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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


29th Sep 2014, 10:41 PM

While I usually refrain from making this kind of comment, upon re-reading this arc, I am too bowled over by how much of a jerk DM is being to resist. She sets up a plan that involves killing at least one other PC, deliberately riles the newbie up to the point where he almost rage quits, repeatedly takes actions that she knows that the other players are not okay with, and routinely blows off any attempts that are made to reason with her. She is the worst kind of power gaming role player, and an excellent example of the wrong way to play.
Intentionally attempting to de-rail the campaign and kill the rest of the party is all very well if the PEOPLE you are playing with are okay with that sort of thing, but that is obviously NOT the case here, and the results of such an "I'm going to play however I want to and to heck with whatever the rest of you think or feel about it" attitude is seldom pleasant.
All role playing games of this type require the people involved to understand that, at the end of the day, nothing is personal, and to that end, proper communication is vital.
DM doesn't communicate with her fellow players, and in so doing, she isn't treating them with the proper respect.
…Wow, this turned into a real rant. Sorry about that. But DAMN, Dragon trainer, you writing is good!
Everybody vote for him on TWC!

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15th Nov 2014, 8:27 AM

If we believe DM's word, she's just roleplaying even when it conflicts with the party's best interests.

Even if that was true, which I doubt, she'd still be a jerk, just a different kind.

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4th Dec 2014, 1:37 PM

Not really a different kind... The choice to make a character that would be in direct conflict with the party was up to her. The excuse of "I'm just playing my character" is just that, an excuse. Still a jerk.

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4th Nov 2016, 7:40 AM

So... interesting story. The GM of the campaign I'm in apparently does something on the month of his birthday every year. He gives the players a choice of a number of things (get a free feat, get a magic item, etc). One option we got (and ended up choosing) was for each of us to get a racial template of our choice (with a few restrictions) added to our characters.

1) The previous session, we'd ended up basically making a deal with a succubus to "capture" someone for her - she provided a special magical branding iron with which to do so (hit them once, they're branded, job done). The guy negotiating with her also ended up causing basically everyone to owe her favors (I got off easy because he entirely forgot about me XD). Oh, and it *was* actually necessary for plot purposes, we weren't just negotiating with a succubus for kicks.

2) My character is a bounty hunter. And the succubus gave me the opportunity to basically do some "bounty hunting" for her (only, more "collecting" via the branding iron). Which I accepted.

3) The template I chose was Half-Fiend. Admittedly, some of the racial special features weren't quite what I was hoping for (seriously, fly speed only equal to base land speed? and I'm playing a DWARF. fly speed of 20. whoo -_-)... but it's the one that fit the best for me and my character.

4) One of the other characters - who was an elf, btw (remember that I'm a dwarf) - chose Half-Celestial.

5) We got our templates applied basically overnight (explained away as being from our bloodlines, and they just "activated" at that time). I failed a Fort save to not experience tremendous pain due to having horns, claws, fangs, and WINGS grow out of me. The now-Half-Celestial barges into my room... thinks he sees me being *eaten* by a demon, and punches me in the face. I retaliate to defend myself with the closest weapon - the branding iron. Those keeping track will now realise that I've now "inadvertently" marked a PC, a HALF-CELESTIAL, to be a slave to a succubus.

6) Oddly enough, things went mostly amicably up until near the end of that session. Discovered that, due to now being basically a demon, I'm no longer contracted by the succubus, but actually working *for* her.

The best part out of all of this: I'm playing an already evil character, who is a bounty hunter who literally KILLED HIS PARENTS (somewhat justified - his Dwarven parents gave him an Elven name... which happens to translate to mean "vagina"), who has made a deal with a succubus, TURNED INTO A DEMON, is STILL working with the succubus... and yet it literally doesn't interfere with the party at all, despite being (to my knowledge) the only explicitly evil-aligned character in the group.

It's *that* sort of thing I revel in when I game; being able to be strong and have unfair advantages (the Half-Celestial sort of turned on me right at the end of the session? so I contacted the succubus for help. 4 demons appeared to assist me. I've got friends in high/low? places), even ones that would make me generally working *against* the party (there's at least one other person in the party I actually *do* want to brand, hehe)... without it messing up the whole game. :)

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11th Jan 2017, 4:26 PM
"I will always be butthurt over this."

I've mentioned this story at least once already in the comments of this comic, but I'm gonna complain about it again, so here goes.

Our Witch liked to use Slumber, and had Feats and such that helped make using it even easier on people. She'd even use it on other PCs in combat to get her way, because why *wouldn't* she? There's never been a moment in-character where her ability to Slumber others has been completely negated.

So she and the GM decided to give an in-game reason by having the Witch die from a Word of Power or whatever. Basically, insta-death, OHKO.

The problem was that, there was an Emperor Mummy between us and the current BBEG who would kill her. So, since she had a date with destiny, she ignored me when I used literally every form of communication available to me to say "let's get rid of the mummy somehow before going after the boss dude," walked right past it, got killed, and then set up the rest of us for a TPK.

Her reasoning afterwards was "I didn't have any spells left so I couldn't do anything to the mummy" was given three very short responses by the GM reminding her of everything she COULD have done if she'd actually not been a cunt about this.

Like, excuse us for butting in on your character drama moment, but this is all our lives, dammit, and you're not the goddamn leader of the group.

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Kurapati Isui

6th Jul 2022, 4:03 AM

Considering the kind of person DM seems to be, I think he'd make a fantastic Akainu/Sakazuki when he shows up

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