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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


5th Aug 2022, 12:45 AM

Of all the Straw Hats, I think Nami is probably the most likely to pick outfits with more of an eye toward fashion than protection (Sanji may be lookin' sharp on this page, but he doesn't change styles nearly as often as Nami does, and he deals with fire regularly when cooking), so I can certainly see her being the most likely to accidentally wear a shirt that's exceptionally flammable.

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Magic Clothes

6th Aug 2022, 5:37 AM

Where and When did Zoro and Vivi got Magic Clothes with a unbreakable effect?

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6th Aug 2022, 10:08 AM

Most magic items in D&D have an extreme amount of extra health and hardness to prevent the destruction of said magic items. Don't need to be unbreakable.

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6th Aug 2022, 1:31 PM

I think more relevant here is most magic items don't take damage *at all* from effects you are in unless explicitly called out as damaging magic items, and when it comes up they're more durable.

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7th Aug 2022, 2:37 PM

Yeah, aside from niche spells and monsters that are meant to destroy magic items, the most common way (in 3.5) to damage them is sundering a magic weapon or shield. There's also a rule for item damage upon getting a natural 1 on a saving throw, but it's relatively obscure; I think I've remembered and enforced it maybe twice, ever.

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7th Aug 2022, 3:38 PM

Okay, how many weeks it's gonna take to get into Drum Island? Because I really can't wait for everyone's favourite doctor to appear.

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