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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5

Observant fool

18th Sep 2020, 12:54 AM

Aha! The fool fell for the classic: “Fake Notes” trick

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20th Sep 2020, 1:04 PM

I think it may be more 'changing the script after the fact', given the GM pulled Rika aside.

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18th Sep 2020, 4:30 AM

Slight typo, "incendiery" should be "incendiary".

Wonder when Jayden's going to break down into a rant...

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18th Sep 2020, 10:31 AM

If memory serves Mr. 9 ends up serving as a distraction for Vivi to run. Wonder how thats gonna be represented by Jayden when he's such an ass

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18th Sep 2020, 11:22 AM

Some kind of feat or maneuver where an attack is redirected to another target?
Possibly after King Silly Pants makes an ass out of himself by trying to "reveal" some OOC knowledge?

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18th Sep 2020, 9:16 PM

Maybe Jayden will just walk out on the group after they call him on his shit with Gordon having Mr. 9 perform the sacrifice just to be rid of the character.

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18th Sep 2020, 10:10 PM

That's what I've been thinking. The idea some people keep clinging to that he'll return with a different character doesn't jive with how some of them are beginning to catch on to his true colors.

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18th Sep 2020, 6:24 PM

I have a sneaking suspicion that Jayden knew that Rika was co-GMing and thats part of why he wanted to be royalty. Because he went through her notes and also managed to get info on what module they were using on their path through the Grand Line and knew that royalty plays a big part in the early story. It would be a slightly subtle way to manipulate Gordon and also stroke his own ego about how clever he is. I'm really glad that Gordon knows not to give a person he's never met before too much power in the story. Depending on the person's personality it can ruin a gaming experience.

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20th Sep 2020, 1:41 PM

yeah I get the same feeling as well. He almost says "your notes" (probably talking to the GM) before correcting himself.

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