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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5



10th Nov 2021, 12:35 PM

Movement speeds vary a lot in 3.5. Even with just the core you can go somewhere between 15 per move action (small character in medium or heavy armor) and 90 feet (just a high level monk).

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10th Nov 2021, 3:49 PM

I've got a major tangent for maps and movement, though it does require going "off system". Well, so far as I know, since I'm that oddball reading this with a little tabletop RPG experience but none of it for D&D 3.5/Pathfinder. ^^'

Namely, the importance of maps and movement speeds. This may sound odd, but some tabletop RPGs actually have rules for playing without maps and miniatures, or just simple maps not meant for wargaming style play. The reason for this is that the system (or that rule variant within the system) is designed for those who either cannot use such things while playing, or just don't care to.

That's the kind of game I cut my RPG teeth on. The GM was allowed to "eyeball" situations more, and there were rules to try and keep the lack of finer detail from either becoming abusive, as well as to avoid breaking immersion. Indeed, that was kind of the point of not having such play aids was an easier setup/teardown for playing, and keeping more of the game in you're mind's eye.

Later on, we started using the more advanced rules, which did call for maps and miniatures. The good news was a greater amount of control over our characters and our own actions, as well as a better understanding of what was happening... but at the cost of shifting the roleplay/game balance more into the "game" side of things. Plus, subtle adjustments the GM might make to keep the story going also became more obvious. Hmm... given the stereotype, we did not have a killer GM; if anything, he was more likely to fudge things in our favor. XD

So... yeah, when you have the detailed approach, there's a risk of things like the above scene. Characters have different movement options, so the GM has to decide whether to force (or at least encourage) them to stay together, or to let the players get lost in the moment. In settings like One Piece,where human limits are much higher, even if we write off some of the exceptional instances as "Rule of Cool" or "Rule of Comedy"... well, keeping the group together while moving around can be hard on both the players and the GM. XP

I mean, we've got:

-Luffy flinging and slinging himself around in a manner the others cannot replicate.
-Zoro who probably has a good move but a bad sense of direction.
-Sanji who also probably has a good move, but is also prone towards wandering off... after the ladies.
-Usopp who, as part of his cowardly shtick, seems to rule at running. Like some kind of... sprinter king. ;)
-Nami who I thought had a pretty good movement speed, but even if she does, she'd be like Sanji. Just replace "after the ladies" with "after the loot."
-Vivi has a mount, at least when Karoo is handy.
-Karoo, who might be the fastest but I'm not sure how encumbrance affects this. Plus, he seems to be a mount that wanders off quite a bit. XP
-The Going Merry is either a ship, a Klaubtomerman, or both and... well... it is complicated. @_@

I do not envy the GM who has to keep such a group together, or who needs to intentionally divide them. XD

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