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4th Feb 2015, 12:20 AM

Behold The Power of Cheese

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5th Feb 2015, 6:22 PM

Holy crap I haven't seen that commercial in a long time.

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4th Feb 2015, 12:25 AM
"Tell a Story: About a time a Flaw nearly cost your character everything"

Flaws are useful. Either for extra character points or for fleshing out a character period.

But sometimes, they seriously cost you. Your character may die, cause a TPK, or horribly complicate matters.

Tell a story about when a Flaw reared it's ugly head, and did it's horrible damage.

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4th Feb 2015, 12:53 AM

In a 3.5 game a while ago, I had a character with a custom flaw based on Phantom Sparks. Specifically, she had a glowing halo (refluffed Illumian race) that couldn't be turned off. Massive penalties to Hide... And everyone else in the party had /incredibly/ good skills in that area. One even had a source of Shadow Blend.

So basically, when the party was moving down a dungeon hallway, my character would just have to walk in the open (because she couldn't hide to save her life), while the rest of the party wandered near the walls invisibly or near-invisibly. Made a hell of a piece of bait, but also resulted in being the first person targeted in the majority of fights like that XD

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4th Feb 2015, 1:57 AM

I would like to tell you about an experimental character. A paladin by the name of Joe. You see, paladins are immune to all fear, but Joe had agoraphobia, hemophobia, claustrophobia, reverse tokophobia, extreme social anxiety, ailurophobia, arachnophobia, androphobia, and finally, germophobia. Some of these were more pronounced than others. It was ruled that Joe can't be played because the second I started a paladin, all those phobias are null and void.

If you are easily scarred, stop reading now.

And before anyone asks, tokophobia is the fear of birth. Joe had a fear of unbirth, or being totally sucked into a vagina to suffocate and drown. I had a whole thing in his backstory about that. Apparently some elven ladies and their husbands/boyfriends were having a competition to see who had the largest, errr, carrying capacity. He walked in on them just in time to see one lady win by slurping up her sleeping three year old son.

And this is also why Joe is deathly afraid of aunt Margaret.

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4th Feb 2015, 1:43 AM

It was such a minor flaw, it seamed. Willing to do anything for family, to repent his from his betrayal of his loved one. that is, until my characters cousin became incapacitated. and the only way to make sure he lasted more than 1 more round was to run through the room, provoking aoo from every single monster of the boss encounter. but i would rather die than burying another family member.

And that was the day that the rest of the party realised that by rolling my cousins, i was their willing bitch.

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4th Feb 2015, 3:26 AM
"Fuck. The. Inquisition."

Alright, so this story involves a little homebrew in Dark Heresy. Long story short, my character was the result of an inquisitorial plan to breed super acolytes. I got bonuses to all my stats, and a few other perks, like being immune to anyone attempting to sway me from the inquisition, this includes Psykers and Daemons, and had a massive penalty to a will test to do it of my own will. I was unshakeable in my faith in them and the emperor, this became a big problem when, as an assassin, I had picked up a side job to take out some guy with criminal connections. Only he was a much higher ranking acolyte for a different inquisitor. When I found out, I was understandably shocked almost into a coma. Never mind the fact that he pulled a bolt pistol on me while I was stalking him to find out information, never mind that I beat him in a fair fight with just a moon blade and a compact las pistol, when he had a chainsword and bolt pistol. Never mind the kill wasn't intended, and i'm pretty sure the GM missed my declaring my shot called to the leg, so it shouldn't have busted his ribs by hitting him in the torso, that inquisitor, that we didn't know, was pissed and issued a death order for me. Even with my good will, 3 bad rolls in a row after the guy sent after me, who was my characters fiance's adoptive father pretty much, killed me and pretty much ruined my faith in the GM, considering about 90% of what happened was him setting me up. Like when my partner tried to warn me about him having inquisitorial connections, there was static interfering with our comms, or like not even giving me a chance to plead a case which knowing Our inquisitor I would have gotten... I left the game not long after, but stayed friends, as he's a cool guy and great to be in other games with, but I don't like GM's that see the players as enemies or obstacles as he did.

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4th Feb 2015, 8:22 AM

Shilin has a story! Can Shilin tell his story? Shilin will tell his story.

Shilin was a Minotaur in a short campaign. The GM did have rules for playing a Minotaur, but Shilin was a little overpowered compared to the other players. So Shilin voluntarily took a homebrew flaw of Sanity Roll: at the GM's discretion, Shilin had to roll a d20. Roll above 20 and Shilin is fine. Roll below 20 and Shilin acts more recklessly. Roll a 1 and for the next 5 minutes real time Shilin's character sheet is in the hands of the GM as a hostile character.

