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5th Oct 2020, 12:18 PM
""What did that even accomplish?!""

why, comedic set up of course!
I guess I'm setting the discussion thread topic, so how about stories where either something really serious turned into pure commedy, or where something meaningless set up something important.
I'll start with a commedy example.
5e Adventurer's League, Out of the Abyss main campaign. I'm playing a half-drow GOOwarlock (before SCAG came out) in a party that was dangerously close to max size. Other members included a human Fiendlock, a human Tempest Cleric, a human Dragon Sorcerer, a Half-orc Paladin, and a fighter that I think had to drop out soon after we started. We had just managed to escape the drow slave/prison camp at the start, with nearly all the NPCs along for the ride except for the full orc and the derro. Having escaped while demons were revealed to have been unleashed in the underdark, the party starts the next session getting our emotional bearings now that we're free, and the Cleric starts freaking out. He's at the border of a panic attack with how much of a frenzy he's working himself into over the revelation that "DEMONS ARE LOOSE IN THE UNDERDARK!" Out of character I figured now was a good time to do a bit of classwork that I had due in two days so I passively listened for when he finally stopped. What I didn't expect was for the Fiendlock to stop him dead in his tracks with two words that left the whole table laughing. "Have faith."
Yes, the devil dealing fiend patron chain pact warlock, told the man of the cloth to have faith that we'd get through this madness safely. Cleric didn't like that much, but his panic was stopped dead in it's tracks in favor of glaring daggers at the offending heretic.

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6th Oct 2020, 2:27 AM

I once played a chaotic neutral half orc thief/cleric in baldur's gate II.

In the bg II stronghold quest, neutral clerics become priests of Helm. Helm is the god of law and order.

My chaotic thief became a priest of the god of law and order.

Then she ascended as the god of Murder.

I like to think she remains loyal to Helm. Cause she feels like it.

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