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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5

Generic Greg

21st Sep 2018, 10:34 PM

I have two topics here.

The whole "Yo dood lets go check out the snazzy dangerous appliance store of this here location"

Or the bit on how reputation can be fun.

I think somebody else talks about reputation later, probably that football looking one.


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Generic Greg

21st Sep 2018, 10:41 PM

Players, heres my suggestion.

Don't always do that thing. This isn't a joke suggestion, really don't do that. If you make enemies, and of course you well, thats basically a quarter of what PC's do in a game, they'll want to find you. And if thats the case, they will definitely have somebody tracking you. In that case, that person will ALWAYS 100% EVENTUALLY FIGURE OUT THAT THING YOU ALWAYS DO. It's the same for bars as well. If you're party always chooses a certain type of inn or bar as soon as they enter town, or goes to a store first, or literally just sets up in the first inn they come across...consider not always doing that.

It will come back to bite you.


You read what I told them to do.

Your part in this is clear. Have their enemies have somebody investigating them. The NPCs are bound to notice the group of sociopaths traveling through town. They probably didn't like them either, what with all the murderhoboing and theft. It wouldn't be that hard to tell the players that they were tracked by how they always do the same things.

So when they enter the bar of the direct next town of the path they were traveling, make sure to have that displeased noble and his group of seventy bodyguards just waiting in that bar. That'll teach them to not vary their habits.


Maybe give them some hint. They might be upset that you just ganked them and they had no way of knowing. Probably just drop something along the terms of "You're being tracked."

Yeah...that 'probably' makes it fair.

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