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15th Feb 2021, 6:59 AM
"Talking as a free action "

I’m curious what other people’s views on talking in combat are. Typically once blades start swinging talk time is over but occasionally my groups will allow for mid fight talks

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15th Feb 2021, 7:40 AM

What!? But Little Garden is important to the plot of Nami and Ussopp. Ussopp because it's where he started his Level in Badass and is an important step in his goal of becoming a brave warrior of the sea. it's important to Nami because that's where she got sick, which caused the crew to seek medical attention from Dr. Kureha on Drum Island. I know it was skipped in the Dub, but that caused many plotholes.

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15th Feb 2021, 9:14 AM

This scene happens in the original too. The straw hats (or at least Luffy) refuse to take the alternate route.

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15th Feb 2021, 11:21 AM

Am I not getting the joke?

In the canon story One Piece, the Straw Hats had the same offer made to them. Sorry if you were trying to make a joke, ChaosStar0.

Since you mentioned the accursed 4Kids adaptation (calling it a dub seems... inaccurate), it sounded like serious feedback. XD

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19th Apr 2022, 9:43 PM

4Kids really did skip Little Garden from what I recall.

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20th Apr 2022, 12:59 PM

Correct; the 4Kids dub cut out Crocus and Laboon, replacing the former with nothing and the latter with an iceberg. Then, after Whiskey Peak (renamed "Misty Peak") happens, and then we head to Drum Island as "Little Garden" is also skipped.

My confusion stems from how I read ChaosStar0's comment. Regardless of the dub axing events from the manga (and original Japanese version of the show), Ms. All-Sunday offering the Straw Hats a shortcut happened in the original manga and anime. At least, I thought it had.

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23rd Feb 2021, 2:16 PM
"Fun Fact... Semi-Spoilery."

Nanimonai Island is a literal floating mass of fish poop.

Goldfish poop, to be exact.

The same giant goldfish that we've heard about before in Usopp's story AND that appears at the very end of Little Garden.

This still leaves the question of WHY IN THE WORLD DOES AN ISLAND MADE OF POOP HAVE AN ETERNAL POSE but at that point the only real answer is "One Piece."

Hope you all enjoyed that little factoid!

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26th Apr 2021, 11:37 PM
"Magnetic Goldfish Poop"

That giant Goldfish is called the Island Eater. If it eats islands, then his poop would probably possess the same magnetic qualities that allow Log Poses to point towards them. We also know that Little Garden has existed at least since Dorry and Broggy started fighting which happened over a hundred years ago. So it's not that improbable to have someone make an eternal pose of the island.

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23rd Jun 2021, 6:31 PM

Fun Fact: "Factoid" is supposed to be used the same as "Humanoid," ie "It looks and sounds like a fact, but is actually a lie." A Journalist made up the word to complain about how little truth is actually put in the news because the truth isn't sensational enough.

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