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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


1st Oct 2014, 12:27 AM
"first time"

Well now Luke is going to use the environment to win- or at least get to krieg. Story Time, tell about a time you surprised the DM by taking advantage of the environment somehow

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1st Oct 2014, 12:44 AM
"dark heresy "

Was playing dark heresy it war-hammer 40k table top was battling a recurring villain we was supposed to be a final battle months down the line. we were fight a losing battle first encounter he had killed my 3 team mates and i was running for cover and hiding to survive the area we were fighting in had a drop off a deep one he killed one of my team mates by shoving him off the edge. as i ran for cover it put him in front of the pit. shot him and rolled a crit it made him step back the gm failed the roll to grab the edge killing him instantly.

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1st Oct 2014, 1:11 AM
"Cacti are plants, right?"

In my first ever game of D&D, I decided to play a Druid. We were mid-level, and at one point, ran into some minotaurs while in a desert area. Our wizard tricked one into wandering off, but we still had another one to fight.

It was my first ever battle in the first game, so I look over my spell list and the the map, and notice a cacti drawn on to board.

Our biggest thing was that we needed to keep the Minotaur from killing us until our Wizard could kill it instead, so I found the spell Entangle. It was obviously based more for a jungle or forest type game, but it didn't specify what plants you had to use.

My DM added 1d4 damage a turn to the spell effect, because we had to imagine being entangled by a cactus couldn't be painless.

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1st Oct 2014, 1:55 AM

Hoo boy, do I have a story for you!

Once upon a time, there was a young earth elemental druid. I argued that I should get access to some form of interacting with the ground, and the DM agreed. So I got the ability to cause 1d3 damage spikes to pop out of the ground at will, and the ability to sink into the ground as a full turn action. The DM was wise to my plans to use this to godmode kill everything, so I could only use these two separately. Well, we were in the mountains. Think snowy alps, and I ran into some ogres while scouting ahead. Big, bad, nasty things with class levels and exotic weapons.

Me: "I use my full turn to create six spikes near the top of the mountain on this side."

DM: "Okay, I'll allow it. Why?"

Me: "Because the avalanche will kill all these guys, and their camp, too."

Other player: "Yeah, but that's gonna kill you, too."

Me: "Nope! once they see the avalanche, their eyes aren't on me, right?"

DM: "Well, yeah..."

Me: "I sink into the ground."

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1st Oct 2014, 1:02 PM

That reminds me of one of my sorcerers. He was traveling on a mountain route with a cliff on the side and the mountain in the other when he ran into a bunch of orcs that were going the opossite direction. These guys were part of a tribe which had taken the pass and was attacking every traveler that used the route in order to steal his belongings and feed of his corpse, so they decided to kill me on sight, thus charged towards me. Since i'm a sensible spellcaster, i had on my greater mage's armor and so managed to dodge their attacks, and, since the orcs were being careful as to not fall from the cliff, they had charged in such a way that the three of them could be contained in a single line pointed from the left. Granted, they were all my level, wich should've make them really tough to deal with, but a quick repositioning thanks to a 5' step and a defensively casted hydraulic push later they were plummeting to their deaths in wich was later described as a 'makeshift version of a multi-target greater slide'. Right after that, warned about their presence, i crossed their camp (wich was on the top of the mountain) while invisible. Their worgs detected me by smell and a shaman purged my invisibility, but i used haste, ran towards the cliff on the opposite side of the mountain and jumped, using feather fall to prevent me from killing myself and laughing at the orcs, who had to descend using the serpentine path on the face of the mountain, wich would take them at least a few hours. By the time they reached the bottom, i had hours since left thanks to a scroll of ghost steed i was saving and was talking to the local baron into forming up an army to clean up the pass... without me, of course, since i had more important thing to do that getting in potential harm's way, such as researching about immortality and whatnot.

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1st Oct 2014, 11:39 PM

I already told the story about the boss and his two xeno-dogs getting instagibbed by a fancy glass dome that I collapsed with my plasma pistols.

There was an encounter in a mine complex that had a sizable Tau force, complete with stealth-armored ambushers who had set up at the top of a large crevasse with only a rickety lift for reliable access to the lower levels (where a Tau commander was leading a group to try to open a warp gate, having been influenced by exotic xenos who had been hiding in the warp for millenia).

Between the darkness of the mines (enhanced by eliminating the local light sources), smoke from several grenades, very rough terrain, and the crevasse itself, we had a nice stealth fight against some expert sneakers.

A space marine in power armor isn't your usual stealth expert, but I was rolling in artificer armor with integrated cameleoline and an archaeotech jump pack with extensive, quiet flight capabilities, plus my Stealth score was through the roof.

It turns out that when you hit a Tau in Stealth Armor with a Daemonhammer and he's at the edge of a really tall cliff, things don't go well for him. It also turns out that when you're trying to shoot at a space marine in a very low visibility environment, and he has a jump pack capable of sustained flight without giving away his position, and you're in a huge cavern with lots of large stalactites, it can be very hard to pin him down. For having only a bolt pistol for ranged combat, things went surprisingly well for me when trading shots with the elite of the Tau sniper corps.

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Disloyal Subject

Disloyal Subject

2nd Oct 2014, 7:27 PM

Who is this stealthy Assault Marine of yours, and from what chapter does he hail? I'm becoming rather fond of him.
I'm at a loss for today's story, unless you count climbing a tree so the foolish human border patrol couldn't reach/see me. That part worked well; the ambush as they passed us less so. They rolled passably on attacks, but I couldn't for the life of me land a blow or get Burning Hands to stick, so I had to turn and run like a little bitch to conserve my healing.
It didn't take long for the martials to turn the tide, though, so I got to help the warblade chase down the last survivor. I managed to roll better on the chasedown and cut off his escape down the road - one side was a cliff, the other the thick woods where we held the advantage - so he had to stand and fight. One shield-parried broadsword later, the warblade laid open his back and we took their horses.

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2nd Oct 2014, 1:24 PM

I once used the mighty combination of geology, throw anything and a mountain to take out a small army that was supposed to pass by, but we thought was attacking.

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2nd Oct 2014, 4:47 PM

So one game, we were dealing with an army of orcs approaching through a canyon. I had a gem of summoning and controlling earth elementals. so i waited till the army was in the canyon, and summoned a couple huge elementals and had them seal off the entrances and then cover the top of the canyon, entombing a couple thousand orcs.

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