Shilin meets rest of group for the first time? Sanity roll.

Shilin and group come across a Doomy Artifact of Doom? Sanity roll. (That time Shilin rolled low enough that he decided he hated the shiny thing and punched it.)

Shilin and group encounter an elementary school? Sanity roll.

Shilin speaks with practically anyone in a position of authority, up to and including royalty? All of the sanity rolls!

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Yuko Hoon

Yuko Hoon

4th Feb 2015, 9:44 AM

This happened not so long ago. The funniest part is, it wasn't my flaw.

We are playing and on-off L5R campaign were I play a Crane shugenja and my friend plays a Scorpion bushi that, thanks to several political plots, is engaged to my character. He decided to get a flaw that basically hands him his very own stalker. Someone who would go the extra way to ensure she gets him, clans be damned. My character, of course, knows nothing of this.

During a competition in the early stages of the campaing, the characters are supposed to go into the woods, reach a temple, grab a figurine and go back to were they started. While the rest of the group ends up getting lost and having several pranks played on them by spirits, I, thanks to rather impressive rolls, reach the temple, grab the figurine, and start going back. Just when I'm nearing the goal, the master makes me roll a Resistance roll that I fail, and get poisoned. It's only because the spirits decided to be nice to poor me that I managed to get out of the woods alive.

After investigating, it turns out that "someone" rather than "something" had poisoned me: no other than my fiancé's fabulous stalker.

We have an idea of who the stalker is, though we have no proof... So for the time being my character is learning all she can about antidotes. Just in case.

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4th Feb 2015, 11:12 PM
"No, seriously, he kills everything."

Not one of my characters, but I read an interview where George RR Martin talked about his tabletop gaming career.
At one point he played a roman noble who was forced to choose between betraying Rome and Betraying his Patron.
Because of his intense loyalty to both, he chose to stab himself, setting the stage for his entire writing career.

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4th Feb 2015, 11:58 PM

I once played a barbarian who was once enslaved. As such, he was required to attack slavers and free any slaves he came across. For most of the campaign this issue came up only three times. The first two were relatively minor encounters ( rich noble slave owners who lacked class levels). They were torn limb from limb, had their head's stuck on pikes, and their bodies fed to the pigs. This led to a sizable bounty being placed on my head. For the rest of the campaign I had bounty hunters attacking me every so often. The party didn't mind as they made for easy xp. The final instance where my flaw was triggered was when we took a shortcut to reach our next objective. We ended up crossing through what amounts to a pre-Civil War plantation just in time to see some slaves being whipped. The rest of the party knew what was about to happen and collectively facepalmed. My barbarian unsheathed his word, went into a rage, and charged the closest slaver.
As it turns out, the master of the house, as well as most everyone there who was not enslaved had class levels and they outnumbered us about 3 to 1. Half the party died, and my barbarian (one of the survivors) was required to wear a sack over his head outside combat for the duration of the campaign

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Haru No Hikaru

5th Feb 2015, 2:16 AM

So, this wasn't MY Character, but it was my Dad's. He makes super powerful characters like the troped roleplayer. So, This character basically had Elsa-level control over his powers, that is, almost none. Thing is, he didn't have mega Ice powers, no he had Gravity powers. Congratulations, G-man got knocked out, which means he is no longer in control of his power. You have this long to find a way to get him under control. Fortunately one of the other players was playing a ghost character, so she went to possess him. Unfortunately, she had even worse control over his powers, and launched us up into space. We were very lucky that we were in an airtight container when this happened. So yeah, this was ALMOST a TPK.

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5th Feb 2015, 2:36 PM

I was in a mage campaign where I took the flaw "New in Town". It was a small one point flaw of little consequence. Except I never met any of the party members before hand. As soon as I walk into the diner where the party had gathered I notice that a couple of hours disappeared from opening the door and stopping inside. Seeing this as a trap, I immediately bolted out in a obvious fashion. The other party members, who I still had not met, decided that the best course to figure out what was going on with me was to attempt to read my mind. And they critically failed that roll. No damage to me, but I knew someone tried invading my mind.

Just for review, I walked into a diner filled with people I didn't know, had time stolen from me, and someone there tried invading my mind. They proceeded to follow me and attempted an interrogation from outside my apartment window. Needless to say, I hid and worked on getting a mental shield gadget primed with psychic energy (I was a Son of Ether who was big into psychic theories and powers).

