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22nd Jan 2021, 2:44 AM
"Tell a Story: Unconventional Wake Up Call"

Sleep is a pretty common thing, even when it's not a status condition. Everyone's character has had to rest at some point. And that's when the GM strikes!

Share a story about when characters had to wake up in a hurry... or their victims did.

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22nd Jan 2021, 9:45 AM

In a Pathfinder (1st edition) campaign, one player in our group played a cleric who worshipped a chaotic good trickster goddess who rewarded uncommon uses of her spells.

Our party had set up camp for the night to rest before descending down to some caverns nearby. Our cleric was on guard duty when a band of drow warriors decided to ambush us in our sleep. Lucky for us, our cleric had quite a perception bonus and spotted the dark elves long before they managed to sneak up on us. Pretty standard stuff, you'd think: the cleric would wake us up, we would kick some Drizzt lookalike butt, and that would be that, right?

Nope, the cleric had to go be all cheeky about it. He positioned himself right in the middle of the sleeping party and deliberately waited until the drow were upon us - before targeting everyone, drow and player alike, with burst of radiance, a very decent (some argue overpowered) 2nd-level spell which sends out a flash of light in a 10-ft radius, temporarily blinding every creature in the area AND causing evil creatures to take damage.

So, the entire party is now super awake, but also blinded for a few rounds (except for the ranger, who made his reflex save and was merely dazzled). However, the drow, being evil in addition to having a weakness to light, were ruled to have suffered way, way worse than us. Even with our debuffs, we mopped the floor with the surviving emo elves fairly easily.

While arguably not the most optimal use of a 2nd-level spell at such low levels as we were, the cleric's deity did like the unpredictable use of the spell enough to grant him a favor that came in really handy later.

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