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14th Dec 2015, 12:58 AM

Time to roll up Blackbeard and get revenge on everybody who wronged your previous character.

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14th Dec 2015, 1:47 AM
"Tell a Story: PK"

Death by Player Character is, unfortunately, a far too common fate. Especially in groups that hold one or more Evil Aligned character.

Share a story about a time a Player was killed, accidentally or purposely, by another player.

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Grand Silver

14th Dec 2015, 3:06 AM

I ha a player kill a teammate trying to save them. The one who died was already down into negative HP and was going to get caught in an AOE attack. So his teammate pushed him over a ledge to avoid it.

Sadly he didn't take the height into account, he ended up deader than if the attack had hit him.

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14th Dec 2015, 3:44 AM

During my first real role playing campaign, one of our party members had been brutally attacked in her introduction and had all her items stolen by racist guards. Way later in the campaign we had just been "liberated" from jail by the local thieves guild and just so happened to come across the same guards. Flying into a berserk rage the character succeeded on avoiding the MULTIPLE attempts the party had to trip/hold onto/knock her out and attacked them. Unfortunately my character was knocked unconscious and lay on the ground at 0 hp till the battle was over. Even worse our party did not have a healer. Therefore my character, the voice of reason and sanity, the only character willing to play nice and be slightly diplomatic, decided F*CK IT and died out of pure spite. And then I rolled up a healer.

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14th Dec 2015, 5:30 AM

This one I can partake in. In college I joined a D&D gaming group that had a campaign already in progress. It was that DM's first time DMing.

First red flag.

In the Underdark.

Second red flag.

In a predominantly Chaotic Evil Party.


I was already at the table and had rolled up my character, a human male rogue working out of a bordello. I would have taken a pass on the group if I had known these things before arriving at the game, ESPECIALLY if they had told me one of the party members was a Dwarven Fighter who wore a breastplate covered in dozens of needles that he used to hug his enemies to death, and never cleaned after.

The red on his breastplate wasn't rust.

And in being introduced to a party like this, mid campaign, the DM thought it was a bright idea to have my character be hired to steal from them. Well, I assumed the group would put aside the hard line RPing once I allowed myself to be in their hands after making some FANTASTIC stealth rolls, and intentionally had my character make a mistake to forward the plot so I could join these guys and move on as a part of the party.

But the DM never took any of the character's personalities into consideration at any point. And when I was being held hostage in the Dwarf's bosom the second time I was captured by them (they took precautions after my fantastic escape the first time), the DM teleported in assassins at random to "save me," at which point I became a new smear on the dwarf's breastplate and the party got my ideal ambidextrous combat gear out of it. And the players, who were all strangers, told me they were sorry, role playing this, magic covering rogue skills that, and if the DM had teleported me OUT instead of assassins IN, it would have been all peachy, but no take backs.

"But you seem like the kind of player I'd love to have in a game with me. It's just this particular campaign doesn't have room for you." Which is probably something they should have thought about before they ADVERTISED their game at the hobby shop. "But I'd love for you to join any game we start up later on."

I accepted their proffered ride home, and instantly "lost" their contact information. The fuckers.

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14th Dec 2015, 7:54 AM

I can actually top that. I was looking for some in-person games via hobby shops and such, and found some people who were looking for a couple players for a 2nd ed D&D campaign. I'd never played 2e before, but figured what the hell.

So I and another new person show up on game day, and we're making characters. First red flag was when they mentioned that nobody should play a thief, and that nobody was ALLOWED to play a druid. Because the thief class was "useless and boring" and because the druid class needed to remain in some way neutral, which they took to mean that the druid would have to fight against the rest of the party every time they did something, to try and maintain the status quo- so if the party ever fought a villain and looked like they were going to win, these players decided ("and we've been playing this edition for decades so we know") that the druid would have to either join the villain, or lose all their powers.

So that was red flag number one. Red flag number two was when I decided to play a bard, and they informed me no-one had ever played it before, so I'd have to figure out how to make one on my own. (apparently despite having played the game for decades and owning all the rulebooks, they only ever played fighters, wizards, and clerics.)

