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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


16th Feb 2022, 3:12 AM

Warning to GMs everywhere! It can be tempting to create characters that are really lethal at non lethally incapacitating characters really fast!

Don't do it! It means half the table sit around doing absolutely nothing for hours! And those characters can be a bit too effective, generally

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16th Feb 2022, 7:12 AM

That mostly happens if you run a really static combat systems like dnd, or if you completely knock them out. In more fluid systems you can have the characters in a complete mess and still have the players have a lot to do.

That said dnd 3.5 is absolutely notorious for most status effects amounting to 'you sit and get to do nothing' so it's absolute 100% correct for that system. Even with its flaws though 3.5 can be fun so don't take critique as hate.

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17th Feb 2022, 9:18 PM

I once did that with a former player character of mine that I formed a villain group around for a HERO game with another group of players.

His name was the Taffy Puller, and he was a silly candy-themed sort of Plastic Man/Spiderman derivative who specialized in throwing gummy candy to gum people up and entangle them.

The problem: by a quirk of the way they had built their characters, pretty much the entire party was completely incapacitated by entangles! It precludes you from using abilities that derive from focuses (IE, you can't reach your tools), and that was pretty crippling. To make matters worse, the Taffy Puller's entangle was a little special: normally, they're rigid and you can bash them apart given time as long as you can beat their innate hardness. The Taffy Puller's entangles were a little bit weaker than normal, but traded off the extra hardness and toughness for a "stickiness" effect that simulated the gummy candy reforming around you as you tried to tear it off... plus, his didn't form a rigid shell around you, which meant they offered you no protection!

Inside of three rounds, most of the party was encased in more-or-less permanent candy cocoons...

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