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11th Dec 2015, 1:25 AM

Ouch. And a critical hit on page 777 no less.

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11th Dec 2015, 1:31 AM
"Needs a Title"

Tell a story of the dice gods smiling down upon you / being lucky when it really counted.

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11th Dec 2015, 5:53 AM

One time in a Warhammer RP, my party was sailing after the woman we'd been chasing for the entire campaign, when a Kracken attacked our ship. We spend almost an hour trying to fend off its tentacles with varying degrees of sucess (I hadn't dealt a single point of damage with my bow), and the Kracken looked like it was gearing up to destroy our ship. Then our guy who's recent;y started following a deity decided to pray to her. He rolled around 95 out of 100 and the GM allowed us to use my Luck skill to modify that roll to over 100, meaning we were able to summon the god herself to remove the Kracken.

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Bluejay Blaze

11th Dec 2015, 9:59 AM
"Critical Heal"

In a 4th edition game I was playing one time, the DM had arranged a time sensitive encounter (ie, we only had a certain number of rounds to finish or we all died). Due to poor planning on the parts of the other party members, this encounter was impossible to complete without me, the monk.

Problem was, I'd just gotten into a fight with the paladin, who'd beaten me into unconsciousness. We had three turns left to finish the encounter and I was rolling death saves. Our wizard and druid started panicking.

When my turn came, I looked around the table very calmly and said "Sometimes I roll criticals," then let loose with my lucky black die.

20. I was no longer unconscious and dying.

A few rolls later, we'd completed the encounter with time to spare, no one died, and my character had acquired a magic scarf.

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11th Dec 2015, 11:59 AM

A game of Dark Heresy. We were in an elevator. Bunch psycho cultists above us. Thankfully, only a few had guns. And a couple of us out of EVERYONE, good and bad, were hitting anything, to little effect. Then came out the machine gun. I tried to shoot at it. The DM was nice enough to ask if I was aiming for the exposed ammo feed, or the gunner. I shot the gunner. And, in an impressive bit of luck, killed a ton of baddies with that one shot. Apparently, he was about to fire, I blew part of the arm pulling the trigger off, so his hand was in a death grip on the trigger, and the gun somehow got knocked around enough to empty its entire 200 round belt into a nearby group of enemies, chewing up the lot.

And yeah, we got that machine gun.

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11th Dec 2015, 12:48 PM

More reruns from me but:

1) GURPS 3e: Enemy Super Ninja Assassin critically fails "Dodge" roll trying to avoid an attack that critically hit. Takes enough damage to leave no corpse (probably should have been more paranoid, but if it was a fakeout the GM never brought the character back). Note: House rule in effect: officially a critical hit in GURPS means no Defense Roll.

2) GURPS 3e: Encounter roll (another house rule, I think) went bad so we encountered some Borg knock-offs, but then we pulled a Space Balls to escape by critically succeeding on a Piloting roll to jump in and out of hyperspace/warp flight/whatever-it-was while they critically failed in an opposed contest, leading to them overshooting us so badly they gave up and never talked about it again (that last bit is assumed ;) ).

3) WEG Star Wars: GM ripped a mission from an FPS Star Wars game of the time, where there was a proto-Type new TIE Fighter and we were supposed to go destroy it and whatever plans for it we could find. Like in said game it was a trap, but unlike in the FPS game my Gamorrean was willing to shoot the exposed innards and triggered a massive explosion which should have killed him but... but I rolled amazingly well and didn't just survived, but survived with no real injury. Unfortunately I then didn't think to "play dead" so I was caught as they moved wreckage off of me but promptly dropped it back down as I went for by blaster. XD

4) WEG Star Wars: This time I was playing a Rodian jack-of-all-trades who decided he'd avoid getting caught alongside the rest of the group... so a Dark Jedi (don't think it was an actual Sith Lord at least) that was supposed to be the boss encounter went after me solo. I then made another questionable call: as he held me in front of him (apparently he didn't want to use the Force to do it) I kicked him in the crotch and rolled so well I... broke through his armor. He did not like me, and the only reason he didn't kill my character is because we were allowed more than one character in that particular adventure and I had my secondary character kill my primary to take them both down.

