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17th Aug 2013, 12:28 PM

Share a story about a flaw that... turned into an advantage of sorts.

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21st Aug 2013, 3:07 PM

I remember one character I created as a sort of joke.

He was the party rogue. As a flaw for a massive charisma boost, I took "Allergic to Lies". Anytime I heard a lie told - even if it was me, and whether or not I knew it was a lie - I would sneeze. To overcome it, I became extremely good at giving incomplete answers and letting others fill in the blanks.

Thing is, it became an espionage campaign, and I had also gotten very good at direct questions. I became the party interrogator. My tagline became, "I'm sorry, but I'm allergic to bullsh*t."

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Pantless ninja

2nd Oct 2013, 11:03 PM
"Grand master of teamflashing"

Was playing Dark Heresy and while not a technical "falw" per se it was his character...
Saying he was cowardly might not be quite correct, anti-confrontational might better fit the description. Even though he could handle himself IF a fight should become inevitable he rarely got into one (at least not a fair one).
The rest of the group painted him a coward and nothing but an annoyance in fights, that is until we stumbled on a chaos cult in the lowest parts of the underhive, about 12 cultists or so decently equipped and experienced fighters.

After a drawn out fight my character neuro toxin bombs EVERYONE and drags the rest of the group (who was mostly bloody pulps) to safety.

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Disloyal Subject

21st Nov 2013, 11:08 AM

Not a crunch flaw, but... if my characters are Good-aligned, I roleplay them as such. It may annoy the part when you burn healing spells on a wounded high-level party that's only there to drop a plot hook, but they sing a different tune when we get allies charging to our aid.
On a more humorous note, one player of mine, an Elf Soulknife (he wanted to play "a fantasy Obi-wan") took Gynophobia to free up a feat to have Two-Weapon Fighting and the ability to run on walls. It meant he was out of range when the gnome sorceress puked on everyone when they met at the tavern.

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21st Dec 2013, 2:35 AM

Ah.. where to begin.

Though i never had any direct mechanical benefit of it (except for the GM taking over my character for a short escape sequence), the best one i had was the "This dead guy's voice is in my head after i read all his dark magical journals". The reasoning behind the flaw doubled as the reasoning for my dark magic and demonic weirdness knowledge skills. (plus i could talk to a voice in my head! which i believe came in handy a cople of times)

"Weirdness magnet" was also a rather fun one to have.

HERO System in general has a lot of potential when it comes to flaws.

Like my other character, who had the Perk "Positive reputation" because he was a legendary ranger, known for being effective at his job. And also the flaw "Negative reputation", because the stories about him usually included a trail of fiery destruction in his wake <.<

A common flaw i've seen in HERO System games, which you can easily get some good benefit from, is "Overconfidence".

And lastly, while not a mechanical flaw. For a Vampire: The Requiem characater, being hopelessly in love with your ghoul can be considered a flaw right? Especially when it also gets you killed <.< ...
On the other hand, that "flaw" lead to one of my best character deaths, where the weak little nerd girl, stabs a stake (which she carries and has learnt how to handle in order to protect herself in rather turbulent times) through herself and stakes the armored, and recently further enhanced Former Soldier who had focused on surviving as long as possible.
Her character trait got her killed, but also drove her to perform one of the most impressive feats i've seen in an rpg ever.

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25th Dec 2013, 8:00 PM

Regarding the previous comment, at least in 3e (games been on 4e for almost a decade now) GURPS allowed you to bundle reputations, since so often something positive... isn't positive to everyone. Like your typical superhero; general populace likes him, other supers like him, by-the-book law and order types won't, obviously neither will the bad guys.

Obviously the (outdated) 3e GURPS system is what I know since I am referencing it again. There are a lot of Disadvantages (Flaws) that give you back Character Points to build with, but that include an upside. Fat characters get bonuses to certain combat maneuvers and Swim checks, being Ugly (or worse) can give bonuses for Intimidation, etc.

The ones I liked were pairing Honesty with Greed; Greed is like it sounds, but Honesty meant a compulsion to follow the law, including needing to make a check if a situation warranted breaking the law, and then a check not to turn yourself in (and expect to be docked for points unless you had a good excuse for the GM). Both were worth a good deal of points back, and Honesty gave you a huge bonus to avoid "shady acts" (+5, I think) and to avoid outright crime (+10) for material gain. Totally justified the adventurer's life as well.

I liked Light Sleeper, so long as I was also taking Less Sleep. Light Sleeper is as it sounds, but GURPS penalizes you pretty bad (and accurately) for waking up a lot at night; Less Sleep is also exactly as it sounds, allowing you to get by with less sleep per night. Combining the two meant it had to be a really bad night to not get sufficient sleep, and if it was a safe, silent night I could just wake up early and "cash in" on extra prep time.

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Neon Vincent

3rd Jan 2014, 12:58 AM
"Old Fart"

I have a story from the days before there were official flaws in D&D,* back when some people were still playing out of the original three softbound booklets plus Greyhawk and Blackmoor.

I was the DM for low-level group who was exploring a stronghold full of martial arts monks. The defenders were too much for the group, which was about to suffer a whole party wipe when one of the clerics prayed for divine intervention. I rolled the dice and the deity intervened. Unfortunately, the cleric was evil and so was his deity.

After killing the mob, the diety turned to the cleric, sent him on a quest to capture a high-level good cleric, then cursed him with a permanent stinking cloud, not to be lifted until the cleric was captured. The good news was that anything within 15 feet that could smell had to save against poison or collapse from disgust. The bad news was that this included the player characters. This eventually turned into an advantage when the party eventually all saved, which meant that only the monsters would suffer from the ill effects.

The party eventually was strong enough to go to Hell, defeat a couple of pit fiends, and capture the good cleric, who had been taken there by an arch-devil. It seems the cleric's deity wanted him for itself.

*Chaosium's games had them at the time, but not TSR's.

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13th Nov 2014, 10:40 PM
"The Flaw"

Given Zoro's companions, he shouldn't be getting a solid night's sleep. Sounds like a flaw.

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18th Aug 2017, 12:25 PM

would explain why he is always trying to take a nap.

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20th Jan 2018, 1:45 AM

buddy one had a flaw on his either dwarf or Halfling that was apparently a 'choose random flaw from table X by die roll' or something, he didn't pick it.

basically the flaw boiled down to 'obey suggestion hypnotic suggestion whenever you her the trigger word/phrase
the suggestion: streak
trigger word: I cast fireball
the trigger word

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