I ended up not joining the main party until near the climax, where the technocracy sealed the time hole, nobody confronted the reality warper, and half of the party was marked as potential targets the formerly mentioned technocracy group. Everything went to hell from my first session since I decided to go into the game not knowing any of the other player characters. The mind reader making a habit of not be subtle probably did not help either.

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5th Feb 2015, 6:49 PM

Sjach 'Sarvrithash.... Zar for short.

Ranger turned clerics... or was it cleric turned ranger in this incarnation of him.

Raised among drow during the war of the spider queen point in time in the city of Ched Nassad among a minor house that had aspirations. Aspirations so great they had spent quite a sum of money financing Bregan D'aerthe's venture into the plane of shadows to steal an egg from the clutch of the shadow dragon Shimmergloom, which was then polymorphed into a drow child on hatching and raised as one.... Well until it all hit the fan and the city got destroyed. because of how young Zar had been at the time and how secretive his family was being about things, he was naive and easily impressionable and hadn't really seen much of drow culture.

Either way two moon elf slaves from his family secreted him away when one of Lloth's guardians melted down the house compound and managed to make their way to the surface and return to their homeland, and managed to teach Zar some stuff about being a cleric, at some point it was revealed to him that he was a shadow dragon in actuality, he had a crisis of faith and ran away from his adoptive family self taught himself ranger skills, fell into the realm of shadows and managed to fall back out of it, in dragon form to attack the party in a panic. Once "killed" he emerged from the corpse of the shadow dragon in a simmilar fashion to a human in a titan from Attack on titan (came up with the idea well before I'd even heard of it).

Anyway flaws that Zar has:
Slow learner: Takes 1.5x more XP to reach level than other characters, But can use skills from both ranger and priest.

Easily bored: self explanitory.
Directionless: self explanitory.
Paranoia: Worried that people may discover he is a shadow dragon.
Dark aura: Almost always considered suspicious.

for paranoia I roll a d20 after a set ammount of time in game and that sets his paranoia for the day ( rolls for this are inverted. 1 will be not paranoid while a 20 is cripplelingly paranoid) and anytime someone has to ask Zar to do something they have to roll against his paranoia in order to convince him to do something.)

I forget what module we were running but it had something to do with Tiamat wanting to destroy all life and Bahamut for some reason was chill with this, and it was all underground. Irregardless I had rolled high for paranoia and so when we were trying to get across a chasm Zar made a perfect jump over it and was asked to secure a rope on the other side. He did not secure it properly as he had visions of his own demise of being yanked on while he held onto the rope. This however did not cause two party members to fall to their deaths (they rolled badly trying to shimmy across the rope) the only person this actually affected was the dwarf paladin who looked at the rope, tugged on it and it popped loose on Zar's side and he had the barbarian toss him over the chasm onto Zar.

so far that's the only time that a flaw has really contributed to anyone's demise, even the GM was like "I expected the knot to give out and not you just up and fall"

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5th Feb 2015, 8:40 AM

Ah yes, FLaws. Flaaaaawwwssss.

Once upon a time I played an Elven Wizard in the German The Dark Eye Setting. Elves there are, depending on where they come from, quite to totally ... how to put it.... Treehuggers? Nope, not that, hmmm, lets just say that they dont understand human Civilization all that well (there is even a Word for Elves who actually do, Baddoc).
Cue in my Wizard, who understood Humans well enough when they were behaving ... shallw e say "typically RPGish" (fighting for their lives, undertaking quests for Knowledge or Artifacts, and such) but ahd absolutely NO grasp on Human Hirarchy or Money.

So the other 3 Characters took on a (VERY well paying) quest for the local Temple of Phex (Thief/Night God).
We all got through it untouched, with a lot of "loot" (in my Wizards Case an acnient ELVEN Full Plate, which in this Setting is ... rather unlikely as Iron damages Magic). So he is looking Forward to finding out how that Thing is weareble.
However due to his inability to shut up when talking to shady Priests he tells the Phex High Priest about EVERYTHING the Group looted in that quest.
One Night of unusually deep (Poweder-of-various-ingridients-induced) sleep the Group Wakes up to realize that, aside from the agreed upon payment (Phex is ALSO the God of Trade) and their CLothes they have NOTHING left. No Weapons, no Potions, no Loot. And come to talk ...

I only barely survived that ... talk.

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