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Radioactive Sloth Cake

23rd Dec 2015, 5:43 AM

You kicked a dudes nuts so hard you broke his pants!? Shins of steel.

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25th Dec 2015, 9:27 AM

Technically I used the Force, even as a non-Jedi. It is baked into the system; every time you roll, one of your dice must be distinct from the others. This is your Force Die (or Wild Die depending on the rules version). If it comes up as a "1", too bad you not only don't get to count that "1" but also lose your highest rolled die. However whenever it comes up as a "6", you get to roll it again. That means if you keep rolling a "6" you keep re-rolling.

Every character also starts with one "Force Point" and spending it allows you to double your dice pool for a roll. I spent my Force Point and probably got several re-rolls. XD

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12th Dec 2015, 4:50 AM
"A dumb ass says what?"

My Pathfinder group was fighting the big bad of our first adventure, Oswin of Ghastenhall. His minions were keeping our fighter busy, the druid was down and the bard would be one-hitted by the bastard. So it came down to the sorcerer and me, Half-Orc rougue, ST-based with a huge axe. Unfurtunatly I missed every single one of my attacks so far and I barely survived the last round of attacks from Oswin.
One last chance, the sorcerer casts Color Spray, basically a flashbang (well, without bang, but you get the idea). Oswin didn't make his Will save, so we had one round. After that he would probably kill at least one of us. My turn, I picked up the die and looked at the DM: "Hey, Oswin! A dumb ass says what?"
The DM completly in character of the blinded, stunned Oswin screamed: "What??"
I rolled a critical. Sneak Attack, Power Attack and Critical Hit with a Greataxe. Yeah, the fight was over after that.

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12th Dec 2015, 5:55 AM

Not me, persay, but it happened hours ago. We were gearing up to fight a boss that was basically a giant supercomputer from inside it. TRON style. Our diplomancer tries making queries to try and communicate with it, and it was firewalling us entirely until we tried to log in as the person who once owned it. And the GM, being snarky, gave us a password prompt.

Years ago, however, one of the characters had been in the room when she entered the password. Vocally. And he rolled to remember the password and critted. And then we told it to reformat itself.

"You know I had this great two stage fight all planned out, all those screens were gonna drop down and reveal this giant mech that you guys were gonna fight. How dare you remember canon?"

And then we all nearly died laughing.

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13th Dec 2015, 2:46 AM

I was playing with a couple of my friends from high school, and what with there was only three of us, we had a minor session so that we had something to do on prom (I was a freshman). So, we're in an encounter, I roll to attack, 20. Ok, that's cool, roll for crit, 20. Alright, that's even cooler, I make a joke that I should roll again to deal extra damage, the DM agreed and I make a joke that if I get another 20 and I'll change my deity from the god of thieves to Bahumat and rolled. We sat around for a second after I had rolled another 20, then my friend gave me a pencil and I changed my character's deity.

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19th May 2016, 6:42 PM
"Spess Mahreens"

So, playing Rogue Trader, and we have this pile of loot from a Ship Graveyard, including enough Archeotech to outfit the five man party with one thing each. So obviously we aren't to keen on the concept of leaving it behind. Until, a World Eater appears, and starts to try and kill us all. We hadn't the ordenance to get through his power armour and toughness, so in a last ditch attempt to make him killable before we Teleporarium'd out and lost all that loot, was to have our Psyker try and convince him to take his helmet off. Spess Mahreens have high Willpower, so it was a gamble, but it was better than nothing. So, Psyker did his mind trick, and got a 1. Which is basically 40k equivilant of a Nat 20. Or near enough.

So, guy took his helmet off, and...well, there was no head left by the end of it. Someone got a crit that actually blew his head up.

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All Overboard

11th Dec 2015, 1:59 AM
"Running a Game"

First time comment but I guess this story would be either really hilarious or a cop out on my part.

