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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5



16th Dec 2014, 11:09 PM

Looks like Luke needs to learn to think quicker.

Tell a story about an NPC doing something because you took too long.

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Dr. Inmate

17th Dec 2014, 4:28 AM
"Oh god it's still fresh."

So, one from a session just last night:
We were breaking in a new GM who thought they'd start with Wrath of the Righteous, a nifty little module in pathfinder that allows mythic tiers. Needless to say: we were not kind in our character creation.

We managed to clear every encounter in 1 round until we made it to the miniboss which thankfully the GM had buffed enough that it cracked through our Defensive fighter like he wasn't even there (which was me. Ow... )
After eventually finishing it off, our second to last obstacle was... A DOOR!
So after 'failing' the trap check (there weren't any, but like hell we were going to trust that with just a 15) we spent a good 30 minutes arguing over who would smash through the door.

While we did this, the Witch inside buffed her up enough that it was just bloody scary. There wasn't a TPK, but hell if it wasn't close.

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Kyosuke Nambu

17th Dec 2014, 10:09 AM

Which of course is the correct way to deal with over powered players. Don't smash them down with a DM's veto, just overpower the enemies.

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17th Dec 2014, 6:29 PM

In a way, I think that's exactly whats happening in this comic. I'd be willing to bet that normal Fishman stuff is probably a lot weaker than it is shown to be, and that's a result of the DM buffing it up to compete with these guys. And then he starts figuring out how to min-max the enemies in more... creative ways.

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17th Dec 2014, 12:22 AM

This suddenly makes me wonder what the official rules are on "Which one of us gets to make our attack of opportunity first."

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17th Dec 2014, 12:49 AM

I believe it's either whomever is first in the turn order or, barring that, you have both characters make a reflex save to determine who goes first.

At least that's how my group has done it...

OH! Speaking of my group, I put together my map for that stuff I was asking everyone about a few pages back with the Dragon Item and all that (finals got in the way of a bunch of our potential sessions, bleh), thanks again for those of you that lent your support in helping me craft the item.

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17th Dec 2014, 1:56 AM

Oddly as it happens im the player who tends to just do something to keep a session moving. My rule of thumb is if you been thinking about something for more then 10 mins just do something for the sake of the table. Same goes for npc when i DM if the players debate for to long the npc fucks off to go have a beer or something. The look on some my players faces has been priceless when they realize the npc has shit to do that only sorta included them.

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Joe the Rat

17th Dec 2014, 8:17 AM
""Roll twice, ignoring 98-00""

As a player, I am about the action. Rolling dice and hitting things and leaping and exploring and fiddling with things Man Was Not Meant To Fiddle With and so on. This colors my approach to being GM. While I can happily sit back and let the party bicker and banter (because I like a comedy with fast-paced chatter), I get bored when they spend a long time making decisions. Not 10 minutes of "How do we deal with this trapped door?" but 10 minutes of "*should* we try to open this door?"

So after about 10 minutes of debate, if nobody has made a move, I start checking for random encounters. The way I see it, if they're standing around arguing in the middle of a corridor, *something* is bound to turn up and see what the racket is about.

My favorite case of NPCs in action was during a dungeon crawl / rescue mission, when the party encounters a door, and determines there is someone on the other side. They then start arguing (not whispering, not stage whispering, not moving away or showing any signs of subtlety, but flat out full volume arguing) about how they want to go about attacking the room, *while standing in front of the door*.

After five minutes of this, a voice from the other side of the door say "You know, we can hear you out there..."

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Disloyal Subject

Disloyal Subject

17th Dec 2014, 8:53 AM

Well, there was no NPC, but I think the longest we debated something for was half an hour. We'd looted a Rhino Armored Personnel Carrier from some rival mercenaries we were nominally allied with (our team idiot decided to spend time breaking in and hotwiring it when he realized that his move speed probably wouldn't get him to a fight before it was over, and miraculously rolled an automatic success) and had to go to a meeting with some officers of the Imperial Guard who wanted us to take on a special mission. The problem was, we all had phenomenally rare archeotech jetbikes that we did NOT want to lose, and we couldn't fit even one inside the Rhino, nor strap them to the exterior. After about thirty minutes of debating who would drive what and how many trips it would take, the GM not-so-subtly reminded us that we were in the middle of a sleeping mercenary camp, with our vehicles parked in the smoking remains of one company's tent, with corpses of Tau Fire Warriors and human mercenaries strewn about the place. We ended up bundling together as much of the Tau tech as we could carry, plus most of the human mercs' boltguns, and neatly stacking everything else in the Rhino in the hopes that either it would still be there when we got back, or the proper owners would accept a few boltguns, photon grenades, and a restrained Tau in a stealth suit as adequate compensation for their Rhino being moved, with a hole melted in the top, and the mounted Storm Bolter ripped out. I still wonder what happened to that Tau I looted; jerk shouldn't have blown my cover by sneaking where I was already sneaking.

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Emperor Megaman

4th Jul 2021, 10:41 AM

Pearl antiquated linguistics goes pretty well with the faces he make.

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