So I put together a bard- we're apparently starting with everyone at level 3, ignoring the fact that classes levelled up at different speeds (a third red flag)- and our journey begins.

Well, to avoid making this into a novel, I'll skip ahead to where things came to a head. The other new player was playing a Knight of a noble house which our Cleric belonged to. As we're setting up camp, the knight gets angry at the cleric (for no real reason) and draws his sword, about to attack the cleric. I realized that this other new player was a bit... aggressive, and in order to stop him from starting a lot of infighting I cast one of my few Bard spells, colour spray, in order to stun him so that he could be disarmed and we could talk to him instead of fighting.

Well apparently, despite the fact that he had drawn his sword against the man he was charged to protect, my non-lethal non-damaging spell to stop it was the most violent act in the universe. So despite the fact that I accidentally caught the cleric in the spray as well, and nobody else was around, the DM ruled that the wizard with us woke up, heard a commotion, and stepped out and cast Sleep on me.

A few rounds later I'm asleep and the violent knight is un-stunned. He begins to kill me, but then catches himself in the middle of saying so- he remembers that he's trying not to look like a jerk, and that he's "just playing his character" so he suddenly has perfect knowledge of spells, so he knows that I'm a vile and murderous felon, so he will tie me up and take me to the nearest outpost of his order of knights so that I can be put on trial and killed properly!

And then he realizes that his character doesn't know how to bind a character in ropes. He convinces the GM to let him do it anyways- and the GM lets him "because it doesn't make sense that he knows how to tie ropes but his character doesn't".

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14th Dec 2015, 7:54 AM

So I'm bound on horseback, and he's riding at full speed to get me to trial, ditching the rest of the party completely. The jostling wakes me up, and because I'm actually well trained in escaping bonds, I get to roll to free myself. I roll a 19, so I get free and slip off the back of his horse.

But apparently even though he's completely untrained and lacks the skill to tie someone up (it's 2e, and he doesn't have the proficiency, so he should auto-fail attempts to do so) and even though I'm incedibly skilled at escaping bonds and rolled a 19, the GM decides it is going to take me a few rounds to get out of my bonds.

So the knight charges me- he wants to take me alive for trial, so in the two rounds he has before I can act, he scewers me with his lance at a full gallop, his horse tramples me with its hooves, then he turns around and scewers me again, and his horse tramples me again.

I get lucky and some of his dice rolls are bad, so at the end of the 2nd round I'm only unconscious and bleeding. And a good thing too, because this way he can actually "roleplay his character" and bring me for trial- and I'm sure he can explain why, when I fell off the back of his horse, he impaled me twice and trampled me beneath his horse before I could even stand.

Except oops, wouldn't you know it, his horse trampled me again and I died. "His character didn't want to do it, but it happened anyways" is a completely bullshit excuse by the way.

I didn't even get a ride home out of the deal.

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14th Dec 2015, 7:54 AM

This one didn't happen to me, I read it in a D&D 3.5 handbook. I don't remember the details perfectly, but it goes something like this.

It was a game at a convention, with several groups playing independantly from each other at the same time. One group was facing a Frost Giant and was doing poorly. In order to avoid a grim fate, they resorted to call upon a player for another group, who played a cleric.

The cleric heroically rushed in to save the adventurers, but he either forgot to take in account the Giant's reach, or figured he could chance tanking an AoO. What's sure is, he certainly didn't expect the giant to roll a Natural 20 and manage to one-shot him.

Unfortunately, this activated the Giant's Great Cleave Feat, which he promptly put to good use by finishing off the already wounded Fighter. The Fighter's death triggered a second Great Cleave which took a good chunk of a third character's health. I don't know how the fight ended, but I'm betting on the Frost Giant winning.

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15th Dec 2015, 8:40 AM

I'm 95% certain I heard this exact story in a DnD Podcast several years ago, with them calling in a Cleric during a Playtest and the resulting cleave from the Frost Giant killing him and the fighter.

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15th Dec 2015, 9:57 AM

Yeah, I remember that one. It's in the Rules Compendium from 3.5. It was indeed a playtest for something.

