed them - or well, his mom anyway; was considering bringing the dad as a slave for a possible plot arc later on. Elf slaves were in style those days, so when little traumatised Esk was left to the care of his aunt and uncle they decided to break him down and sell him off as prime slave material for profit and revenge, because the aunt felt betrayed by Esk's mom. One induced mental breakdown via torture later and some extensive brainwashing with the use of white masks to trigger fear and make him subservient to anyone who had a blank white mask (as a way of control), Esk was sold to a man who wanted him as a plaything and constantly sent him to gladiator matches against everything for fun, or just plain emotional, physical, psychological and mental abuse, really. He had an alchemist friend called Robbie who took him under his wing during his teenage years, though, acting as a sort of guide to humanity for Esk, but that guy died during the TPK. Or he might have survived without Esk's knowing, who knows? We didn't get that far. After being left for dead Esk got up and went searching for work, doing what he could to pass time while in a haze of weirdness and mourning until he got the idea to go back to his aunt and uncle to see if they knew what he could do about his new masterless state. Unfortunately he couldn't quite remember their faces or location, so he went around looking until he joined the PC's so that he could look with more efficiency.

Of course, in gaming terms it was more like this shy guy who was a first time gamer teaming up with a really bossy party who ended up getting a TPK and ragequitted (Although some came back later). The shy player was the only one who decided to come back, and left when the whole gaming system shut down. Ahh, he was a fun character to play.

The second character I made for that one was Hope Froloss, who was a nineteen year old human archer cleric conman who ended up in a party with a golem wizard and a knight, with a half-elf escaped slave. Pretty much the kid of the group. Dude was cheerful, a compulsive liar and somewhat naive about the world thanks to amnesia. If the rp had went on it would have been revealed that Hope was the son of an abusive conman, who had taught him all he knew until they got caught by some high lord or something. The dad left Hope to get lynched to escape on his own, but Hope escaped and went off on his own to con the bad guys, traumatised into never trusting people again and an unease over tar and feathers. The amnesia came from when Hope ran into his dad during a con. The dad decided to call off the job and let Hope do it as an apology for leaving him as a scapegoat, but when Hope escaped with the treasure the dad turned up and demanded him to hand it over. Hope refused, a fight started, and after Hope's dad knocked him through a wall and punched his head into the ground a couple of times he carried the unconscious body out and threw it into the sea, where Hope washed up on a small village with amnesia.

Granted it never really got anywhere, but just thinking about it makes me nostalgic....

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9th Nov 2017, 11:41 AM

eeh...don't have the time to try another timeline just now so i keep it for the next time aditional information are learned.
still, we now know that Luke have a brother (ace player? or maybe their former GM before DM) and that at some point another GM was involved.
also know that that Rika, Luke, Cory and the bro played together at some point. that would imply that the cow catapult incident was after the get backers campaign and Luke meeting with DM. which feel weird for a few reasons.

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