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30th Aug 2019, 2:03 AM
"Sweet Summer Child"

This is going to be the Least of the strange-ness you'll get up to.

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30th Aug 2019, 3:15 AM
"Tell a Story: Here, hold my Beer"

Luffy handed his hat off to Zoro before doing something wildly strange and dangerous. He knew he'd want that hat back.

Share a story about a time a member of your party entrusted something to another person, knowing they'd want it back later. Usually after doing something wildly strange or dangerous. Double points if it was an actual beer.

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30th Aug 2019, 6:15 PM

I think don't have anything particularly strange.
but i have that:

We were suposed to meet with a contact who had information on the latest plot coupon, and
we had agreed to meet in the stands of the stadium, where a traditional wrestling competition was taking place. traditional, as in contestants competing naked like in the ancient olympics games.
We discover by coïncidence (before our contact join us), that one of the things we where looking for, a sword that was part of the regalias of our birthland, will be offered to the winner the next day as part of his prize. He would also be allowed to marry the daughter of the consul, and the girl was visibly unhappy about this.
Two players insist that we're obviousely supposed to wait that night, meet the consul daughter and have her help us get the sword, in exchange of what we'll help her run away. One of us state that this is none of our buisness and we should'nt let the dulcinea effect make things needlessly more complicated for us, and he start thinking up a plan to steal the sword while everyone's attention is focused on the fights.
And i ask someone in the audience:
"Is it possible for anyone to enter that competition?"
"Don't try this, You and you friends would have to fight 5 on 1 to even stand a chance against the champion"
I stand up, and tell the last party member
"Keep my clothes, and my drink. I have some naked wrestling to do."

I did not need to undress there, there was a changing hall. but it was more dramatic that way, no?

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31st Aug 2019, 1:44 AM

I have to know how this story ended. :D

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31st Aug 2019, 12:11 PM
"how did it turn out"

You stopped right before the best part.
Did you manage to win? did you get the sword? also, does that mean you got married to the consul's daughter?

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1st Sep 2019, 5:27 PM
"this is going to be a bit long"

Well...To the astonishement of the audience, i first managed to take the upper hand, placed a few good punches, and grapple him, but he quickly turned the tide of the fight and i would have probably gotten in a difficult situation. That NPC was right, he was probably too tough for a 1 on 1(plus the GM dropped some obvious cue that he was going to be the session boss battle)
The player who wanted to steal the sword sneakily got a idea and provoked a massive brawl in the stands by whispering comments that provoked various disputes on things that where serious buiseness for the local.
The guy who was holding my drink finished it before using the glass to hit someone.
A third of the audiences where busy fighting each other, and the two other wondering what was going on. The third player took advantage of this situation to throw various projectile at the champion. bricks, glass, rock...all under the pretense that they where stray hits from the stand brawl. One good brick in the back of the head stunned him long enough to allow me to knock him down. (a rock accidentally got me in the arm, too, but that's not relevant).
The audience got wild, some of them saying that they saw us cheating and i should be executed, others that it was a accident and the win should be invalidated or on the opposite that my luck meant i had the favor of the gods and the win was perfectly valid, other (mainly thoses who did'nt like the champion or did'nt saw what hapened) that i won fair and square and the should'nt be sore about it.
Taking advantage of this bigger confusion and the fact that the guard had to leave their positions to contain the crowds, the two remaining players managed to seize the sword and escape the stadium. I did'nt manage to spot the rest of the party and decided to just get out of here on my own before being caught, still naked.
The theft of the sword was noticed and the guards decided to block every exit and control everyone, but also declared that the five of us should be arrested on sight, since we probably had something to do with this. Two of us where still in the stadium at this point, the sneaky one, and the one who had my clothes. For lack of a better option, they decided to take the consul's daughter hostage. they approached her and took-out her bodyguard/chaperon, but when they reached her the guy with my clothes had another idea and told her.
"We are good friends of you lover, who asked us to come pick you up. You were suposed to
put on this man's disguise to sneak out but this is impossible with the guards at every exits."
She believed him and helped them leave the stadium by a secret passageway leading to the consul's palace. There, she disguised them as guards to allow them to leave the place.
Meanwhile, i tried finding some random NPC to take his clothes Terminator-style, but of course, the GM thought it was the best time to have me come across our contact and having to explain that i am not some random pervert.

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4th Sep 2019, 2:21 AM

I really wish I'd been able to have gaming sessions like this.

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Emperor Megaman

26th Jul 2021, 1:40 PM

I imagine the reaction of your contact coming accross a naked, dirtied from fighting in the sand of the Arena, and wounded guy who try to take his clothes.

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30th Aug 2019, 9:03 PM

how about a literal Hold My Beer.

player A .. lets call him Mike was rolling really really badly.

Player B .. Chris was rolling very well despite handing his left hand in a wrap (sprained wrist)

Chris got annoyed after Tony failed another roll and decided to roll FOR him.

Since he only had one usable had, he passed off his Beer to make the roll, and rolled very well.

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