So a bit of backstory I created a system for a Fallout tabletop game a bit more bare bones than anything and more along lines with my own thoughts than the ones used in any official sources so homebrewed mostly. I had seven people who were playing and most of them decided to be Brotherhood of Steel Initiates ready for their chapter to move out around the Colorado area. During their first mission I had them meet with one of the leaders. Unfortunately I overestimated their willingness to go along the rails at least for the first mission to set up an overarching story that they didn't need to follow exactly. They pissed off their mentor and one of the three leaders of their chapter the Paladin Cruz. They didn't fight but attempted to run away from the BoS entirely and that counted as desertion for their already dwindling chapter. As their DM I was going along with it cause I figure I can roll with their decisions and I was going to give them a fair fight. One guy on Seven deserters. Thats when luck favored me though cause I rolled a twenty to hit with was critical. I confirmed it again and rolled another twenty...I accidentally killed on of them in one hit. Luckily I decided that day didn't happen and they didn't run the second time the day started. Ironically they liked the events that happened when they followed through with the story at least for the first mission

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11th Dec 2015, 6:50 AM
"I Can See the Future"

Ok I'm just going to stop speculating on this comic because I love it and I keep guessing correctly.
Also what do you use for getting you stills from the anime and for editing etc?
Oh and called it!

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11th Dec 2015, 8:27 AM

I was playing a campaign recently, and through a very complex set of circumstances, ended up leading 1/3 of a very large horde of monstrous creatures. We were supposed to meet up with the rest of the army via sea to attack one-half of Icewind Dale, currently being referred to as the East.

We were preparing to leave, when a fleet came down the river, preparing to assault our location. As my soldier pulled back to the fort, I looked out to the water and prayed to my deity, the goddess of the Ocean. I rolled the die...


Which sounds like BAD luck, until what happened right after, which was that a boat docked, and Drizzt do fucking Urden got off. Turns out, the East AND the West had set us up as fall guys, forcing us into this situation, and he was here to offer us a way out before the rest of the army was slaughtered. My character's primary virtue was loyalty, so he was not entirely happy with leaving the creatures under his command to die, but he was also pragmatic enough to realize that he would likely die himself.

Plus, the 1/3 currently retreating into the mountain tunnels would end up living anyway, and they had my friends. After some argument about whether my friends are safe or not, I finally agree to give up. Get on the ship, and it turns out the other 4, masterminded by the 2 more moral members, had cast Augery, and interpreted the answer as me betraying them. So, it was a little awkward when I ended up being incredibly loyal to the party when I was unaware I was being tested.

Overall, that 2 probably saved my character.

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12th Dec 2015, 12:55 AM

How about this one, as an evil character, our party had just come out of a cave into a forest with ents and dryads around. I convinced the party to start burning the forest and the ents and dryads. Once they started doing that, an elven army came riding up. My character escaped from the flames first and crit'd a bluff check convincing the army that he was innocent and the other party members were to blame. My character ended up earning the trust of the elves, and there respect when he killed one of the other party members that was trying to escape from the execution grounds. The others were executed by the elves.

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13th Dec 2015, 12:19 AM

Ever looked Cthulhu in the face and survived the will save against being driven insane. Thank you natural 20.

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14th Dec 2015, 1:40 PM

Hmmm, as I am normally the really UNlucky one when it REALLY counts this took a while.

About 2 years ago we ran a relly weird PF Game.
Our Characters were roped into working for (and first fighting in the testgrounds of) "Chaoscults, Big, all of them".

So this included the Chaositech Rulemods.

my Characer managed to get into contact with far too much of the really dangerous stuff to ahve much hope to survive it untentakled or Shogothed. I had to roll three times on the Chart.
But no, I rolled perfectly, and the 2 Mutations I got out of it were wings (already had them, now I have 4 and can hover^^) and Intelligence and Charisma (for me as party Face/Warlock) Increase by 4 points.
Only downsides: SLightlyx higher chance of mutations in the future, and grossly long earlobes (think some budda Statues).

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23rd Dec 2015, 5:48 AM

You turned into winged Eneru!

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