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20th Sep 2019, 5:13 AM
"Tell a Story: Too Big"

There is a reason why Core Books have size charts. And there is a reason why giant monsters are included in there along side humans.

Tell a story about a time you encountered something REAL BIG. You don't even need to have fought it, and surviving the encounter is also not required. As long as it was BIG.

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20th Sep 2019, 9:47 AM

I'd say the biggest thing I've fought were a couple of dragons. One was an undead one faced toward the end of a campaign, the other was a devil-contracted blue one fought around the mid-point/two-thirds mark.

The latter ended up being one of the toughest fights so far in a campaign where we've needed multiple resurrections. Zombie dragon used up a lot of resources to take down, but we were high level. Devil dragon first swooped down on us while we were still weak from another fight, forcing us to run away, and even when we tried facing her after resting and preparing a bit, we had to flee again because we just couldn't land a solid hit to save our lives! We had to spend a LOT of funds to get ourselves geared up to finally take her down.

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20th Sep 2019, 10:43 AM

Pathfinder game, we were investigating a city that had become a ghost town basically overnight. We were a very smart party that immediately split up to look for clues. We figured out that they had been magically telekinetically dragged into the bay en masse. And then it started climbing out of the water a colossal undead monstrosity made up of the city's population.

It had an artifact the size of a wagon powering it stuck into its chest. And we all ran, well, almost all of us. We got back to the airship and took off, the captain decided to fight it directly with his metal bending. It was not going great for him, but he lived long enough to get picked up while we hammered it with broadsides to little effect. Eventually we took all of the gunpowder, alchemist's fire, and anything else that went boom and shoved it into the biggest barrel we could find and then we dropped our improvised bomb on the thing and managed to blow the artifact out of its chest, "killing" it.

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20th Sep 2019, 11:02 AM

In one epic level game we introduced Kaiju sized monsters, which instead of having fighting spaces were more like terrain

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21st Sep 2019, 7:52 AM

Man, that sounds awesome.

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20th Sep 2019, 11:30 AM

In a game I hosted called the Dead Multiverse (Where players played as various characters that were assigned to explore a multiverse full of dead universes), they were fighting a bunch of villains that wanted all of reality to become part of the titular Dead Multiverse. After defeating a being called Lord Mimic (Had the power to produce and control mimics and was one itself), with its dying breath it made one big reveal.

The cave the players were exploring and then left to fight Lord Mimic and its companions (Who were still awake btw, Lord Mimic was just the first to fall)? Turned out to be a 60 foot tall Mimic. Needless to say, the players had different reactions. Some panicked. One was looking forward to fighting it. And another decided hell no and went to convince one of the villains to bit it up (He was a guy called One S and he was the battle crazed type. Was convinced to fight the Giant Mimic because it was interrupting their fight). Needless to say they survived that encounter but it was an interesting showdown.

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The Chessmaster

The Chessmaster

20th Sep 2019, 2:46 PM

I once ran an urban fantasy campaign where the party scaled an entire building trying to find the power center of a dark ritual. I gave them an NPC wizard who I figured they would realize was evil. They didn't. The end result was she was actually able to complete the ritual, causing the entire building to slowly transform into a monster. They managed to escape, but then were face-to-face with an angry five-story demon-building.

Amazingly, they actually won that one, by virtue of lots of sniping, tricking the building into colliding with other buildings, luring it in circles, and some other shenanigans I don't even remember. It was kind of ridiculous, but on the other hand, at least they didn't have to run up and stab it in its foundation over and over again until it keeled over.

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20th Sep 2019, 8:11 PM
"Met Io, lived to tell the tale."

A little backstory.

Our group had one silver dragon (mortal form of a moon elf), and one shadow dragon (mortal form of a drow and secret dragon, he was chaotic good due to being raised by kind and spiteful escaped moon elf slaves (their version of spite being raising their former master's kid on the surface to be good) after the fallout of the war of the spider queen).

Anyway through a series of weird events we broke time and magic at the same time and so wound up 500 years in the future during the tail end of a spellplague and so I (the secret dragon) and the silver dragon were ahead of the group scouting things out.

Everyone got caught in a knife storm (literal storm of knives) so we took shelter in a cave, while the main party took shelter under an overturned cart they found.

Turns out the cave was home to Io because in this timeline IO never got cut in half and split into Tiamat and Bahamut.

Anyway, apparently IO was there to be word of DM and give us exposition on how to maybe undo this whole mess (and also to tell us to take proper care of his chosen children since we'd also found crystalline dragon eggs that were in slowly hatching as we brought them to their preferred incubation areas, mine was amethyst, the silver dragon had an emerald etc etc.)

and then he sent us on our merry way after blowing the knife storm off to waterdeep because and I quote IO: "fuck those guys in particular".

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21st Sep 2019, 3:41 AM

My longest running campaign ended over a rules dispute on how to apply a poorly worded AD&D spell to a moon sized object.