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Kaze Koichi

15th Dec 2015, 3:16 AM

In my story I am an asshole. And to make it worse, that was my first game in this group. OK, not quite first: I played with some of them once and it was long time ago. I desided that the best way to re-introduce myself to the group would be to play a chaotic neutral (we are playing GURPS, but I have a habit to calculate what my alinment would be if we played D&D) rasist were-fox.
I need to explain rasist part. In this setting were-foxes are not humans that can turn into foxes, neither they are half-human hybrids. The werefoxes are foxes that can turn themselves into humans. But they don't see humans as equal, and more then happy to see them as a prey. You can already notice a problem when I say all other party members were humans.
I don't remember how GM explained a setting to me, so I'll tell about characters instead. One was a Russian hobo that was touched by Vorlons or Cthulhu or whatever similar. So he was able to do... strange things. Second one was a alien space-ace with his own spaceship and a personal of scientists to research said hobo. And the final one was basically agent J from Men In Black.
Because they had played this game some time before me, GM desided that my fox should be sent to find the sourse of the hobo's power and destroy it. So this should be a warning number 2.
As soon as I tracked the party down, the hobo activated one of his artifacts and we teleported... somewhere. GM tells me that it looks like a normal forest, but absolutely all smells are alien to me. So I freak out. Which was good because our space-ace cannot see a nervious foxgirl without trying to calm her down. So that gave me a chance to introduce myself to the party.
After some character stuff the hobo returned all of us back. Unfortunately, he also brought some knight-looking people chasing a lady. Of course, our space-ace cannot walk away from a girl in peril (did I mentioned it earlier?) so we was dragged into fight.
So we fight. Fight-fight. Fight-fight-fight-fight. Agent J tried to hypnotise the knights, but they saved, so they now think he is a warlock and attack him first. Then he draws a gun and start shooting them, which is bad, because I am trying to sneak on them from behind, and he nearly hits me.
So on one side we have a werefox that is alergic to being shot at. On the other side we have this jerk, who is also a human (a race foxes dislike), and a lot of enemies circling him just in AOE range of a nice fireball. So those of you that think I has any reason to NOT cast the fireball, go sit in the corner and think again.
To be fair, I thought he'll survive this, but I critted agains him. He didn't die, but he was unconscious with severe burn, and no one of us is a medic. So we called an ambulance and he survived in the end, but was lost as a character and what worse, his player was coming up with a new character for at least a mounth. What surprises me that he didn't hold it against me.

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15th Dec 2015, 6:28 AM

Let me tell you about the genesis of my loathing the kender race.

My first true D&D campaign, 2nd Edition. Me and another guy are joining a party already in progress. I'm very new so I decided to go with a fairly basic character in terms of mechanics, a fighter. Kain Salman, Knight of the Realm.

Myself and the other new guy, while traveling, wander into a mist and find ourselves in a clearly different forest(hand-waiving to get us to a place where we have no logical reason to be). While wandering through the forest we hear approaching hooves. As the sound gets closer we see a trio of skeletal horses with cloaked riders. I'm figuring 'original members show up to save new members' scenario so I draw my sword and prepare to meet their charge. One of the figures leaps off of their horse and, running faster than the horse was, rushes at us. Before I can even react it reaches into it's belt and draws forth-

"Care for a ricecake?"

A ricecake. It is the kender rogue of the party, who has among other things magical speed boots and a bag of never-ending rice cakes. Apparently to amuse himself every time someone eats a ricecake he rolls a d20 to see how good it is, he rolls a 20, and I become addicted to rice cakes. I have to make a save any time I'm offered a rice cake to turn it down, and the kender does. not. stop. offering. Eventually a Nat 1 has to happen, and mine gives me a diseased rice cake that makes me a WereKender.

