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23rd Jan 2015, 12:07 AM


Welp, story time. Ever have a player or character decide that they can't kill someone for in-character reashahAHAHAHAH.
Yeah, that's never happened in any game I've ever run.

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23rd Jan 2015, 12:43 AM

Well, there was this one time that I almost let a party member die. I had just created a new character who was a changeling assassin, whose grand entrance to the party was secretly killing my old character and masquerading as him (which, thanks to my incredibly high bluff skill, worked pretty well up until the point we got into battle and I couldn't cast Eldritch Blast) and planting bombs on their airship (which weren't supposed to go off while I was on it, hence my defection).

The guy I almost let die was a Plaguesoul Genasi who was the incarnation of the DM's houseruled disease (Dragon Fever, yeah! (Sorry, Muppet Treasure Island got the better of me there...)), and also kind of a jerk. He was split from the party when my true nature was revealed, and when he finally caught up to them, it was in the middle of a battle where I happened to be shapeshifted into one of the bad guys, so his first action was to attack me directly, nearly killing me. So, needless to say, our characters had a bit of bad blood.

In the next battle, he was in a bit of a tight spot. He was unconscious, about to be Coup de Grace'd to negative bloodied, and I was the closest character to him, and I also had a healing potion. On the one hand, I really didn't like this guy (the character, not the player), but on the other hand, I was trying to ingratiate myself to the team (who was still a bit leery about me), so I decided to save him.

Later that very session, his Dragon Fever drives him crazy, and he forces us into a confrontation with the Big Bad Psionic Hivemind which the party was hopelessly outclassed for. The rest of the party managed to escape through a portal into the Far Realm (which is a story for a different day). HE, on the other hand, manages to infect one of the hivemind drones with his Dragon Fever, which in turn infected all of them, and steals their magic sword (which he coveted because he was also a Swordmage), eventually setting himself up as the new Big Bad.


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23rd Jan 2015, 3:00 AM

This actually came up last session. One of the PC's could have killed a dirty cop for a mob boss because she screwed up the job. He'd be getting a fat paycheck and freedom from the mob boss, but he couldn't pull the trigger.

The PC is a ladies man and the pretty much the moral anchor for the crew. He'd also lost 2 crew members (also PC's) before this and wasn't in the mood for any more death.

STILL! She did screw up and caused the pirates to find the crew. So he's just going to leave her at the nearest planet...not really that saintly but still...he didn't pull the trigger though he kind of wanted to.

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23rd Jan 2015, 8:18 AM

Funny thing about that, not killing certain characters sort of ends up the modus operandi for my character. I play a half-Orc Barbarian in the campaign we run, though he's got way more emphathy than most other Orcs you'd imagine. Comes with the halfling part.

One particular story actually happened in the first session we had; our group had been imprisoned in a dungeon due to story reasons, guarded only by an ogre. Now the party itself was fresh from the oven, having only been brought together due to a deal gone bad, so there wasn't much chemistry yet. While we worked on a way to escape, some of us tried to distract the ogre, particularly about the ogre's very luxurious chair.

So when we eventually flub getting out of the cell due to shenanigans, the ogre gets in the cell to start knocking us out for being abrasive. And since my character had been more interested in talking the ogre down, he gives an inspirational speech about the ogre and the liberty of his chair so powerful that it makes the big guy burst into tears. And since then, quite ironically, the half-Orc Barbarian with the worst Charisma in the group has sort of become the diplomat, whenever he's not smashing things with his flail. Funny how that works out.

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Yuko Hoon

Yuko Hoon

23rd Jan 2015, 10:01 AM

In one of my many Forgotten Realms campaings, the group went to investigate a mine since they thought a group of mercenaries had captured the miners. When they reached the mine, they found out that both miners and mercenaries had been attacked by drow. The only two surviving members, a miner and a mercenary, were being tortured by two drows that the group quickly killed.

Now, one of the players was a paladin of Torm that decided that the mercenary should pay righ then and there for the crimes he had commited. My bard, who was the kind of people who believe that "everyone deserves a second chance", stepped between them and convinced the paladin to spare the mercenary.

Fortunately for said bard, karma was fast in its retribution, and the mercenary not only changed his ways and told his boss to shove it, but also returned later to rescue the group in a fight against a dragon.

