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11th Aug 2014, 3:24 AM

Every DM needs to have a specialty, I suppose.

Tell about what you specialize in.

I specialize in campaign stories. Like the little vampire girl who can only be human while wearing a fragment from a dead god of goodness and life, and the quest to remove her vampiric curse.

Or the very bored wizard who has been trying to train horses to have class levels, but it just drives them mad, and they get loose and terrorize the nearby town. Except for the ranger horses. They are honestly pretty damn pathethic to watch, trying and failing miserably to even fire a single arrow.

Or the feud between two kingdoms, one populated by slimes, oozes and jellies, and the other by rust monsters.

Such wonderful story ideas in my big folder full of ideas.

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11th Aug 2014, 3:29 AM

Personally, I specialize in encouraging and facicitating crazy ideas from the player: They want to send a baddy into a nearby volcano, sure, sounds reasonable,just need to look up the poisonous gas rules

They want to grow their own boat using a tree species that only grows in a remote part of India but would be "perfect" for what they need? If they can explain how they get it, I'll stat that baby out for them.

Plane shift the Tarrasque into Valhalla? sure, I even will set up an entire tournament/tourist scene around the great heroes fighting an unkillable foe.

Trying out a campaign setting where all civilization lives on the backs of sea turtles, so compasses and any other form of navigation are useless, should be fun.

I trade in crazy, and the pay is great.

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11th Aug 2014, 5:49 AM

In real life I specialize in embarrasing my sister and my friends, acting crazy and being so absorbt in a book / e-book / strip / webcomic / whatever I am reading at that moment that I won't even hear my name when it is called - three times in row.

on the internet, I specialize in making comments that no one really cares about, trying to act nice but still succeding in hurting someone, and trying to make jokes in comments that no one really gets.

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11th Aug 2014, 8:36 AM

I specialise in world creation. I make economies, city plans, political movements, weather patterns, tectonic plate movements. Then drop the players in the middle of nowhere ith no clear current objectives and let them explore until they find something that they want to pursue.

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11th Aug 2014, 3:19 PM
"I play AD&D 1st biatch"

I specialize in improve. "Hmm that bear went down already?...well it's only been one turn le'me just pull another two out of my ass" "hmm they're tearing through these guys like I'll just bump up the AC on these ones they won't notice" "well that was a real dick move...hmm...oh I bet I could use his son for a ramification let me just doodle him up real quick"

I also love making my players into cripples. I wrote up a chart of random flaws that you can take a spin on for an extra stat point anywhere you want...directionless is the first on that list by the way.

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Some Random Person...

11th Aug 2014, 4:29 PM

I specialize in two fields. One is party prediction. Most of my parties stay within my campaign guidelines [Rails to some, but not so constricting] long after they think they've left them because I'm very good at knowing what my party will do in most situations. Helps that I mostly play with the same group of people give or take 1-2 now and then.

The second field is proper distribution of enemies and tactics. Between my tactical planning, stat blocks, and ability to predict party action, I could write down my plan, pass it to someone who barely knows the game system and have them run an entire session without the party derailing.

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11th Aug 2014, 9:38 PM

As a player i specialize in anything magical, dragons, breaking the game with physics and logic, breaking the game with things that were already there but nobody else had noticed, getting things done in a way a lot flashier than needed, annoying my gm unintentionally and making the campaign have sense and develop as a good story even if it's not my campaign. And dragons.

As a gm, on the other hand, i specialize in dragons, making battles that are as challenging and flashy as they are supposed to be (regardless of the actual statistics of the creatures involved or the system used), creating rules for things that are not contemplated in the system we're using and creating a whole campaign around them, breaking the game with physics and logic, making the campaign develop as a good story no matter what it takes, Xanathos Speed Chess to make sure my plans don't get derailed while my players don't notice what's going on and coming up with ideas of campaigns i want to play but in wich my friends don't want to be the gm for me because they think it would be funnier for them to play instead, damn my luck. Oh, and also dragons.

On a sidenote, it's not that my campaigns nor my characters are always dragon-related in some way or another (in fact, they rarely are), just that for some reason i know every rule related to dragons in every system i play and how to make the most horrible, albeit legal, combinations and strategies possible with those. And yes, i even know Xorvintaal.

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11th Aug 2014, 10:25 PM
"Personally...when I DM I unleash foul creatures"

, like Skree the god of rats. That one originally start off as an inside joke from how all the rats and rat swarms we were facing would when thy had a turn but ended out of range before they could attack would go "skree".

