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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5

Generic Greg

21st Sep 2018, 10:27 PM

To split the party or not split the party.

Its not a question.

Always split the party.


Remember, Darths and Droids said it best, "The party is never so split that you cannot split it further." Just keep finding those reasons to ensure that the party never meets up, and never starts the actual plot. Instead, you could always do fun things, like theft and murder!

Now, for the GM...
Why didn't you just start them in a bar, already a party, or in a jail cell? Honestly, thats like...base level avoidance of players being dinguses. Now you'll have to make it so that they meet up in some sort of manner which is both natural and feels good to the players! (Read: Let them do whatever it is they want , they'll break the law eventually and then they can meet in jail. Then you can refer back to the item and exp loss so you can pretty much reset them. From there, its a simple matter of actually STARTING the campaign.)

...Don't take me seriously, kids.

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