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29th Nov 2019, 12:23 AM
"Tell a Story: Dumbest Sneak Attacks Ever"

Usually getting that first attack in is a good thing. But then again, if the first attack doesn't kill it, you then have to deal with the aftermath.

Share a story about a time when you or someone you know got the drop on the enemy in combat... and then things went right south. Stories about enemies sneak attacking you and getting wrecked also apply

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29th Nov 2019, 3:54 PM

Simple one. we see a guy we have trying to kill for a while, but on our 3 previous encounters, he won and we had to run away, or we won but he managed to run away.
We have spotted him, but he have not spotted us. Perfect occasion to get him by surprise. we think about it quickly, but carefully, by considering our past encounter with him and what we knew about his aptitudes. If we try to sneak on him to cut his throat, he might see it coming. And with the armor he is wearing, we don't have a projectile that could kill him in one shot right now. So we decide to have the mage blast him with something strong enough to get him in one-shot.
And he does, and it does next to no damage thanks to the awesome armor or magic protection (forgot what it's real name was, that's how we called it).
The GM had described precisely the armor he was wearing, we have heard of this amor several times before this point, we should have been able to easely recognize it from the description.
So now, the guy know that we're here, and we're in full view since we just charred all the trees that provided us cover. And of course his mens have been alerted by the explosion and will be here soon, so we have to end it quickly before they get here.

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1st Dec 2019, 8:48 PM
"Roll for initiative"

There was one time early in my Pathfinder career where the dm had us being hounded by random assassins as we were going through town. The party eventually made our way to a bar, where an old man started ranting at us and pointed a stick at us. The intention seemed to be rather benign based off the dm's description, so no one was saying anything. Then the DM told us all to roll for initiative, which we did and entered combat. I, being a Divination Wizard, beat everyone else on initiative and threw out a glitterdust to blind the guy (since it seemed like the dm was telling us this guy was an assassin and at the time I thought the base Divination wizard ability gave me a spider sense), which was followed by a rogue stabbing the old man to death.

Turns out, the dm was specifically messing with us and the old man was just an old man (the stick wasn't even magical), and the DM was laughing his ass off because he got us to be murder hobos. That was just one of the reasons me and that DM never got along, tbh.

In other systems, I did have a Night Caste Stealth character in Exalted 3e who ended up specializing in doing sneak attacks in combat. Despite speccing him to be really good at this and being capable of doing buttloads of damage turn one, his overall fighting record for the campaign ended up being... mixed, partly because the dm low-key built hard-counters for my character to ensure a satisfying story could be had for the other players, partly because bad luck led me to not being able to do my thing when push came to shove and getting worfed (got so bad I had a heart-to-heart with the dm asking to switch characters at some point, since even some of his victories were unintentionally marred by later rules realizations + accidentally made it so I couldn't actually knock regular people out too easily), partly because we didn't actually jump straight to fighting too much of the time. I liked the character build, but god it felt miserable feeling unable to do anything right...

(That being said, the Exalted campaign was one of my favorite campaigns of all time overall - my character did get some sweet wins in thanks to finally being able to do my thing, and it was still a good time thanks to the cast of characters/other players and was overall a fun campaign I will remember fondly. I just have a thing against being hard countered/tricked in general...)

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29th Nov 2019, 11:55 AM

I believe that last text box is probably supposed to read "So... I think now's a(s) good (a) time as any (for) everyone to start rolling for Initiative."

That aside, I only ever saw the butchered 4Kids dub, so everything in this arc is completely new to me. I think I missed the entirety of "Ms. Wednesday", for example; first time I saw the character was when she was already revealed as Vivi and they were landing in her homeland.

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29th Nov 2019, 3:01 PM

I know that they are typos (it's okay, DT, everyone does it, and we love you!), but the way I choose to interpret it is such: This is a bunch of people sitting around a table and playing a game right? Well whether you're making something up or reading from a script, you're going to misspeak sometimes, whether that's accidentally a word or mispronuncing something.

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30th Nov 2019, 4:22 PM

Only the (for) part was a typo. The other parts were intentional. Thanks for letting me know, btw. ^_^

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