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13th Mar 2015, 12:51 AM

You're not a hamster, silly. You're a Monkey! ...Oh god I really just made that joke.

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13th Mar 2015, 1:24 AM
"As a follow-up to the last page"

Ah, so it is a purely mechanical device even in-game. A shame too, enchantments would have made it make so much more sense.

(Then again knowing this crew they'd want to pilfer anything and everything they could get their hands on, especially if it didn't come with a refill meter, gotta limit what they could or would want to get their hands on...)

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13th Mar 2015, 2:32 AM

You mean like when Luffy attacked all those pirates with that colossal+++++++ staff?

You remember that, right?

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13th Mar 2015, 2:45 AM
"Tell a Story: About your Stealth Getting Ruined"

AoE, bad rolls, or just shitty team mates. Any of the above can ruin a good stealthy position, and more besides.

Tell a story about your Stealthy advantage being completely ruined, and if the PTSD doesn't prevent it, the fallout of that terrible tragedy.

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13th Mar 2015, 5:21 AM

Let's just say, don't take the ranger with the signal whistle into the town of sleeping elves that hates the party, and that are the ranger's favored enemies. Especially don't have the entire party piss him off beforehand. Almost got lynched for that one, but was worth it!

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13th Mar 2015, 10:28 AM
"Playing a new campaign."

Traditionl D&D set in a postapoc setting, allegedly we're in japan.

Anyway I am rolling a gnome rogue with the arcane trickster archetype, so I have one illusion cantrip.

We got into a tussle with a high priest of Kappa and a bunch of... for lack of a better word, Murloc's go after us as well. My rogue is on the far side of the priest because he snuck around the lake from one side to flank him with arrows while the druid and ranger did the same from the other side, and then the murlocs surface to give chase. First hit from the murlocs that go after me bloody me.

So I do what any good rogue would do. I stab the one that hit me through the face, disengage and then use my illusion cantrip to have a 5' boulder fall from the sky and "land" on him.

Priest, party and murlocs all believe it and the murlocs charge the rest of the party.

So far so good right?

Well when it's my turn again the rogue goes and charges the priest from behind and does a flying leap to stick the landing onto the priest of kappa and stabs him through the noggin from behind. (had advantage because of something our priest did and got a crit.).. Just to be safe he also did stir the braincase some with his rapier on drawing it from the head.

The priest, was so convinced that my rogue had been killed by a falling boulder he immediately attempted to take my rogue's head off with his mace our of the belief that the rogue was undead. Thankfully the priest missed and my rogue proceeded to kill the last two murlocs.

I suppose you could say this is a foulup because I stealthed too well.

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13th Mar 2015, 10:01 PM

Oh, this is a recent one, actually. So, running the Hoard of the Dragon Queen, you can read that if you want tons of context, but basically, the party is in a roadhouse near Neverwinter with a warehouse, a strongroom IN the warehouse, and many boxes of cult treasure. The party is quite big, ranging from 6-9 people at any given time, and on this night, we had 7. Rolling, we were forced to split up, one group going with the road crew, one staying at the in. The three at the inn were the Gnome Warlock with a fondness for Invisibility, the Sorceror, and me, an Elven Monk following the Shadowdancer path.

So, morning comes, the boss of the place, Bogluk, leaves, and we decide I should go sneak into his room. This takes about 20 minutes, and I find jack crap. So, as my character has the greed flaw, I roll a D10 to see if he manages to resist the desire to abuse his current Invisibility.

He does not, so he uses Pass without Trace, and proceeds to easily break into the strongroom, as there is very few to no people entering the warehouse. He quickly locates the treasure crates, and proceeds to take 75 GP, an amount he could reasonably justify if searched, and some other things. First, he took a spare piece of black cloth and hid 7 gems under it at the bottom of his quiver, with the reasonable rationale that as a monk, his had a cap to prevent spillage.

He then proceeded to hide rings down the fingers of his gloves, and as he was doing that, the invisibility wore off. I had been keeping time, but the DM decided that, in my greed, I had let my mind slip. I still had Pass without trace for 30 minutes more, and between that and my Dex, a quite handy bonus to anything stealthy or acrobatic. It did not save me from the natural one on Perception. Deciding to risk it, I carefully cracked the door open.

