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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


14th Jun 2021, 12:32 AM
"Not Quite What You're After"

I think we skipped a few pages.

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14th Jun 2021, 1:05 AM

That's *possible*, but considering the scene we started with, it doesn't look like anything has gone off the rails yet in-universe, and this doesn't seem to have mucked about much with the canon of this section of One Piece (yet, at least).

Plus, if Rika's doing Dorry, then it's Luke playing Luffy and three characters each played by Rika (Vivi, Carue, and of course Dorry), and no one more, for the majority of intervening time. I think it'd get boring pretty fast if we went through *all* of it. These two are friendly, but they don't have any sort of subplot that could carry ten pages in a row, at least not right now.

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14th Jun 2021, 1:08 AM

We skipped over Luffy starting the competitive hunt between Sanji and Zoro and Luffy getting eaten by a sorupod which Dorry beheaded to save him.

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Josh the Valiant

14th Jun 2021, 2:14 AM

But seeing as the other players involved with that aren't here, it makes sense to backtrack and handle that in flashback, or justify later why the characters are in different places when The Action starts up. I had the same initial reaction at first, but handling meeting the giant and exploring the island as a solo section of the game mostly off screen is just fine.

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14th Jun 2021, 2:15 AM
"Let the screwing with begin"

I think Jayden might have set things up to get her that phone. And if I'm right, he added a few 'features' that would explain the texting discrepancy.

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14th Jun 2021, 7:53 AM

"Might have" isn't an option here, Rika nearly outed him already as the source of the new phone and "corrected" herself mid-sentence.

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14th Jun 2021, 12:04 PM

At the rate this is going, I can see this as the reason why Vivi leaves the crew: Rika's relationship breaks down with everyone else and leaves during or at the end of Alabasta.

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14th Jun 2021, 12:44 PM

The main problem there is that Vivi leaves at the same time Robin joins, and Robin is Rika's DMPC.

It could definitely play into the Water Seven storyline though, especially if Jayden ends up playing Spandam.

As a more general side note, I am now expecting the phone conversation between Crocodile and Sanji that occurs in this arc to be repurposed as a more direct conversation between Gordon and Jayden.

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15th Jun 2021, 9:38 AM

God's I hope we don't have to put up with Jayden all the way through Water 7. A little conflict among players is one thing but at a certain point people stop letting you come to games

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15th Jun 2021, 10:43 AM

I can't imagine he'd be around for Skypia unless as the DM...maybe I should stop giving the author ideas.

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7th Oct 2021, 11:10 PM

This is kinda brilliant since Gordon is known to be good with voices.

Perhaps he pretends to be Rika?

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