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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


16th Sep 2019, 2:22 AM
"Like he said, the Easy Part"

Anyone got a story about something that should have been much harder then it was, but wasn't, whether that be due to creativity, rule of cool, or just some stellar dice rolls?

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16th Sep 2019, 9:15 AM

One time I rolled a natural 20 to Sense Motive a contract devil, which made the following conversation (we needed him to decipher the terms of a contract he had drafted a long time ago) go much more smoothly.

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16th Sep 2019, 9:19 AM

Earlier in the same campaign, I got a couple few consecutive great rolls to Bluff checks that helped us infiltrate an enemy keep and convince half of them into running off on a wild-goose chase, along with a devil that we otherwise would have had to fight. Thanks to a combination of that and our sneaky-punchy Brawler having assassinated the commander in his sleep, we were able to drive the rest of the human soldiers out of the keep without getting into a serious fight with them.

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16th Sep 2019, 3:58 PM

We were running a Pathfinder module and in a skull shaped dam there was a bound pit fiend working as the power source to open the thing to drain the resivor.

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16th Sep 2019, 4:04 PM

Apparently it was supposed to be a moral choice to open the dam by activating the mechanism, which would drain a level from each creature in two circles; the pit fiend was down to level one.

The paladin noticed that meant the devil had a -19 to sense motive, and he was a charisma based class. As a result, we formed a contract with the pit fiend to free it and restore it's levels in exchange for doing no evil for the rest of our lives.

One greater restoration, an axe swing to break the magic circle, and a stone shape later, and we had a nominally good cr 20 pit friend and a hole in the dam.

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17th Sep 2019, 4:47 PM

Star Wars d20.

My friend is the only light sider in the party, and a jedi in hiding to boot. I meanwhile an a TC-SC infiltration unit that went rogue when it was time to be decommissioned and became an independant droid.

Our settings equivalent of storm troopers are outside the door to the hospital room on the converted star destroyer cruise ship we were on, and just before they come in my friend throws a pillow at the door controls to close it, and I shoot them.

With sith forces beating down the door, and literally no way out... I get a brain wave. I inform my Jedi friend to play along, and start the most terrified, snivilling 'no please my lord they have no idea who you are. Please calm down, you would hate to replace your protocol droid again so soon' blah blah blah.I had a broken bluff check.

The pounding stops, and we hear a muffled 'Is.... is there a Sith Lord in there?' A brief pause, and a polite, hesitant knock.

Cue my friend taking his lightsaber, and STABBING IT THROUGH THE DOOR. Missed the guy who knocked by an inch.

"YEP! YEP thats a Sith Lord. Please be patient my lord! We are so sorry for the mistake! We are working our best to get you out of there! If there is anything we can do! Please don't slaugher us!'

My pacifist jedi friend and I proceed to get a personal escort to the escape pods by the invading sith forces. The only downside was the prevalent smell of soiled armor that wafted about them.

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16th Sep 2019, 10:00 AM

Shadowrun - it was at night when a company decided to storm our headquarter because we forgot to give something back that we borrowed (it was a 5 year old girl "prototype")...

They had a military helicopter and bombed a hole in our roof. I paniced a bit and used edge to boost my shooting - I had about 80% 5 / 6 on my dices and with rerolling the 6s ... well one salve with my MGP and the helicopter exploded and killed the bording troops on the roof.

Afterwards we run outside - there was a military tank already leaving with the "prototype" - one more salve and the tank was broken and we could free the girl.

Some months later in our next head quarter the MGP got a special place on the wall of the girl that was saved because of the salves (without munition because she was still a child)...

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16th Sep 2019, 2:40 PM

"We are a band of powerful demigods."

Natural 20 on the bluff check.

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17th Sep 2019, 8:09 AM

it's always fun when you make some big ol' lies and you still manage to fool the npcs.

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Lady Sandry

17th Sep 2019, 10:35 AM
"Here's Your Poison!"

So, Way of the Wicked. Book One, Part four: Burning Balentyne. We're supposed to find some way to throw open the gates of this fortress in time for an invading army to burn it to the ground. Our party consists of:
1 Kobold Ninja
1 Catfolk Swashbuckler
1 Human Archaeologist
1 Oread Cleric

Not the greatest team for subterfuge and sabotage, right? Wrong. The ninja has a high Craft: Poison check, and the Swashbuckler has a very high Charisma score and a specialty in Profession: Chef. End result? The Swashbuckler gets hired on as the fortress' head chef, and helps the ninja to poison the entire fortress with Oil of Taggit during dinner the night before the attack. All but seven members of the fortress are rendered unconscious by the poison, allowing us to Coup de Grace them one by one with little effort. The remaining enemies are defeated easily; we steal all of their gear and throw open the gates, setting up a stall selling their weapons and armor to the bugbear army as they approach to raze the fortress town.

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4th Jul 2022, 10:21 PM

and then Space Whale!

I mean Island Whale.

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