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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


27th Nov 2020, 2:21 AM

And then Nami swoops in to loot the bodies!

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27th Nov 2020, 4:25 AM

Y'know, part of me wonders if Baroque works actually had to pay to fix this place up afterwards.

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Emperor Megaman

2nd Aug 2021, 3:44 PM

I have wondered about that, i suppose the peoplr living here had to fix it themselves. it seems like it has been fixed 2 years later when mr.9 and miss Monday are still living there.
IIRC the lower ranked mooks of Baroque Works where called "Millions" the ones acting in Alabasta where the "Billions"
The millions where probably not called in Alabasta and free to stay in Whiskey Peak taking care of repairs.

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27th Nov 2020, 6:34 AM

I wouldn't have thought they'd be that bothered, considering that the Alabasta plans are in full swing at this point. Any men sent to fix this place up would be men then unavailable for the final play there.

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