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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


6th Aug 2014, 1:43 AM
"Story Time"

Tell a story of a time you said "Holy crap, that's so awesome" after something happened or the DM described something.

The story that comes to my mind was a particular Eberron game where the pcs jumped out of the elemental powered airship, rocketing toward the ground at terminal velocity, only to activate the feather fall tokens at the last instant, thus landing three point style like complete badasses.

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6th Aug 2014, 2:12 AM
"Holy crap, that's so awesome~"

My story's a little less than yours, though. lol

Anyways, I had joined a campaign a little late into the game, so I'd rolled up a character that was basically Scootaloo to the Rogue's Rainbow Dash. My "Hctsa!" moment was when the Rogue had just stealthily climbing the side of a watch tower and knocked out the guards at the top, he went to open the door and I burst out of it, the guard captain on my tail, his face splattered with watermelon. I yelled that line as the rogue got tackled and barely won a grapple against the captain. Woke up the rest of the Watch, though, meaning that it went from "Assassin's Creed" to "CoD: Ghosts" in no time flat.

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6th Aug 2014, 2:46 AM

Man, I got one for you. We were playing toon-don't laugh, just roll with it- and I introduced my character. Essentially Fonzie from happy days, but as a gadgeteering genius with a magic mallet that fixes things by hitting it. And also I was a sloth, and "Heeeeey" for me was basically akin to Elmer Fudd saying wascally wabbit. I thought I was gonna take the cake.

Then this other guy pulled out some splat book about darker stuff, and showed us his character. A gargoyle frome the disney series, but oh man. He had been mutilated by wars, his parents were murdered, he was adopted by humans, and they died because of him screwing up. The borg had assimilated him, and he accidently pissed off some demons, so he had battle scars, curse marks, and one glowing red bulb where his left eye should be. He had one wing which had been violently removed when he was a boy. Some human children got the drop on him and removed the wing with an axe. He used the word 'tragic' the way nat uses 'gracefully'.

And he was such a caricature of tragic 90s dark heroes that nobody could keep a straight face. To wit.

"No... Not meatloaf. It was meatloaf night. I hated meatloaf night. We argued, and then I accidentally dropped a canister of laghing gas all over the light socket. In an instant, they were gone, and it was all my fault. My tragic past is tragically dark and tragic."

Yeah, the character sheet image was badass, and he made a really freaking awesome entrance. Turns out this guy had a seventy page backstory. Reading through it, however, I found that after a while, it devolved into: got new loving parents. Parents were killed by crazed baguettes. Got new, abusive parents. Parents died in tragic pudding incident.

He literally had over eight hundred triggers for hilariously over the top monologue, including puppies, bullets, communist mannequins, the harlem globetrotters, candyland, and technobabble.

Damn it, he was funnier than me!

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Some Random Person...

6th Aug 2014, 3:33 AM

We must meet this person!

I think that goes for everyone here.

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Mysterious Commenter D

6th Aug 2014, 3:51 AM

Hilarity overload. Please reboot universe.

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6th Aug 2014, 4:11 AM

What can I say? I learned a lot from him.

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6th Aug 2014, 10:26 AM

Talk about going full ham on tragic backstories. I can't imagine that it was anything but an intentional parody with that level of redundant darkness.

As for a "Holy crap that's awesome!" story, had a few of those moments due to my fellow players, but there was one time where triggered reactions akin to it. The game was started as a Red Hand of Doom prefab, but modded like mad later. We had just finished the dragon on the bridge, and we needed to knock the silly thing down, and in a hurry, as there were signs the army was going to cross within minute. So my Monk/Swordsage climbs down one of the supports, and starts PUNCHING the support out. Thank you Mountain Hammer! Thing became one of my character's signature moves after that.
(And yes, I know Monks get the ability to bypass hardness, but that is at level 10+, and I was multiclassed around level 6ish. Mountain Hammer was the way to go)

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7th Aug 2014, 12:41 PM

From a canned adventure in FFG's Dark Heresy campaign, once again with my Tech Priest inquisitorial agent.

We were investigating a string of mysteries involving a Lord of Change with a pervasive and influential cult that had ties to higher-ups in the Adeptus Ministorum (Imperial Church) and elsewhere. One of our leads took us to a planet where an old Rogue Trader dynasty had established itself, complete with cathedral-styled mansion in a remote location.