I then got to pinch DM and well, since it was going to be "just a dream because of illithilids" I went wild and made the god of rats based off a level 5 solo dragon (the party was level 3 at the time, since it was supposed to be a in dream shared dream tpk).

Well... that went pretty well till the mage booked it down the hallway and magic missiles skree to death over 20 rounds of combat. (skree could not fit down the hallway and I was inexperienced enough at Dming to not have the knowledge to do a rocks fall moment on the mage).

I had been so confident in that Skree would kill them all that there was no experience to the encounter, or loot (granted the loot was off the ilithilids that the rogue was awake and killing while everyone else was asleep).

Now..Fork. .... In thelists of all the gods in the known universe of warhammer we start off with Khone, Slaanesh, Sigmar etc. Then....waaaaaaay the hell down at the bottom we have Fork. One of the gods of the greenskins that was created during a campaign where I got put in charge of one little planet for the party to check out.

So you see the imperium decided to throw a few thousand orcs onto a dustball of a world to see what would happen, with any luck they'd burn themselves out at some point.

Nope, the orcs fought amongst themselves of course, killing and fighting, returning from the remains to do the cycle again. The imperium projections estimated that by the end of the fourth cycle there would be well over 7 billion orcs on the planet, however by that point there were only 6 billion and the numbers were dropping. By the sixth cycle there were only a meager 4 million orcs detectable on the planet and the ones remaining had developed an agrarian society.

And that's where the party went planetside to investigate. During the course of things planetwide tremors had begun and the investigation had concluded that orc spores and biomass had, over the seven cycles of uniterupted orc insanity, reached the core of the planet and a massive orc was about to form.

So que panicked flight back to the dropship and orbiting cruiser before backing away to a safer distance.

And with a mighty WAAAAAAAUGH! that shook the known universe Fork the Orc, a god fueled by pure imagination erupted from his rocky prison sending the shattered crust of the planet, and agrarian orcs, flying about the galaxy before calmly waaag'ing his way into the warp.

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12th Aug 2014, 10:04 AM

I'm only just doing my first campaign now and it's about 5th in a line of rotating DM's so right now it's campaign stories.

Picking up on conversation between players and in game events to story events. Latest one;

The chaotic of our group bought a duck and got it enchanted to turn into a humanoid until touched to be used as a dancer/stripper in some kind of portable club they want to make.

If they're still doing that by the time it comes around to me, one of their clients is going to be a Shifter who eats it. Local law enforcement approach them about it (unless they approach them first) and after getting arrested for deception.

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GLW Gameplayer

10th Jul 2017, 2:47 PM

As a DM my specialty is getting great ideas and then somehow one of my players or I screw it up. I also specialize in getting walked all over by crazy players before I completely give up on trying to reign them in and let them do whatever

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GLW Gameplayer

10th Jul 2017, 2:48 PM

As a DM my specialty is getting great ideas and then somehow one of my players or I screw it up. I also specialize in getting walked all over by crazy players before I completely give up on trying to reign them in and let them do whatever

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Mr. Slime

28th Apr 2019, 6:30 PM
"Never DMed but..."

I have only DMed one campaign, which went on Hiatus after one semi-interesting session because I had vastly underestimated how much prep work I would need and I was at a point in my life where I was incredibly busy. I never restarted the campaign because I was sharing the setting with another DM which I had a falling out with and lost contact with several of the players, which is a shame as I thought it could have been really fun. Regardless, I have learned my lesson on preparation and have had several campaigns on the back burner I am working on should I ever start another campaign, which is where my "style" comes from, but since all of this is merely preparation and not me actually running a campaign I have yet to test to see how my "style" works in action.

One Thing I like to do is think of matters in a very "tactical" manner. For instance I may make an encounter with enemies that are weaker than the party, but give them some sort of unfair advantage( an excellent terrain to plan an ambush, greater mobility than the players, fortifications that give them an edge in combat, etc.) that the players can counter/circumvent through clever tactics, good role play, and/or having a variety of tools or other utility abilities. Or maybe setting up an incredibly difficult combat encounter which the players can make easier through a variety of ways(for example, faking an avalanche to sow terror and confusion in the massive horde of orcs, luring the dragon out of it's layer to ambush it with ballistas the party has requisitioned from the local cities defenses, freeing then arming the prisoners of a hobgoblin fortress to distract the soldiers long enough for the adventurers to sneak into the command center to assassinate the general, etc.)

