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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5
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16th Aug 2013, 8:21 PM

Isshin Dojo (Boost)
Level: Bushido Swordsman 2
Prerequisite: One Isshin Dojo Maneuver
Initiation Action: 1 swift action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: End of Turn

For the rest of your turn, you are treated as having the Power Attack feat. If you already have this feat and you use it, you may subtract a number from your melee attack rolls and add twice that number to your melee damage rolls. If you attack with a weapon in two hands, add three times the number. The normal restrictions of the Power Attack feat apply.

What do you think? Overpowered? :p

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28th Jan 2014, 11:25 PM
"Edible Attack?"

Why is the attack named after rice balls?

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29th Jan 2014, 5:00 AM

It's an intentional pun by the original author of One Piece. I believe the more proper translation of the name is "Demon Blade."

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that one guy

4th Feb 2014, 3:04 AM
"its both"

there is no "more proper translation" both are correct. Oda LOVES his puns.
Oni=Demon Giri=Slash
Onigiri=rice ball

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19th Jan 2018, 1:28 AM

Yeah, Zolo has a theme of food puns for all of his attack names...It's mentioned by some other characters at least a few times in the original manga.

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5th Apr 2022, 4:40 AM

"If you attack with a weapon in two hands, add three times the number"
What if you attack with 3 weapons in, uh, .66 hands? Or maybe 1.5 swords in one hand?

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10th Apr 2022, 4:17 AM

Dang, it messed with my text alignment, those lines were supposed to be above the sixes to represent "repeating"

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