After exploring the entire place (and gaining the second of my two Inferno Pistols, this one with some very interesting custom stats), a bunch of cultists showed up outside and tried to come in after us. We used the fortifications built into the cathedral to fight them off, and then began to explore a strange new sub-basement that we'd uncovered during the fighting.

Imagine our surprise when we stumbled across a chamber filled with readouts, pict-feeds, and a command throne with a corpse plugged into it.

The cathedral was the top of an Imperator Titan, and it had been dormant for centuries, imprisoning the Lord of Change within. My Tech Priest was ecstatic, and took a huge risk to plug himself into the command throne. After some great rolling (I passed a few very difficult tests that would have fried my brain if I'd failed them too badly), I managed to awaken the Titan and mesh with the machine spirit, which I then used to duel the now-released Lord of Change. The fight was interesting, with other party members running around and manning some of the lesser weapons and generally trouble-shooting problems that cropped up, but we finally banished the Lord of Change, then proceeded to march the Titan back to the spaceport and its arch-cathedral, which we then purged as a hotbed of heresy (they were the source of the cultists who'd attacked us earlier).

The Adeptus Mechanicus sent a ship to recover the Titan (I managed to get my own forge world to recover it instead of the local AdMech authorities, which was a coup for my character), and my character gained the Princeps trait, meaning he was acknowledge as qualified to command a Titan, and was linked to that specific Imperator.

Once the character retired, he rejoined his Titan and moved to the Jericho Reach to assist the crusade there.

That moment when my Tech Priest bound himself to the Titan and it began to awaken, pure epic Awesome. That whole encounter was simply filled with such moments.

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8th Aug 2014, 4:31 PM
"Any time a titan goes into play"

usually is pure awesomeness.

Things I have noticed about dark heresy:

when you find a titan the techpriest must bind themselves to it or the campaign will be much harder from that point on.

When multiple titans are in play, there will always be an epic titan fistfight.

Never trust the npc with the titan as they always turn on you and it becomes a game of shadow of the colossus trying to kill the npc. (even if you initially started off inside the titan)

When orcs get a titan you must stop them from painting it red otherwise you'll have to start running the opposite direction to catch up to it again. (yes that happened, and yes we could not keep up with it even with the warp capable (allegedly) craft we were using to chase it)

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Disloyal Subject

Disloyal Subject

13th Aug 2014, 2:55 AM
"The Flesh Is Not Weak, but You Can't Kill the Metal"

Everything PC Techpriests do makes me respect the Mechanicus substantially more. You piloted a Titan?!? And I thought our mercenary cell manning an archeotech Fellglaive superheavy tank against the Tau was good... Though our cogboy took the main cannon, since his interface cybernetics gave him a bonus that edged out my higher stats for shooting. I drove instead, and rolled poorly.
It was pretty cool having the team walk into the building the Guard were keeping the thing and getting the description, though... But the true 'holy crap that's awesome' moment for me was boarding a Tau/Dark Eldar -controlled Rogue Trader ship packed with other mercs. Specifically, getting picked up by an armed & armored Phantonfish purple stealth shuttle.
Xuincher - a wizard horse? I'd have thought Barbarian for the speed boost, skills, and attribute synergy. But then, I never did care for wizards...

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9th Aug 2014, 7:08 AM

So in a 3.5 game I was playing. I had just managed to single handedly slay a troll 4CR above me. Which to be fair was probably a lot more awesome a story than this one, but I digress.

We had been asked to find out what was happening to the caravans. It was the troll I got rid of. So we got a reasonably large bounty.

We're just starting out as an adventuring party, we concluded we'd often spend a lot of time covering quite a bit of ground, so we decide to buy some horses.

As it happens there's one strange Horse the guy happened across. Particularly aggressive and mean. But pretty protective of the herd. I also later learned that it had no problems going into dark places like a horse normally would. And he was absurdly strong by horse standards.

And as if that wasn't enough of an adventurer mount already? Had strange hair markings, and what looked like a punk style spiked mohawk.

Was a Zebra/Horse crossbreed. Yeah, we had fought trolls, found races that were supposed to only be myths, became friends with a Dragon, be forcibly sent into a higher plane of awareness in order to correct a pretty extreme misfire of a magical trap... But you know it's D&D. You kind of expect that.

But a Zorse? That's pretty awesome.

If all of that wasn't enough? At one point some goblins tried to sneak into town and kill us while we slept. Einar noticed and did not approve. With his feet. And 22 strength.

At some point we had planned to cast a maximized awaken spell on him to grant 18 intelligence and turn him into an adventurer as well. (We were thinking Wizard)

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