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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


1st Oct 2017, 5:40 PM

i have the feeling some arcs are going to involve eating a lot of skittles.

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Generic Greg

21st Sep 2018, 10:04 PM

Ah yes, using random trash- I mean completely logical and conveniently available items as miniatures.

What do you mean you don't know what this Lego block is? That's the Gelatinous Cube! This penny? A man wearing bronze armor!

Any excuse to not have to buy more miniatures.

...Also, remember that for large scale combat, you could always consider using a whiteboard. Just draw the enemies as a block, and have the party roll to see how many they think their are.

Write that in the center of the block.

Way easier than skittles...however sadly less filling.

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