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14th Oct 2017, 6:37 PM
"aproximative timeline."

so, if i get it, Cory and Luke know each other since long time ago, thus Luke also know Rika for a while.
At some point Luke met DM, and later GM.
DM dungeon master for GM, Luke and Cory.
then GM leave because too little free time.
DM become a TA, and at some point meet Rika.
Meanwhile, GM become the game master for Luke and Cory (and potentially others players to come)
Luke and Cory start the pirate campaign.
GM invite Nat to join.
Rika come to town and join.
DM join.
The same day, Phil discover the pretty and pretty invested in the game" Nat, the slightly childish but nice and cute Rika, and the hot with a slightly cruel aura DM at the table (totally arbitrary interpretation of the characters, by the way), and decide to join. which bring us now.

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