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Generic Greg

11th Mar 2019, 1:51 AM

So, we COULD comment about how people sometimes, during a session, FORGET things that were JUST said.

But honestly, I have a more fun one. For this story time, instead of a story, tell me about a favorite character you've played. Hero, Villain, or in Raxon's case, Drider tailor, if the need be. Just have fun with it!

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11th Mar 2019, 4:43 AM

Oh! Oh! I actually have something for this for once!

My fav character that I played was a noble character named Yue that I made for PTU (Pokemon TRPG). I TRIED to make her an edgelord...but I instead ended up with an adorable cinnamon roll that didn't trust Magikarps. She thought they were out to take over the world.

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11th Mar 2019, 4:29 PM

Magikarps always look like they're up to something Fishy, they shoul'nt be trusted easely!

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12th Mar 2019, 3:57 PM

Have you ever seen a Magikarp sweep? Those things are vicious.

They’re also one of the fastest breeding mons lore wise and can survive pretty much anywhere. Frankly the only reason they haven’t taken over is because they lack thumbs.

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11th Mar 2019, 6:31 AM

Definitely the drider tailor with a button fetish.

It also freaked out the rest of the table.

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11th Mar 2019, 9:21 AM

so hard to decide. The rwby campaign character who turned out to be a shapeshifting Grimm, the gold and silver scaled dragonborn sorceror who was great at stealth and was at lower health after failing at climbing a hill than taking on the final boss (in the same session) and used Friend to boost an intimidate check or the character with Fullmetal Alchemist style powers whose backstory consists simply consists of them being drunk and unable to remember anything until the campaign started...

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11th Mar 2019, 9:46 AM

Bran the wandering talent scout for Mystra. He was a middle aged, but still handsome cleric who wandered the farms and villages of the countryside testing kids, especially orphans, looking for those that could potentially become divine spellcasters. When he found them, he'd teach them a few orisons and try to arrange for them to complete their education back at the main temple. The villagers saw him as a bit of a Gandalf figure, except he would occasionally give somebody a great job.

The main reason he was fun was he was just do damn good-natured. He was the sort who would chop wood for your mom or run your errands out of the sheer joy of helping someone. He loved teaching and he loved magic. Total NG stereotype. However, he was also a badass when defending people, and was a natural rally point for any emergency. Not infrequently did he organize search parties, or village defenses, or monster suppression squads. In war he was a square-jawed lead-from-the-front commander.

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11th Mar 2019, 12:42 PM

Meet Milo, the 8 year old Tiefling Socerror (sic)

He died as he lived: Rolling on the Wild Magic Surge Table. Accidentally casting fireball centered on yourself isn't great when your maximum hp is 22. But hey, he took out the boss. And almost killed a couple other party members.

Other shenanigans include rolling a natural 20 to "seduce" the mayor's 8 year old daughter, always using spider climb to run around on the ceilings, and forgetting that his mother is the queen of the neighboring country (DM retcon).

And then there was his rat: Mordenkainen Tyrannosaurus Vastus BomBastus Sir Snugglewumps the Fourth Jr.

(bonus points if people pick out where any of the names are from, or the inspiration for the character)

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11th Mar 2019, 1:22 PM

Looking back, my favorite character has to be Brother Whoopass. Brother Whoopass was an Ultramarine designed to be a parody of the Ultramarines. He would always insist on leading the squad, would follow the Codex Astartes to the letter (which was pretty hard seeing as he was illiterate), and had an ego that would make Cato Sicarius look humble. He was also ludicrously effective. Both in terms of raw mechanics (Ultramarines genuinely ARE better than everyone else) and because for some reason I was operating at peak “mad genius”. I employed so many IEDs as that character that the DM actually gave me a discount on buying the skill I needed to actually use them. We joked that my kit always included at least 3 rolls of duct tape and a brick for holding down car pedals. I actually made it a point that my mission kit would always included a bus for transport/carbomb. I had demonstrably the highest kill count in the party, and that’s not counting some of my crazier feats, like my improvised exterminatus. I once swore an oath of vengeance on the Necrons for stealing my pet hamster. The rest of the party constantly jumped between being astounded by my brilliance and baffled by my bullshit. My one regret was that I never managed to get him shoved into a Dreadnought, entirely so I could make “Can of Whoopass” jokes

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11th Mar 2019, 1:44 PM

Kita the Kitsune Synthesist. Almost as cheesy as the characters in this story (but not quite, since he needed it to be his turn to take his eleven attacks at something like +50 to-hit and damage).

But that's not all! Summoners get spells, and he used his to get all the counters for every possible thing the GM could do to try to stop him. He went around with Calm Air on all the time because I was sick of being blinded by fog.

Summoners also get summons! Air Elementals were a particular favorite since nothing clears the battlefield like a tornado or six. And nothing attacks a horde of barbarians 500 feet away like a Tactical Cheetah Launcher (aka 'wand of summon monster III').

The original concept was based on Shippo from Inu Yasha -- a little fox that went POOF and turned into a giant fox.

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11th Mar 2019, 6:44 PM

One of my best heroic characters was an electrokinetic in a superhero game who went by the name Princess Thunder. Power wise she was basically the result of a night of drunken sex between Misaka Mikoto and Negi Springfield while Cole Macgrath watched from the corner and Magneto to handle the christening. Lots of lightning, lots of electromagnets, and some surprisingly good martial arts ability made for quite the potent character. She was also the only genuinely good person in a team of edgy antiheroes. Needless to say I spent as much time in combat keeping the party from violently slaughtering mooks as I did actually fighting.