I also like to flesh out the world a little bit so that it makes more sense. It's all good that the bulette is damaging the ecosystem with it's glutinous rampage, but exactly how much? and what animals are most at risk of being it's prey? and how exactly are the bulettes able to survive if they cause massive ecological damage wherever they go? These sorts of questions I ask myself and when building a setting I often try to address them.

And lastly the major thing I like is randomness, I love rolling on tables and other such things to determine things like personality, goals, and behaviors, and then figuring out how that would make sense in the campaign I have created.

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a generic person

11th Aug 2014, 3:25 AM

He's clearly majoring in DM-ing.

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Spare Parts

11th Aug 2014, 9:34 AM

I specialize in the effects and physics of superpowers and using the consequences of the PCs more stupid actions for railroading them back to the plot.

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11th Aug 2014, 12:37 PM

I tend not to be in too many games these days. But when I was I'd like to say I specialize in encouraging creativity.

If I did run more games I'd probably develop software for them. You might not know the grappling rules but your Android now does!

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11th Aug 2014, 10:29 PM
"I would pay you in klondike bars"

for a grappling app because those rules are a headache!

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11th Aug 2014, 3:12 PM

I specialize in philosophical, ethical and political questions adapted to a fantasy or scifi world. I love to present my players with dilemmas that have no one simple answer; questions of life and death in crisis situations, of conflicts between two sides where neither side is truly correct. Do the ends sometimes justify the means, or are some values incorruptible? Which are to you more important, ideals or human lives? Would you save someone you love, if in so doing you would doom hundreds of people you don't know? Would you expose the culprit behind a giant psychic squid attack that laid waste to New York in the name of truth and justice, or would you lie to preserve world peace? Where is the poetic justice, darn it?

Or I just specialize in annoying people. Same thing, really.

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11th Aug 2014, 4:36 PM

I specialize in building super powerful characters, and then because I am a writer, I structure the personality of said character around that.
From a writing point of view, I specialize in characters, as opposed to world building or atmosphere.
And in real life, I specialize in Responsibility, Stability, and Super Robot Taisen.
Oh, and unintentionally sounding conceited on the internet.

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11th Aug 2014, 6:14 PM

Speaking of the Adam Tree, I can't wait for Enies Lobby. As fantastic as I'm sure Alabasta is gonna turn out be, Enies Lobby is gonna be balls to the wall.

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11th Aug 2014, 8:17 PM

What I want to know is how on earth they rig up Phil's character for Sogeking. My instincts say Distant Shot, but I doubt this is an Epic game.

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11th Aug 2014, 8:58 PM

Craigtop archer 4 with far shot and a Distance enchanted bow/slingshot thingy( prereq for craigtop archer anyway) could make that shot easily.

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Malroth agian

11th Aug 2014, 9:21 PM

Also I think the Party is pretty close to crossing over to Epic levels by the time they get to Enies Lobby, Minimum Level I've been able to pull off a successful Franky is 16.

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12th Aug 2014, 7:28 PM

I think what happens is that Luke finds out he has to leave college for some reason. And they whole group feels like they can't really persist without their captain, so the DM plans a TPK to split the party that he can plan the most awesome semi-solo session ever to close out the game, focused on Luke, with the NPCs played by his friends/crewmates. Thusly we get Impel Down, Marinford and the Great War (to bring the challenge up to Luffy's level, he had to dip into the Epic handbook, which the system refers to as "The New World").

The plan is for Luffy and Ace to escape and sail off into the sunset to wreak their own special brand of mischief together, but the more Luke inspects his backstory for Ace (which he only half-remembers, thanks to all the redbull), the more he realizes that he and Ace could never sail together. Then someone throws the game off the rails when Sakazuki...does the thing. Luffy then turns what's close to the ultimate chance to roleplay the end of your character (which is what all of this was SUPPOSED to be building up to) into a short speech on how amazing the campaign is, and how great it is to spend time with everyone. And after that, well, nobody can accept that the campaign is just over. So they immediately agree on a date, 2 years in the future, where everyone will clear their schedules and gather once more in the DM's house, and The Pirate Campaign can begin again.

The Players' job: They finally reach Level 21. They must spend those two years familiarizing themselves with what epic level versions of their characters can do (most D&D players build perfect builds up to level 20, but ignore the epic levels because of how stupidly big all the numbers are there anyways, so Corey is completely in the dark about how to optimize. So he goes to Emily for help) (The Mermaid Island arc is a brilliant design move by the DM where he scales the encounter for a group of non-epic characters, and tells them as much just as the battle start, so everyone just goes crazy showing off their new that he can better prepare for later combats.

