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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


3rd Oct 2017, 4:40 PM

come on, cory, that's one NPC name to remember .

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Generic Greg

21st Sep 2018, 11:32 PM

Ah yes, the constant and unabashed ability of PCs to completely forget and ignore NPCs.

Always fun. That, combined with their general ignorance of their own backstories can always make for a great time!

Think about it.

The PCs enter town, and as they enter the town many of its various inhabitants rush to greet them.

Turns out its the hometown of one of the PCs! Hell, even their parents come out to see them! Then make them roleplay the entire time. An old childhood friend, the meeting with their parents, even the generic shop keepers remember them!

...Bonus points if the character in question is amnesic. For both comedy and tragedy.

Seriously though, if they don't state they have a home or family in their background, its generally fine to assume they have one. People in the comments get into it later, but if somebody has a fleshed out background they probably don't want you messing with the history they already established too much. But, at the same time that can create an interesting story, in which they only knew a part of their own history.

But uh, thats sort of breaking character.


If one of the players in your games has one of those backgrounds without information, just a 'I was born in town. then i got older. and left.' Go ahead and assume their family is alive if they don't specify they aren't. Hell, in most fantasy settings they would have like seventy different ways to come back to life. If their family is alive, they could be anywhere, including the next town the PCs travel towards!

Try it sometime.

See what happens.

Tell us about it.

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