If you're sensing a theme of 'haze the new kid' you aren't alone and it became a trend, including a point where I was convinced the ex-Navy player was going to break my irl fingers in exchange for extra magic items(to be fair I was fourteen, he was much much bigger than I would ever be, and I already got the sense this guy did not like me). Particularly the pair of players who were playing the kender rogue and the minotaur warrior, and the DM who was friends with them and tended to let them do whatever they wanted if he found it funny. Short version the following things were done to my character via the process of Kender says to do something, I refuse because it's stupid and/or suicidal, Minotaur picks me up to throw me at whatever objective the Kender wanted me to deal with:
* I am apparently 'talking too much', Minotaur gives me a concussion.
* Abandoned town, we spot what seems to be a ghostly figure floating in front of a building, Kender wants me to go investigate it alone. Minotaur throws me at what turns out to be a cloak stuck on a board, through the wall behind it, and then through the rotted floor under it.
* We find a chest under a blacksmith shop in the abandoned town. It contains a few potions and wands, all unidentified. Kender wants me to drink one, I don't, Minotaur shoves it down my throat. I get turned to stone.
* I am now a stone statue but the Kender still needs a test dummy for the wands, so he points them at me. The first one fills the room with a cloud. The second is a fireball which also ignites the cloud. Oddly enough I am the only survivor because I am a stone statue at this point.
* 'A hundred years later' the party is raised as undead, and I am unpetrified. The Kender and Minotaur share a glance and then eat me.


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15th Dec 2015, 12:23 PM

This is pure Comedy Gold...unless of course it ahppens without the respective Characters PLAYERS consent in which case its reason enough to cut and run.

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14th Dec 2015, 11:43 AM

I get the feeling this is still according to plan

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14th Dec 2015, 1:47 PM

Of course it is.
I bet he took a feat to be easily able to "almost die but not quite" ^^

As for the PVP: We only had that happen in one of our groups once.
It was in the first major campaign I ran, that one player, palying a Draconian Mercenary, managed to piss off another, playing a Valheru-Variant (far less chaotic and Powerful but still with quite some oomph).
That one warned him in VERY clear and unmistakeable ways what would happen if he interfered with his "Stuff" again.
And what did the guy do?
Next session he pilfered through the MiniValherus stuff.
At which point he mindcontrolled him not to move, and then proceeded to break his neck.

Both Players were cool with what happened though, so.... ;)

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Luminous Lead

14th Dec 2015, 2:04 PM

Well, they DO have scrolls of "Raise Dead"...

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14th Dec 2015, 6:42 PM

If I recall right, Phil has the Die Hard feat... page 359. So even if Nat did fully intend to kill him, he'd still hang on a bit.

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14th Dec 2015, 3:31 PM

Depends on the definition of dead they're using... are they saying fully dead or in this case do they mean mostly dead?

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14th Dec 2015, 6:22 PM

Probably half dead at the most.
After all, they do not have him ... treated as Wesley was, just stabbed. ^^

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14th Dec 2015, 7:09 PM

Fair enough. Granted it's been so long since I've read or watched this arc I have literally no clue what happened here.

Time to boot up my external drives and figure out which one has once piece on it.

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17th Dec 2015, 1:32 PM

A while back I was playing as an heiress monk. The idea was that she was a wealthy woman whom had spent most of her life training while leaving her estates to be run by her father and her training had caused her to never question things like all the slaves she owned, mainly because her lessons were her focus. Needless to say, she was lawful evil. The plan was that she would slowly realize what she was doing wrong and change to LN and maybe even LG.

That almost ended on mission 1 when some brat only about 12 entered the group. Shockingly it wasn't the paladin who was a threat to me (my character kept her conversations civil and it never game up), the rogue out hunting slavers (We never got far enough and his player knew what I was going for), or even the FOES that were a threat. It was that kid who decided he wanted to be CE and decided that his first step as a CE character was simply to assault the nearest person as soon as the GM was done narrating his intro. Said person was me.

Thankfully we were in the middle of combat and the GM managed to alter his actions a bit to hit enemies instead of us, but that can only work so many times and he didn't get the message. So I took him aside and explained to him that, should his character ever become worth less than the experience killing him would provide, as an evil character I would take it. He knew my characters alignment, just not the reason why, so he SEEMED to accept it... for five minutes.

IC he was just attacking a monk in unusually nice clothes who had just flattened an army of kobolts without getting hit once and said woman had been perfectly nice and civil with her party members who didn't know about her 'evil' deeds. OOC he said he was trying to kill the person who would backstab him before he could kill the rest of the party. He didn't make it past the first round of combat.

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