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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


28th Jan 2022, 7:51 AM
"Going out with style"

This arc was the first time I really loved Zoro as a character. Faced with certain death he comes up with as many crazy plans as he can think of to escape (looking at you, 'I'll cut off my feet to escape this trap') and when none of those works he strikes a pose so he can at least die looking like a badass.

Name a time you had a character die or almost die, and how you tried to make it epic.

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28th Jan 2022, 4:10 PM

Icewind Dale, we rolled poorly on the random encounter tables and got ourselves chased by an Adult or older White Dragon... at level 3, tops.

We were on mounts, and my barbarian had the most HP and resistances all around, so I deliberately slowed down to be at the end of the chase.

When the dragon reached us, my mount was the first to fall, and I was ejected in a pile of snow. The monster landed right above me, in search of his prey.

I had the opportunity to lay hidden and possibly avoid the danger, but what kind of barbarian lives that way? I emerged, howling and shouting, and even managed a critical hit that did at least more than a little scratch.

I barely survived more than a single turn before being frozen by the dragon's breath, but by this time the rest of the party was gone safely.

And to this day, it's my only ever character death.

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28th Jan 2022, 7:52 PM
"A Good Death"

I had a very similar experience myself. It was 3.5 (or possibly Pathfinder?) and I was playing as an Elderly dwarf Earthblood Sorcerer named Kilgal Margirn. He had been a merchant, but he was OLD (even for a dwarf) and had outlived his wife, so at this point he was adventuring as basically a sort of retirement swansong/bucket list thing, and he wasn't intending on making it home after. I'd also traded his sight for Tremorsense (I was going for a sort of Toph build).

So the party is exploring an abandoned dwarven fortress, trying to figure out... something related to the overall plot. I think there were fey involved somehow? But that's not important right now.

We were in the deep underbelly of the fortress, amongst the natural caves and mineshafts, a maze of crumbling stone that we'd managed to navigate to talk with... someone... and we were leaving. The earth rumbles. Kilgal feels something coming through the stone just before a Glass Worm bursts out and starts attacking us.

The party's not SUPER high leveled at this point, so we start running. My character, being the only Dwarf (and really old to boot) naturally starts falling behind. The spellcasters blast the Worm a couple times, annoying it and getting it to go back underground, but this isn't a fight we can win, and when the ranger holds back to try and help my Sorcerer, Kilgal instead waves them ahead, saying something like "I can feel it coming, I'll be fine" or whatever.

So everyone ELSE in the party is running pretty far ahead, when the Glass Worm busts out of the ground again, headed straight for my dwarf.

Something you should know, is that he had recently gotten hold of an Immovable Rod.

So Kilgal stands there and lets himself get eaten, and once inside the worm's gullet, rams the immovable rod up into its soft fleshy bits and activates it.

The Worm comes to an ABRUPT halt, Kilgal gets dissolved in Worm acid the next round, and the party manages to escape easily, and it was AMAZING.

That was actually my FIRST character death in a TTRPG ever, and I was SO happy it was that.

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31st Jan 2022, 12:00 PM

Me: invited to an internet module campaign in 5e. Start 2 sessions after rest of the party. Was only told it was set in the beastlands and involved fighting for talking beasts. OK, Narnia: the D&D campaign. Built a heavy armor, sword and board, do-gooder, inspirational paladin who worshiped the paragon of lions because paragon of bravery (as you do in totally-not-Narnia). Backstory was he was raised by elves from Arborea, but was told of the plight of the creatures who lived here and came to rally them to throw off their oppressors. Became figurehead of malcontents in outlying settlement. Delivers demands to authorities. Fledgling revolt ruthlessly crushed.

I start in a dungeon, beaten, broken, robbed, sentenced to sequentially gladiator fight talking animals to the death until death for entertainment of corrupt human nobles. Only gear is a loin clothe. Grim.

Capital city is a walled human enclave cleared from endless jungle. Agriculture is a complete failure. Nothing will grow from human hands. Land itself hates humans. Wealth inequity: extreme. Starving peasants and evil, arrogant nobles. Humans are all dependent on trading souls of talking animals for food through dimensional portal. Stolen souls do not reincarnate in beastlands. Talking animals are beyond pissed, but generally good-aligned, so they don't want to genocide all humans lightly. Still considering it. Dark.

Other PCs jailbreak an important NPC also held in nearby cell. Take me with you.jpg. Guards are poorly equipped but much higher level. Zerg rush! Now I am poorly equipped. Extreme stealth gameplay. Wishing I built a rogue. A couple side quests to help starving peasants. Escape horrible city.

Meet Animal Lords. "We were going to just kill everyone, but then Crane convinced us to recruit humans to clean up human mess." Fair cop. Meet our allies. Low level, starving, pacifist commoners armed with only shields. Oh dear! Any stand up fight that isn't a lightning ambush is suicide. Try to organize rebels into at least self-sufficiency. Hunting is problematic but possible. Animals don't fear death or care about being eaten, but are too proud to be slaughtered. We have like 2 NPCs who can hunt... for 800 mouths. Disgust-face.jpg Much diplomacy later have a solid rotation of animals getting hunted for food and some minor vegetation gathering. Probably won't starve to death immediately. Probably.

Return to city. Cloak and dagger subterfuge. Try to gather clandestine allies and equipment. Just about get cornered by assassination squad. Mooks are stronger than our strongest PC. Run, run, and hide!

Politicking. Finally useful! Meet up with powerful, good-aligned, but misled, child sorcerer NPC. Recruitment semi-successful!

More side quests of the rogue variety. Paladin is sore thumb, but finally gets his full plate and other equipment back. Actually battle-ready!
Return to pick up our new sorcerer ally. Ambush! BBEG's dragon appears. Female assassin with energy whip. Party is underpowered and underleveled (worse than usual). Can't run because opponent is faster and can teleport.

"I know what I must do!"

Stop running, challenge enemy to single combat. Pursuer puts me down into single digit HP in one turn. ALL THE HEALS! Pursuer gets some unlucky dice rolls. GOOD AC, MORE HEALS! Couple more turns of bad dice. Finally, Pursuer puts me BACK in single digit HP. All out of heals.

FOR ASLAN! Dead like disco! Did he buy the party enough time to escape? We'll find out next week. Campaign collapses. No next session.

Moral of the story: Don't bring an inspirational, populist paladin to a grim dark rogue/monk campaign.

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