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David the Sloth

David the Sloth

13th Apr 2020, 2:31 AM

The times when only one player remembers something relevant from the previous session. Always fun, especially if they don't realise that the others don't remember.
Story time, tell about a time when someone remembered something important which helped the party going forward.

P.S. The third use of the word "thunder" is misspelled as "thuder".

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13th Apr 2020, 4:30 AM
"Tell a Story: Moment of Silence"

There's that moment in all games where the DM tells the players something of great importance... and they don't get it. And it's always super awkward.

Share a story about a time a detail went over the player's heads. They may or may not have realized that important detail at a later time.

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13th Apr 2020, 10:02 AM

I made up a Dread campaign and have run it over a half dozen times. During the game, the group has to fight zombies which all have had their heads cut off and then sewn back on. (Two of them even have their heads switched). ALL of the monsters are these zombies with a ring of stitches around their neck. Also early in the story, they meet an NPC named Alice who was left tied up in the basement. She's wearing, among other things, a goth collar.

None of the groups have ever asked Alice to take off her collar, and all of them are surprised when the ONLY time Alice ever actually uses a weapon (instead of just carrying one) is to try to stab them in the back.

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13th Apr 2020, 10:13 PM

The party had been looking for incarnations of powerful spirits. You know, like collecting infinity stones. Get the fire spirit, the ice spirit, the death spirit... Next up was the life spirit.

"So using your heightened spirit vision, you look into the chosen one's body into her unborn baby. And there you see a wellspring of the most vibrant source of life energy you could imagine."
".....okay, so I tell everyone the baby's fine and suggest setting up watches for the night and dividing l--"

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