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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


1st Dec 2013, 11:12 PM

Do we get to hear or read the village anthem?

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26th Dec 2013, 4:06 PM

I doubt it, but I wouldn't rule out the bit about the health care system...

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Sir Applecore

5th Jan 2014, 6:58 AM
"Standing... Waiting..."

What? No anthem?
Dammit, Luke! Getting my hopes up for nothing...

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22nd May 2014, 9:58 AM
"Talk about coincidence"

Is it funny if my nationality is Swedish and birthday is July 3?

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20th Aug 2014, 4:56 AM

You know, I can see several people I know doing this.

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4th Mar 2015, 10:11 PM

The one detail in the character sheet that shows Nami was made by a female player and not a male.

If a male player had done that much work on a female character, the character sheet would include BWH measurements, along with the accompanying charisma modifiers.

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11th Jan 2017, 11:44 AM

I had a DM who did this. He had a Femme Fatale as our greatest rival , and he had her have huge breasts, along with an equally huge +3 CHA bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy, but a fair -3 on Intimidation.

My character was the sole exception, as I had put it down that he preferred more normal sized breasts (you know, a nice, realistic B or C.Not a freaky GG cup, like come on.) That character ended up dying when a huge-breasted Giant stripper was killed and fell on him in a strip-club shootout. He suffocated in her tits.

After that, the rest of the party was also immune to the villainous chick.

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3rd Oct 2017, 4:46 PM

That's some epic way of dying.

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1st Dec 2020, 7:26 PM

Hey! Some women have natural G cups! Sure they're not common but that's not necesarilly unrealistic (it is if every woman does, though)

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3rd Oct 2017, 4:51 PM

The question is, did she actually invented a special Pie Chart, or just put one she knew. and if the former, is this a pie chart she inventend and happen to put in the game, or did she put create it just specifically for the cocoyashi village.
Most Importantly... Did she made this pie IRL for the other player to taste it.

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