So we were in the late stages of a high level spelljammer campaign. The PCs had setting jumped several times, had tangled with the Illithid empire, had visited the homeworld of the Tarrasques (and had tea with their prime minister!), but the thing that finally killed it was when they encountered my Tinker Gnome/Borg hybrid and the swashbuckling pirate archmage decided to bypass the whole adventure with a polymorph any object spell. Now, the more different the target starts as from what you want it to become determines it's duration, from very short to permanent. He wanted to turn their entire space station sized jammer ship into a herring. Now that wouldn't have been so bad if the cybergnomes weren't walking on it combined with the strange way gravity works in spelljammer. He was basically trying to argue that the creatures would fall toward the herring at the center of the gravity well, pile on it for a moment, than when it expanded back to a nearly mile thick station fling them out into space. This provoked a hypothetical argument about if polymorph any object could be used on a planet proper. After he staunchly said he would accept no other answer than yes, who is the DM be damned, I decided that campaign had run its course.

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21st Sep 2019, 7:47 AM

There was time we had to go up against a guy who summoned some sort of armored war-elephant to destroy us. Not so big right? Except we had been shrunk to the size of ants for a earlier objective, and the only person who could reverse the spell was the one who launched it and he was currently held captive.
We knew from a previous encounter with that enemy that his invocations ceased to be aggressive if he lost consciousness or if we managed to cut his control over them in some way. Fair enough, he was currently the size of a hamster (lots of size-shifting happened shortly before that point).
Since defeating the elephant in our curent state was out of the question, we had to climb up the Elephant to reach the mage standing on top of it's head.

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20th Sep 2019, 2:52 PM

I cast Summon Bigger Fish!

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20th Sep 2019, 8:28 PM
"Impossible Goals"

I don't think there is a bigger fish, without getting into cosmic god territory.

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21st Sep 2019, 9:43 AM

I shall join you and summon bigger fish next! Begin the infinite loop of ‘we’re gonna need a bigger fish!’

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21st Sep 2019, 1:46 PM

Now that you mention it, is it actually possible to do that? like one summon bigger fish, then a second player summon a fish bigger than this one, then a third one.
I'm not that familliar with D&D so i don't know exactly what are the rules about this.

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22nd Sep 2019, 4:21 PM

To my understanding the only limit is ‘until the GM/DM doesn’t allow it any more’.

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20th Sep 2019, 6:05 PM

I feel like this counts for the bigness to CR ratio.
5e, campaign adapted from PF. fighting speedy werewolf and pals in a circular tunnel with a mostly close-ranged party.
I think he had resistance to most of our attacks too.
monk is the only one who can keep up with him, and gets downed.
Zhen Fa is a druid, only pure caster.
Zhen fa has Conjure Animals, which summons 2cr worth of identical beasts. DM is pretty old-fashioned and "if everything is OP, nothing is", so caster gets to choose and they act immediately.
Giant Constrictor Snakes are 0.5cr and large(4 squares).
You can't move through enemies.

Zhen Fa summons 32 squares worth of snake.

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20th Sep 2019, 11:19 PM

In my second arc, I had everyone fight monsters that had died on the previous planet and were enraged spirits from beyond the stars. You know, like the Final Fantasy movie mixed with Kaiju.

Each one of them was really interesting to make. The first one was a clear Final Fantasy boss. You chased it through the city, fighting body parts from its tail, got on board and fought his back, then it stopped and you fought his face.

There was another that was several monsters segmented together like the Kingdom Hearts potcentipede.

But the last one was the biggest. And I had them fight parts of it from an airship, then hit it with onboard weaponry... the smoke cleared and all it did was leave one small hole. And totally without prompting, one player said, "All right, guys. We're going in."

The final part of THAT battle was fighting the heart. Which was incredible and gnarly. Then it died - and it was a spirit, remember? So it vanishes with them a good mile in the air.

"So, what does everyone do? You have six rounds."

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21st Sep 2019, 5:17 AM

Hm, calling it now, the Rumbar pirates were a previous party. Rika was Brook.

After all, Brook is added to the crew one arc after her current character dies.

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21st Sep 2019, 2:51 PM

I seem to remember Robin(the player, not the character) say something about making an undead musician before he had to leave.

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21st Sep 2019, 5:39 AM

3rd panel: what a blessed nami

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22nd Sep 2019, 3:41 PM

i think the Luffy right under this Nami looks even more blessed. What with the light coming from above and all. His hat even looks like a halo.

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21st Sep 2019, 5:03 PM

Ok so the biggest enemy I've seen in a table top game in a game I've been in would have been in an iron claw game where they were following in the foot steps of the journey to the west to gather the story together. the final boss knew dragon magic enough that he became as big as a building, so I just took my 3 liter bottle I had and replaced his model with it.

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22nd Sep 2019, 12:13 AM

I played a Rogue that once got into a fight with two giant robots. He took out the pilots in one, made a vehicles check to cross giant robot swords with the other, locked the swords together and sprinted across the blades to take out the pilots in the third.

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22nd Sep 2019, 12:14 AM

*second. Not sure why the heck I typed third...

