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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


20th Dec 2021, 6:35 AM

This dialogue is definitely seeming more and more like a DM with something to prove. Knowing where this ark eventually goes, I'm wondering if this is being set up as Rika aiming for a TPK.

During the show, it really felt like this whole thing was set up as a bunch of BS reasons for these really strong characters to be taken out by a group of joke enemies. Canonically, these guys shouldn't be an issue for the Straw Hat team, but because they all put on their dunce-caps on this island they almost get taken out. I was expecting that to translate to the traditional table-top "Wow, everyone's dice are absolute Garbage" tonight tropes for the comic. Instead, it's feeling more and more like a DM with a chip on their shoulder trying to show off by killing characters to humble players.

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20th Dec 2021, 9:06 AM

Well, that's part of what Little Garden is like. An incredibly cheap DM trying to kill off the characters. Everyone getting caught by a guy with candle powers?

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21st Dec 2021, 5:34 PM

I... don't remember it going down like that?

The short version is that, in this arc, the Straw Hats made mistakes, but they were reasonable mistakes. Or at least, reasonable with respect to what had already been established about a given character.

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22nd Dec 2021, 6:49 AM

Yeah- Little Garden was a mess, but the Straw Hats couldn't have known they were getting stuck with dinosaurs for who knows how long, and had no reason to believe the Baroque works people would catch up so easily.

So all the mistakes was just them taking things a bit easy, because they had no reason to believe that they would meat giants, be at odds with them after making friends, or that 4 assassins would be ready and waiting for them...

How the heck did Mr. 5 and Ms. Valentine get there so fast anyway- the other two were probably already on their way there due to the bounties on the giants, but the other pair was left beat up at Wiskey Peak.

They would have needed a ship fast enough and a navigator good enough, to get them to Little Garden ahead of the Going Merry, without getting close enough to be spotted by the Straw Hats at any point- thats one thing when traveling at see normally, if a bit rediculous that you could beat another ship while taking a longer route to be out of sight- but on the grand line you then have to do that, while avoiding all the crazy stuff between islands.

Not to mention that there was no sign the group had anything like that, no ship, no crew, just 4 assassins 3 of which have super drowning powers.

Maybe All Sunday's sea turtle was fast enough and she gave them a ride? and since she left ahead of the straw hats that avoids some problems, but that still has the issue of how teh other pair got to Little Garden.

Thats a issue all around for Baroque works- do they just have a small fleet that drops off their assassins and then only comes back in time to pick them up? A bit overkill considering Mr.2 just had his own ship.

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