On the other side, not far away, were two guards that had just entered the Warehouse. They see this, and I proceed to utterly fail my hide check, the two closest Natural Ones I have ever rolled. Thankfully, I have a cloak and alternate outfit on, and my face is veiled, so they don't see my identity when I manage to vault past the guy near the door and scale up to a rafter. This doesn't help much when roughly 50 people rush into the warehouse, almost half of them holding bows.

As I'm stalling, trying to figure a way out of this, and knowing I'd have to be pretty lucky to beat all those arrow shots, even with the Dodge ability and Deflect Arrows, the gnome's sprite uses his second casting of invisibility on me. I manage to dodge all of the shots, and thanks to the bonus from Pass Without Trace, leap across the rafters, leap past the people near the door, and exit. As a Wood Elf Monk, I have 1.5 times the speed of most people, and I use it to run like hell.

After an hour of running, marked by the invisibility wearing off, the first half with no footprints or traces at all, due to my ability, I ditch the rest of the rings (I dropped one hand's worth when asked what I stole by the bowmen, along with my generic shortsword.), sink my cloak and alternate outfit in the swamp, and, as I head back, I manage to crit on a survival check to hunt down a nice deer.

When I return, I proceed to act clueless and claim I was hunting, since I hadn't been hired on for the road crew, and that I had no idea what had happened.

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13th Mar 2015, 10:04 PM

Worth noting that the gems were worth an estimated 50 GP each, so even with the lost rings, I managed to make off with almost 500 GP of treasure at level three/almost four, not a bad haul, all things considered. I mean, I risked my neck and brought it right down to the wire, but not bad, I think.

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Grand Silver

14th Mar 2015, 2:50 AM

In a game of PTU I'm playing a Berserker with a powerful but warped sense of honor and pride. So as soon as we saw the smoke I let out a battle cry and charged screaming into battle. One of the other party members is a Ninja...Thankfully things worked out other than one guy getting K.O.ed

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15th Mar 2015, 2:55 AM

You know how one character can lend their riding skills to the others? Turns out stealth doesn't work that way for two dozen low level NPC paladins and clerics, even if rogue/shadowguything (actual name escapes me. You know, they can hide in any shadow to escape) does have godlike powers of stealth.

Also, that is when I learned Shadow walking does not hide you from a coven of vampires with class levels in witch.

I didn't know witch levels were a thing, but yeah, I accidentally got the sacred order of Tiamoose wiped out.

Tiamoose is a relatively new deity, so this was a terrible blow. He is a lawful good relative to Tiamat, except he has moose heads. He is allied with Rokana, the neutral good squirrel god of discernment.

Why yes, I did invent those two deities for the adventure. Totally worth it.

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13th Mar 2015, 10:29 AM

So, in the Carrion Crown campaign, we'd made it to the dead town of Feldgrau which had been taken over by necromancers and demonic werewolves. We'd been spending our time systematically clearing the town in preparation for moving on the boss necromancer when our DM decided to mix things up a little.

So we get to one of the last unexplored places on the map and my tengu alchemist, Chekyl, activates his ring of invisibility to scout ahead. Despite keeping an eye out for danger, he got a few steps in, and then--

"AH! Your leg! It's caught in a bear trap!"

We were then set upon by a pack of small Festrogs, but that wasn't the kicker, no... What really made the scene was when an axe suddenly came flying out of the shadows and hit our witch. We'd been ambushed by an Actual Cannibal!

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13th Mar 2015, 3:22 PM

I've literally had this song stuck in my head all morning, and then I see your comment. :)

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14th Mar 2015, 11:46 PM

Okay so playing pathfinder. My Oread(earth elemental race) monk is being party scout in a cave system. I have an item that let me grow lichen to blend in better. I run into a stasis trap and fall over frozen. Rest of the party comes along and fails every spot check to notice me. I spent the rest of the time in the cave system contemplating the floor. Party gets frantic that i do not turn up in the bad guys jail. The bard finally finds me much later while searching for a suitable rock to erect a statue in my memory with.

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23rd Aug 2017, 6:18 PM

rika is so cute when she start making her explanation and can't talk calmly.

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