The DM's job: Read The New World cover to cover, and come up with as many epic plotlines as he can. He's also interested in The Vegapunk Book, which he delved into for TPK fuel in Shabody.

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Pantless ninja

12th Aug 2014, 9:01 AM
"Chapter master"

My specialty is atmosphere.
Of course music is important but equally important can be the lack of it.

But there are a lot of things that go into atmosphere, I guess you could say I am very adept at keeping my groups 'in' character and giving them a sense of urgency and impending doom at the same time.

Some half assed acting together with five million noise samples on a dusty computer was a good start but learning how to use them, especially change them without the players really noticing until the sound begins makes for a very immersive experience. My players have learnt that if they hear something IRL then they better check it out, so much so that when I played the sound of footsteps they all hushed up and looked around nervously, I even made one of my players break down and cry because they were getting so nervous. I didn't mean to however and have dialed it back a bit, remembering that we are all there to have fun.

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12th Aug 2014, 10:10 PM

There was this one game set in modern times (As in, 2011-2012, it was a "Year to stop the apocalypse" type of game), and the BBEG was a savvy businessman who had made a deal with the devil for ultimate power so he could basically promise those that paid him enough that he could make sure they survived Doomsday. The one he was going to cause, of course.

He was a MUCH more savvy villain than any of us players were at the time, meaning that we were getting beat left and right, usually only surviving encounters because the BBEG didn't want to have blood on his hands.

At one point, we got a scoop on him stating that he was in Hawai'i, setting up one of his "safe houses" for those who wanted to not die on 12/21/12. We had, in that same week, managed to pull off our first successful mission, and that was breaking into his bank accounts and robbing him blind. So we'd gotten an idea. A truly dumb idea, to be sure, but one all the same. So we called the place he'd got the house from, and found out that the guy was so greedy and cheap that instead of buying the place, he was just reserving it on a timeshare. So, using the money we'd stolen, we outbid him, and got him arrested a few days later for being on private property. Even with him behind bars, however, we still had to make sure the end of the world didn't happen, and so we ended up making a deal with him: We'd give him all his money back, and be his lifelong slaves if he released the deal he had with the devil.

Being a normal human being, and a greedy one at that, learning that he had no money (and he'd spent the night with some VERY manly cellmates) and we could give it back to him, he ended up agreeing, and pulled his contract out of thin air, ripping it in half.

Of course, since this WAS the devil we're talking with, he got his ass dragged down to hell for not fulfilling his promise. We still had all that cash, the world didn't end, and all was good.

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13th Aug 2014, 1:18 AM

My specialty is Non-player characters. Memorable NPCS that will last forever in the NIGHTMARES OF THE PLAYERS WHO ENCOUNTER THEM!!!

Uh, or, the... dreams. I think one of my players actually fell in love with one of my NPCS, since she had her sorceress marry him. They had a kid!

So yeah. I create NPCs with unique and or quirky personalities and motives and goals, set them loose, and then the stories just naturally evolve from there.

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Disloyal Subject

Disloyal Subject

13th Aug 2014, 8:04 AM
"DM Style"

I plan for my players' likely actions. Then I plan for their unlikely actions. It's not railroading if the entire world is made of rails in any and every direction.
Of course, that does me no good when I run premade material, as I tend to on short notice. That's when the more fun knack comes in: I try to make cool encounters. Hordes of zombies, a kobold cult, a mummy cleric commanding forsaken husks, a chaos beast right after the vampire spawn beat the party bloody... They can all be beaten, but sometimes running is more prudent. Either way the results are both spectacular and satisfying for me, though that dungeon's party had to stop for the cleric to regain spells pretty often. I should use it again sometime...

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Blitz Gamer

30th Nov 2016, 4:03 PM

As a Dm I mainly focus on making sure everybody is having a good time, weather it be by going for humor, rolling with player jokes and countering with my own. We're all there to have fun, so why be a Jerk

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9th Feb 2021, 12:20 AM

Dunno if it's something to brag about, but I specialize in reactive railroading. I have an overarching plot and a rolling set of world events set up for my game, but rather than try and force my players into important events, I try to make the stuff they do important. Wherever they decide to go, I throw down lore tidbits and plot details for the world story, while making sure their decisions have lasting effects of the places and secondary storylines they visit. I guess, if anything, I'm trying to let the players lay their own tracks while I drive the story where they want to take it. Ultimately, it's about drawing up the world and story as they go so they have somewhere to put their feet, and something worthwhile to do while they're there.

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28th Sep 2021, 8:38 AM
"He's Majoring in Engineering"

With a double minor in Fine Arts and Mad Science.

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