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17th Aug 2013, 2:23 AM

Character deaths tend to be an inevitability in D&D... depending on the DM. Share a story about a character death.

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3rd Oct 2013, 12:40 PM
"My character's death"

I had a necromancer girl, with a earthy Asura, 4 armed demon with a body of rock and dirt. Got into a fight with a crazy gnome priest and killed him with 4 simultanious blows from my demon. The priest had a few extra lives (this was in GURPS), and re-spawned on the flying yacht of another character in the campaign. After finding me below, he proceeded to throw himself at me, and head but me. From seven hundred feet. Needless to say, I died.

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Disloyal Subject

20th Nov 2013, 11:25 PM
"Cosmic Headbutt"

How'd he even hit from there?
Hmm... let's see, character death... there was the time my Wood Elf Druid crit failed a fort save sipping mead as the party met in a tavern. Long story short, he fell out of a very tall tree while wildshaped into a wolf and died instantly.

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4th Dec 2013, 7:15 PM

So many great ones to choose from, i don't even know which to pick...


There was this sci-fi horror campaign in Hero System (6th ed).

I was playing an explosives focused chemist from the Nanites as religion faction... turned dark magician/celtic druid, alcoholic potions statted up as "3d6 Luck" (where every 6 gives you effect) was really fun at times.

We ended up with the weirdest tpk ever, when the AI in control of a surveilance-state arcology (google that if you don't know what it is) got possessed by a demon. We managed to break into the server room and take out the evil cultists... at the cost of half the party being out of commission and special forces being on our doorsteps.

We decided to surrender.

And were then led into these nice and small no-space-to-move more or less coffin-cells with provided life support, to wait for our trial. We figured that'd at least buy us some time...

Then we realised the AI had control over the life support and could now kill us without any resistance what so ever.

After trying to use my acid spraying implants in my arms and earning myself a good deal of acid all over me, i decided it was time to at least kill the demon and stop it's plans (and by killing the lifesupport keeper also killing the entire arcology) by sucking everything into a hell dimension with black magic.

Only two days later did it strike me that "Oh right! Damn! I could've just used my remaining remote detonated EMP grenades when i was INSIDE THE FREAKING SERVER ROOM to keep the AI and as such the BILLION POULATION CITY hostage..."

Instead i sucked them all into hell.

Go me.

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27th Dec 2013, 4:44 PM
"Character Death"

We were playing a desert campaign with a high-level party. One night we were ambushed by a pack of hyenas which we fought off easily but our... not quite Paladin... priest of the war goddess (no healer) was wounded and contracted traumatic fever. My druid was the only person proficient with healing in the group, but I had no spells to cure illness - only to restore hitpoints - but in the system we were playing, mana was scarce, and I was almost out after several hard battles, and he was losing HP faster than I replenished my mana.
So I treated him mainly with mundane skills and we made for the closest oasis to get rest and treatment for him.
After a few days we were very close to the oasis but our war priest was close to death.
The GM asked us if we wanted to camp for the night, but we were so close that we decided to press on so we could get him treatment sooner.
Problem is, when we were practically in sight of the oasis, the GM declared that it was midnight, the new day had just started, and he rolled the daily damage for our priest's illness, killing him.
He didn't even allow me to spend my last mana for a healing spell...

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27th Dec 2013, 6:23 PM

Wow, seriously? I would've at least allowed one last Heal check to recognize that the war priest was about to die just in time to get in one last healing spell. ~_^

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8th Jan 2014, 8:18 AM
"No, you attack him!"

This was the fastest death in my roleplaying history. It was the first session of a new group and i was the DM. I just go the party together and they were supposed to go to a ranger's camp in the woods and find out something. On the way they had a "random" encounter with a couple of wolves. The first wave went down quickly, but the second wave came from the other side. The rather weak monk went down to negative hitpoints (DnD, so still alive) and the cleric asked, wether he should heal him, or attack the wolf.
The last words of the monk were, "No, you attack him!". Sadly the killing part did not work out that well... At least we had someone to play a ranger ;)
This happend not even an hour after we started the campaign.

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8th May 2014, 4:20 PM

First encounter in the dungeon: twelve centipedes. I take out a few, players B and C take out a few, player D misses most of his attacks.
I'm opening a door. It's trapped and shoots a spear into my chest, leaving me at 0 HP.
Player B: "Player D! you didn't hit anything. You're holding us back." (initiates grapple)
Player D: "Attack of opportunity!" (Natural 20. Critical Hit. Player B dies)
Player C: "Player D, you can't do that." (Attacks Player D, killing him.)
I charge at Player C: "You killed the leader." I fail my balance check on uneven ground, and trip. Because charging is a standard action, I am now bleeding out.
3/4 of our party died on the first encounter.

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20th Aug 2014, 6:37 PM
"Party Falls, everything dies"

DO suicides count?

We ended up in a fight with multiple gods and were doing solidly, the GM was big on encouraging RP and stuck by whatever he said, so we kinda abused that for XP and hilarity.

Anyway, we're fighting the gods, finally get overwhelmed, and I'm the only one left.

Was playing an anti-social character, party were my only friends in the world type deal.

I could have escaped, let the crew roll up some new characters but frankly was kinda tired of the campaign.

Iron Heart Surge, ever heard of it?

As written, it can let you turn off gravity, among other things.

I turned off Sentient life, killing myself.

But well..

Gods Need Prayer Badly.

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29th Nov 2015, 9:32 AM

Because no DnD is complete without a Monty Python reference.

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1st May 2016, 4:35 AM
"My Little TPK"

Ponyfinder. The Big Bad's a Spellcaster Phoenix Wolf, and he has a spell specifically readied to kill the Witch (the GM and her Player talked about giving her an IC reason to stop relying on Slumber for literally everything).
There's only the Witch, the DMPC Gunslinger Archaeologist (with dual side-mounted cannons), my Rogue, and a Seapony fighter. There's an Emperor Mummy between our end of a hallway and the Big Bad. The teleporter we used to get here is behind us. I both whisper and use Telepathy (through the Witch's Familiar) to tell the Invisible Witch and the Fighter my plan.

The Witch ignores me and tries to sneak past the mummy, which watches her walk past. And then casts Darkness. Only the Fghter can see, now.

Big Bad readies his Word of Power: Death, when he notices the Darkness, and has his True Sight glasses on, to see invisible people.

The mummy fight is going... okay, considering I can't see, but am somehow not missing my attacks. Then the Fighter dies of Mummy Rot. Then the Witch dies from a Word of Power: Death. Then the Darkness lifts. The Gunslinger still hasn't followed us through the portal yet.I throw down a potion of Obscuring Mist, right as the Gunslinger enters the hallway.

The Witch and Fighter are both Undead being controlled by the Mummy now. They back me and the Gunslinger into the Teleporter. She uses the Command Word to activate it, and disappears, while I'm paralyzed by the Mummy (with a Glare of -2 to Will Saves from the Witch), and then the Seapony Fullrounds me to -23 HP. The Paladin, Ranger, or Oracle would've been handy, but the Paladin and Oracle talked the Goddess of Judgement into letting us come back, this time. Still, makes from some great RP moments as my character gets back home to his wife and suffers PTSD for a while.

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25th Feb 2017, 12:37 PM

Mortuary for RPG characters.
most of whom died wacky deaths.

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