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27th Jan 2016, 12:44 AM
"Tell a Story: What's continuity?"

It takes a special mind to be able to keep track of things well from one week to the next. Sometimes, it's hard to keep things consistent, or keep your facts straight. And sometimes, memorable moments happen from that lack of continuity.

Share a story about how a lack of continuity showed itself in your games.

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27th Jan 2016, 1:53 AM

I once played a game where we ended with at the big bad base of operations, which where a giant cave into a vulcano. The next game made it clear though that the DM had not planed that we would reach it that soon, since it was suddenly a giant castle instead, and he only realised that he had changed it when we called him out on it.
He then retconned it into a shapeshifting castle, which made an interesting trip with the walls constantly changing, so the mistake made out game better in the end.

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27th Jan 2016, 10:21 AM

Man, shapeshifting buildings should be more common in fantasy settings. Especially in the 'magic everywhere' settings.

Could you imagine a town where the peasants huts all could turn into barns whenever they wanted? And then the peasants could also set it up so that they can warp them to a 3rd form (the other two are in pocket dimensions) that's a burned out, destroyed husk, for when Raiders are coming through- they just hide in their other versions.

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27th Jan 2016, 4:28 AM

I don'the have a specific story off he top of my head, but a funny ritual we do whenever something like his happens. Long story short, one of my players who was playing a golem thing at the time adopted anot orphan kid who slept inside his empty chest plate. The players were so baffled by this, one of them said "Oh my god, this canon." We all heard it as Discanon. And thus, the boy was named Discanon (he lasted one session but will remain forever in our hearts). It has become a running meme now whenever the GM throws in something weird or out of context with the rest of the world or the story, we all have to face palm and say "discanon."

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27th Jan 2016, 12:26 PM

A Pathfinder kingdom building game.
(bear in mind this was round robin gm'ing with the other players)

so our first gm was playing around with the idea that there was a civ on the continent we made it to, right? basically think a land locked Atlantis. They had devolved into troglodytes (at this point) and left ruins EVERYWHERE in the jungles/forests. Turns out they had a LIQUID EMERALD based electricity grid. this was big because we needed an item to use for kingdom-building monies (the whole reason he came up with said item).

Fast forward several games of no major plot happening and we come to Koleehm (i CANT remember how that gm spelled his name) a Altanis-esque LIZARDMAN who had been CRYOFROZEN in the liquid emerald. thats right the power grid became a cryostasis object as well.

several games further on (mine, oddly enough) had two things happen in fairly short order. not one game, but so close it was mean.

so i came up with a (as the cyro gm called it) arch-lich and had him trying to 'Fix' a problem his people (who predated the atlantis civ, almost) started (Pathfinder Heartless are easy and hard to make) and was the cause of the 20 or so TILES of random map generator BLASTEDLANDS. and his newest attempt might have turned the reverse Mordor our kingdom was (litteraly, tiny pocket area that was lush and green, set into the surrounding evil blighted landscape like Mordor is on Tolkien's map) into a hellscape. He was using around 300 GALLONS of the liquid emerald as his power supply. so not only did the group get a shitload of monies, they found out something really weird.

YOU COULD USE THE LIQUID EMERALD LIKE A SEASONING. you see, they COOKED three Basilisks in the stuff when the wizard launched a ball lightning into the river of green MAGIC CONDUCTING LIQUID. instant roast (and flash boiled) basa-steaks.

My next game in this round robin shenanigans involved a tiny dwarven mine...and the mined said edible cryostasis-power grid-money-TELEPORT COIN MAKING Emerald in crsyal form. the last teleport bit?

the sivler dragoness we had as the treasurer (makes sense right?) had her dad drop by at the start of the session. gave his daughter one of said teleport coins. turns out they had the ability to act as a mass-teleport circle that all you had to do was snap it into a few peices (and they worked as long as you didn't crush it to powder). the group went to the mountains to look for the GOLD DRAGON WORLD DRAGONESS (the 6k+ year old gold living in said range for the grandson that had been a random encounter, and subsequently made into the head of the guard at the port we had just built.)

one battle with a failed exploration team leader that the guild that had paid for all of this forgot to mention later and the group now had an endless supply of the Liquid Emerald, the MOST OP PIECE OF SHIT WE HAVE EVER MADE. Especially once the guild back home was told what it could do. To say nothing of the Lich they had running around being their newest hero. (another story for another time).

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27th Jan 2016, 1:46 PM

Looks like DM really didn't want to hear Johnny's roleplaying.

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Pram The Oracle

10th Jul 2020, 9:19 AM

Lmao Spatial Paradox Nojiko

Did that happen in the anime?

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Emperor Megaman

13th Jul 2021, 12:37 PM

I think the two scene did'nt happen at the same time, but one after another, in the manga/anime

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