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22nd Sep 2019, 6:25 PM
"Too big"

My DM wanted to run a level 20 campaign with Epic rules . I wasn’t there for the first session but it started out well enough until one of the players destroyed a certain obolisk in the BBEG’s lair that he noticed the BBEG had put defenses around.
It wasn’t the BBEG that put that obelisk there though it was the gods and a guy called the Titan slayer. Breaking it let loose what was described as a super Tarraske 4 times larger then a normal Tarraske with correspondingly larger hit points reach and jumping abilities.

My guy joins in and we have a huge brawl with this thing 5 level 20s decked out in magical gear 2 of which were Ancient dragons as well as a simalcrim of myself so essentially 6 LV 20s.

After a prolonged battle where the highlight was me nailing it with an Irresistible Dance makeing the colossal monster get up onto its hind legs and do a jig causeing a small earthquake and the table to not be able to function from laughing for a few minutes. I was the only one who could cast wish and because I was aware killing it with wish probably wouldn’t work I instead wished it to a completely uninhabited plane of existence that it couldn’t escape.

Problem as we were told soon after is that even if it can’t escape that plane it can EAT the plane and become a full “ Titian” or god Eater and then it would make its way back to the primary world to eat it and the gods. Think Snaggle from Order if the stick and you’re close.

The Gods promptly decided to peace out and ran off suggesting us to evacuate as well and just let it eat the world afterwards it would fall asleep again.

Needless to say we didn’t. While not good guys per say we put a lot of effort into this planet and we didn’t want to give it up without a fight.

By the time I wished it back it was the size of Legendary Godzilla with a Force breath weapon to boot. It also started spawning mini mes.

I dumped its ass in the deepest trench in the world and nearly got torn apart before it sunk down.

From there we broke into 3
teams I spent all my time slowing the thing down and trimming it’s mini mes the other Dragon in the party was with me and helped keep the mini mes from spreading too far.

My simulacrum went around useing my info network and the rest of the party’s contacts to rally everyone on the planet to either Fight together or evacuate.

The final part of the team went off to track down the “Titan slayer” whom the gods sealed away as he knew how to kill them and seal the monster.

The investigation team took a few weeks to find the rough location where he was sealed a vast dessert to the south in a location Shielded from divination.

While they did that every archmage on the planet turned the big island in the monster’s path into the magical equivalent of caidia while every Paladin and cleric of a high enough level rallied there while everyone else and their armies mustered on the continent behind that island.

While the investigation team began to break into the tomb containing Titianslayer the Monster appeared in front of the island it started marching though dozens and dozens of Glyphs of warding set up in advance for weeks from 3-9level. Didn’t even slow the thing before it broke the shoreline. Clerics and paladins started spamming Ranged smites (homebrew rule) with blessed arrows adding to explosions as it continued to march though more and more glyphs.

Our Fighter Ancient dragon a few other dragons and our paladins fought the thing in melee while the wizards threw everything that wouldn’t just reflect back at it . The Mini me’s that spawned were torn apart in seconds from the concentrated Fuck that was being thrown at this thing but equally it was tearing though Dragons and high level paladins like tissue paper.

Eventually after a prolonged battle it broke off and fled back into the ocean. It was blooded but we couldn’t pursue most of us were out of spell slots and/or dead. That major battle managed to stall the thing for 3 days but we gave up the island after bringing back as many of the fallen as possible.

The investigation team finally found the Titanslayer. He was imprisoned within a super 4e mirror of life trapping with a bunch of other super evil or Dangerous things mostly references to other media. He wasn’t one of the prisoners he was disguised as the ball one of the prisoners were playing with. That “prisoner” was actually a last case contingency against anyone breaking him out. They brought the mirror to the rest of the party we set up some defenses to make sure the gods wouldn’t notice and we undid the seal and let the “Prisoner” out. It knocked out 3 of us killed another and blew up my simalarcim but we eventually brought it down rezed and healed the fallen and (the next day so we could get a 9th level slot ) broke the curse.

He gave us the ritual to be activated when it went down and bugged out so the gods wouldn’t notice him. We set up the ritual with the help of every available archmage and nearly bankrupting multiple kingdoms with the material components.

When we finally finished we finally became aware that the Monster had gotten smarter and had been nesting gearing up for the big fight by spending its time spawning more and more mini mes including multiple fully grown tarrasques

Armageddon happened on a day we set aside for it 40k players in the group brought in their armies to act as minis the DM was a Nid player and brought a Hireophant to represent the Titan.

The session was a long one and was dedicated solely to this one final battle

To cut a very long story short we only won because the chaff that the United Kingdoms of the world brought with the managed to die slowly enough for us to rest recover and fight again. Tens of thousands died buying time for the most powerful people on the planet to throw themselves at the enemy get killed rezed nap and throw themselves again like a hellish version of Valhalla.

Eventually we managed to bring it down and seal it away. By the end there had been only a few hundred survivors with several tarrasques escaping into the wilderness to wreak more havoc elsewhere.

So that was the biggest thing a DM has ever thown at our party.

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Emperor Megaman

26th Jul 2021, 7:41 PM

Nat's "wait, what are you putting on the map" reaction is appropriate considering the size of this Whale.

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