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20th Nov 2015, 1:05 AM
"Tell a Story: About the delayed genius "

Breaks from the playing table happen. They happen every night you play the game, and sometimes they happen when you are about to go face first into a dilemma. But when you have time to plot and plan and make contingencies... sometimes good things happen as a result.

Tell a story about a time you had a session break, and had the time to come up with something that made a difference when you returned to the table.

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20th Nov 2015, 2:00 AM

The DM had just killed off the barbarian when he decided he had to use the restroom. Everyone but my Ranger is either dead or bleeding out, and I have very little HP left. I've been taking pot shots from long range the entire fight so I have three rounds to kill off this guy at the end of which he'll be close enough to charge me. Naturally, we all started pouring over my sheet looking for any means of winning this. Now my ranger has one rather interesting character trait: he's a pyromaniac. At any given time he has enough incendiary items burn down a decent sized village.
Fun Fact: did you know that if a necklace of fireballs catches fire all the remaining beads will swarm detonate? Well I figured that out just before the DM got back from the bathroom. I spend my first round tying the necklace to a Slow Burn Arrow and fire it on my next turn. For those unaware, slow burn arrows inflict fire damage one turn after impact.
I'm just outside the blast radius when the arrow ignites the necklace and the beads detonate simultaneously. All that was left of this guy was a pile of ash and an awesome greatsword that took hours to cool off before we could touch it.

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20th Nov 2015, 12:04 PM

Literally saved my character's life!

I probably told this before, so the short version:

Character with full HP in a non-magical medieval/fantasy setting takes a crossbow bolt to the torso due to failed sneaking around. Dies instantly because the GM rolled high for damage. No time for a new character that session (it was near the end anyway) so play wraps up and the next day while singing a hymn in church, I remember the GM forgot an important rule: blow through. When weapons like regular bullets, lasers, arrows, etc. hit something like a human in GURPS, there is a limit on how much damage they can do because they tend to leave a relatively narrow wound channel, as opposed to exploding a gaping chasm into your side.

Since nothing vital was hit, I should have been struggling to stay conscious but not rolling to see if I died immediately from that wound. As soon as I pointed it out to the GM he ruled that the others only mistook me for dead as I passed out from my injuries and on the way back realized I was alive (a very minor retcon as they hadn't even had time to bury my character's corpse yet).

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20th Nov 2015, 1:45 PM

The game was Wrath of the Righteous. I was a Bard. A hilariously not-good-at-combat Bard.
The DM told us he was looking forward to a gladiator fight later in the book, and I started thinking of ways to alter a fair one on one fight to our favor. I told the party in private later I was going to role-play harder than ever before.
We met with a fight promoter, and I rattled off some demands. Since the DM really wanted this fight to happen, I figured he'd go along with some flavor, rather than deny it and make us further the plot another way.
Since either or Paladin or Barbarian was a match for the opponent, Glindafang, I persuaded the promoter to make it a 2-on-2 fight. Glindafang had been hyped as so superior to his peers, whatever demon the DM constructed would unbalance the fight in our favor.
I also argued to be in the commentator's booth with the promoter for some "bard combat". We had to win recognition for the plot, so I'd hype my boys up. I also had a hidden agenda I told everyone but the Paladin and the DM about.
Once the fight got down to just Glindafang at low health against us, I announced that we would be taking him with us as a slave. I began making a (very, very unfair) deal with him over loudspeaker, to the party's amusement and the DM and Paladin's horror. The DM called bullshit (we were all on laptops so he assumed we were secretly passing notes), but we had really just planned a code word I'd use over loudspeaker the night before. The promoter came at me with a dagger to the throat, but since we had already been treating the commentary like combat, he got 1d4 damage on me and I kept talking.

The Paladin ended up taking exception to my trying to put a demon on the team and killed Glindafang so nothing came of it, but it sparked some character development, and reminded the DM that I'm two steps crazier than he is ever prepared for.

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20th Nov 2015, 1:26 AM

Not D&D, but in Super Smash bros I had some friends over and some of them really sucked.
So for kicks we played it "turn based" where everyone stood still except one guy who got to deal one attack and then its someone else's turn. We quickly realize that Falcon Punch and Marth's super charge are OP so we agree that you have to spend a turn to charge it up.
So we fight and fight and eventually its me (Marth) vs Captain Falcon. We both charge up. I hit him with Marth's charge attack and he barely survives. The fight was exceptionally brutal so I had 400% hp. Everyone is freaking out because the fight was so intense.
My friend just calmly walks up to me, brags anime style about how its "time to end this", "there is no hope", taunts, etc and launches a Falcon Punch.
Then I unexpectedly use Marth's "counter" move and instantly kill him. Everyone loses their shit since they think I cheated and my friend is upset. But I remind him that after we agreed we had to forfeit a turn to charge big attacks, on the very next turn, I said that I "charged" a "counter" to which he verbally agreed.
And then everyone really loses their shit.

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20th Nov 2015, 1:36 AM

Oh Phil, you are quickly becoming my favorite player.

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20th Nov 2015, 3:28 AM

I think this is a good way to play off Usopp in a D&D-esque game of any kind. The kind of character that wins fights by playing smart and with all available resources rather than just being a power house.

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20th Nov 2015, 8:15 PM

But who also gets screwed over by all the flaws.

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21st Nov 2015, 4:53 PM

Usopp takes a level in badass by the time the crew by the time they reach the grand line, then he takes a few more on the grand line. By the time they reach the time skip, he has singlehandedly defeated a devil fruit user who took down Luffy and Zoro with ease. People seem to forget that while he's no melee fighter, he is an insanely broken sniper, with a few more levels under his belt.

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21st Nov 2015, 5:39 PM

Exactly. By Enies Lobby his Slingshot has a higher range than any gun. He had also survived a 4 ton baseball bat to the face and a one on one fight against Luffy. He may not be as strong as the rest of the Staw Hats, but is just as much of a superhuman.

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22nd Nov 2015, 8:25 AM
"Usopp vs Luffy"

let's recap. Luffy gets hit by eggs, what I assume to be the spiciest sauce on the planet, numerous caltrops stabbing into him, a spray of pepper, a giant explosion, a storm of needles piercing him all over and finally. his own punch being returned full force. (if the rubber fruit wasn't passive that would have snapped his neck) I am very surprised he actually could move after that

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8th Nov 2017, 4:34 PM

Don't forget the pace !
In enies lobbie, when he was shooting the guards from the top of the tower. He was headshoting them one after another, whith very little interval between two hit.
Which mean that he could Charge, arm, aim, and shoot in a flash, with the wind, from dunno how far away, in a matter of second and got all of them right.

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20th Nov 2015, 8:20 AM

I can't recall exactly how this played out, and am extremely curious to see what Phil's cooking up. Will be pointlessly refreshing this page a couple times over the weekend in anticipation.

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