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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5

Spare Parts

27th May 2020, 10:05 AM

Last panel: "The sea has been..." or "The seas have been..."

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Story Time

27th May 2020, 11:28 AM

Any good drinking (contest or not) story?

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29th May 2020, 10:55 AM

Wow, since no one has chimed in yet, I'll (re)share one from my high school gaming days. Note that it was run using GURPS, so no classes, alignments, etc. Celebrating the completion of a successful mission (and of getting paid), while at a crowded pub the party leader suggested a drinking contest. All that was up for grabs was bragging rights. My character, Hans, hatched a plan. Hans was a more or less good guy, but he had a weakness for easy money, and had recently been working on becoming something of a confidence man for the group. Hans bought the first round (the cheap stuff), but quickly folded, going to bed relatively early.

The next morning, I visit our party leader. This PC was trying to become a knight, so Hans knew he was trying to wrap his head around concepts like "chivalry" and "honor", but also was saving up because this was a setting where one could buy their way into knighthood. Hans spins a yarn about how our leader, great guy that he was, volunteered to buy all our drinks - only the best stuff for his comrades! - but had spaced off bringing his coin.

"Fortunately," Hans had been there to loan him the money. Hans didn't mean to bother him so early in the morning, but Hans' creditors were demanding payment, so he really needed to get the money back ASAP. While I didn't roll overly well for Hans, I had massive bonuses because of our party leader's massive hangover. Not only did he quickly give me the money, but he still felt indebted in the social sense, since he now believes I saved him from severe embarrassment the night before!

Pushing my luck a little, I went to "visit" another party member. I wasn't sure exactly what story to concoct but... it didn't matter. He rolled so poorly the GM ruled that, as I cracked open his door and woke him, he threw the nearest thing to him at me. That thing was his coin purse, full of the pay he'd just received!

Of course, later on, he was trying to figure out where his money went. I didn't realize our new player was running a young thief character and so Hans suggested the PC had his pockets picked at the party the night before... and he believed him. So the player said his character was ready to kill that pickpocket and oh, here's the new PC... for the record, no, he didn't kill her.

It has been so long I cannot remember clearly, but I think the GM thought this was all fairly good, at least on my end. I mean, my character came into a decent chunk of change and I vaguely recall some bonus points awarded at the end of that session.

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