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23rd Jan 2015, 10:15 AM

Well, during an earlier arc of the Carrion Crown campaign, my party and I was trying to get into the mansion of a guy who's basically the Pathfinder version of Dr. Frankenstein.

The outer defenses of the mansion had been taken over by trolls, and we're all pretty noobish, especially back then, so they were giving us a hard time. But we whittled them down, and Elsbeth, our witch, managed to cast a Slumber Hex to knock one of them out. This put the troll in a prime position to be taken out by Sir Ahsum, our paladin.

The thing is, Ahsum is a devout follower of Iomedae, and so he refused to kill a helpless opponent, even a troll. This caused some major friction between himself and Elsbeth for the rest of the story arc, as Elsbeth had much more of a "combat pragmatist" mindset, even when Ahsum's convictions were rewarded soon afterward when Iomedae left him a shiny, sword-shaped present.

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24th Jan 2015, 3:54 AM

Amusingly, I friend of mine was having some trouble getting the party to kill his character so he could roll up a new one. He was too strong for the enemies to take him, and we (purely by accident) foiled his plans to aggro the party by taking a third option. He didn't manage to die until I decided to do the same thing and asked him if we wanted to kill MY character(as they had some bad blood at the time.) But staying in character made that obnoxiously difficult to do. His character wouldn't betray his allies. Ever. My character wouldn't give up someone he could manipulate. SOMEHOW we got it to barely work with a failed manipulation attempt and we got our climactic final battle, complete with a giant explosion.

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21st Nov 2015, 10:24 PM

I had a situation where the party was conflicted I was a paladin and there were 3 neutral party members and 1 evil party member. we were sent to kill a dragon that had been attacking various nearby towns and villages. it ended up being one of those "monster trying to feed hungry young" deals. I was all for sparing it and the evil member was all for killing it and looting its hoard. we had an intense in character argument and I ended up K.Oing the evil member and healing up the dragon. (I know it was a bad idea and it could just turn around and kill me but my G.M. was kind of soft and liked to give us reasons to not kill things so he could recycle later.) The dragon let us pick things out of the hoard and I got bonus RP EXP but the big reward wasn't until many sessions later where it helped us fight the Big Bad. If i had a killer G.M. i would fall for every trick in the book. ALL OF THEM

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23rd Jan 2015, 12:08 AM

Gin, that's not how you ruthlessly murder your enemies. I.m afraid you'll have to be held back a semester until you grow some pirate balls.

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Aerion Snowpaw

23rd Jan 2015, 1:12 AM

Agreed! I've played little girls that made for tougher pirates than that guy!
Of course, being a broken class helped with the whole 'confidence' thing, and 'little' in this case meant 16-ish.

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24th Jan 2015, 5:24 AM

First, actually comment on the comic. I really like the little bit of clapping down at the bottom there. Don't know if it's sincere or not, but those two have sat through quite the performance ^^

Okay, for story time I present yet more convolution from the Bleach of the Gods game.

During our assault on the King of Hollows stronghold our party split up, so we'd each get a chance to face our relevant rivals within the enemy forces. (We'd also brought a bunch of developed NPCs with us. So each session followed a different main character, with the other players playing the supports. It was pretty cool.) In my case, Sagara wound up facing off against Forza, a character whose creation was accidental. (Waaaayyy back in the first story Sagara had sought out a sentient Hollow to try and get information out of about weird things that were going down.) In the long time since then they had developed something of a 'dating catwoman' situation, as the deliberately crossing paths, swapping info, and often just trying to keep body counts down.

But here they are, the Hollow King preparing invasion and only our heroes can stop it and Sagara finds himself pit against Forza in combat. Now, technically this story doesn't match the criteria, because it's not that I had Sagara refuse to KILL Forza, he flat out refused to FIGHT her. Given her situation Forza still attacked him (though nowhere near her full power) and one of the Supports in my group was built around defending and counter-attacks. So whenever Forza attacked Sagara, he pulled a body-guard, and would counter on Forza. Whom SAGARA kept declaring bodyguards on and thus intercepted the counter-attack and just took it to the face.

It was hands down one of the strangest, and best fights of the campaign. Ending ony when Sagara managed to talk a distressed Forza down and declarations of love and smooching followed.

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Pram The Oracle

9th Jul 2020, 7:05 PM

Lmao I almost missed Luke and Rika’s clapping

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