Then we met Omegon.

Omegon was a sweet, shy girl who had the misfortune of negating all superpowers in her general vicinity.


Like it was a save every round to avoid either vomiting out your intestines or other equally unpleasant occurrences just being in the same room as her. And supers weren’t the only ones affected, normals, while not collapsing, tended to get paranoid and irrational with prolonged exposure, and usually went “kill the beast” after a while. Needless to say this kid did not have a fun or happy life.

Long story short the party encounters Omegon while investigating reports of a monster in the area. She was rustling around some trash bins in a back alley and our Brute decided he wanted to interrogate the only person in the area. As soon as he got within 10 feet of Omegon he’s on the ground screaming like he’s covered in fire ants. After a bit of panicking we deduce that the girl is causing this. Princess Thunder also realizes that this girl is fucking terrified. In my usual attempt to resolve things peacefully I start approaching in the way rescue workers do to keep kids from freaking out. Get knocked to my knees during the approach, but heroic resolve my way through it. Finally reach the girl and it looks like things are going to be okay.

Then our resident Jason Todd wannabe decides he wants to shoot Omegon .

He reasoned that she was too dangerous to be left alive, what with her effect on supers, and it’s not like anyone’s gonna care about some homeless kid. So he tries to shoot her.

Tries, because Princess Thunder still has enough strength to interpose herself between a little girl and a bullet.

Omegon did not take the first person to ever treat her with kindness getting shot well. She screamed, charged Not!Jason, and started beating his face in with a metal trash can lid. Fortunately even without her powers, Princess Thunder was tough enough to tank a bullet, so she rushed over and applied cool down hug before Not!Jason became any uglier.

Long story short, Princess Thunder de facto adopts Omegon, refurnished our super power negating cells in our base to make a living area where Omegon can interact with people and not make them feel like their dying, invested in getting her a super suit to restrain her powers so she didn’t have to live her entire life in a cell, and eventually Omegon became a hero in her own right. Also Not!Jason got arrested for trying to kill a kid and shooting the only member of the team who wasn’t on the Not!Justice League’s shitlist

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11th Mar 2019, 9:30 PM

Favorite DnD character? Zelos, my half-elf Celestial Sorceror. Like his obvious namesake, he flirted with any girl (even those that tried to kill him) was rather full of himself (with some good reason), and liked the fine things in life: Food, Drink, Ladies and burning his enemies to death.

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12th Mar 2019, 9:18 AM

Favorite character?

Tera. Cat-girl Witch. The Interloper. Accomplished Tailor, Engineer, Enchanter, Magic-Engineer, and Stormsurfer. [Also a specialist in Divination and Curses]

She had her own brand of sense, which often made others... exasperated to some degree or another at the naivety of the fairly powerful(at least after some time passed, she's currently lvl 18) spellcaster from a relatively isolated island exploring the mainland continent. She wasn't dumb, she wasn't an idiot, she just had a very good sense of what she was actually capable of doing, but not a clue about local customs and how people are supposed to act. Also a VERY skewed sense of what is "normal" in many ways.

Extremely fun character to play, got into lots of wacky situations. The reactions you can get to "What's a cow?" are rather amusing. It's actually kind of fun to be able to treat things with a sense of: What's this?

Also, she is trying to invent the sport of Stormsurfing. For some reason most other people don't find the idea of flying around in a Tornado or Hurricane fun though.

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12th Mar 2019, 11:00 AM

Once built an extremely potent Life Oracle who drew their power from shub niggurath. I wasn’t actually a bad person, I just had the misfortune of causing body horrors whenever I healed people.

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12th Mar 2019, 11:17 AM
"Dr Mengele, hero extraordinere"

My poison master obsessed with knowledge would go to great lengths to take people alive if he could.

He also would let baddies go if they gave him some pice of knowledge he didn't already know. it could be a new way of making brownies while on the road, or some veird quirk of math, he didn't kare, as long as he gained new knowledge to compile in his books.

If they didn't know anything new to tell him, they could... help him learn new thing in other ways.

he very much appreciated their sacrifices in his quest to make an ubermench with the eyesight of an elf, but with a dwarfs dark vision, orc strength and trying to figure out witch organ in halflings that was in charge of their luck...

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Deez Rodenutz

17th Mar 2019, 10:00 PM

My favorite character, which I may have mentioned before, was probably Tobi.
After several D&D games as the groups dark antihero rogue in hero campaigns, the DM ran a villain game and I instead played Tobi, a cheerful gay guy dragon-shaman.
Funny enough, before knowing how I'd play it, the DM had given me the only tent in the starting gear...

Several years later, during a Mutants and Masterminds game, Tobi returned with Japanese Magical Girl powers.

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15th May 2020, 7:21 PM
"The World's Wisest Orc"

My favorite character was sadly for a one-shot campaign. Enter Gadak, the result of one too many good dice rolls for stats. After everything was put together, I rolled an 18, 17, 17, 17, 8 and 12. So, looking at this, and suppressing a giggle, my friend told me to put my excess good stat in Wisdom. Thusly, my Barbarian Orc, Gadak, was a barely literate, moderately Charismatic, built like a tank...and more than capable of being a philosopher.

Embracing the madness that was that single session, Gadak put an anti-Orc racist to shame using his own words, tackled a door of its hinges, conversed with the spirits of a topiary maze and subsequently heard their screams as he barreled straight through them in order to reach his Druid teacher who was in danger. I had so much playing Gadak.

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28th Oct 2020, 1:53 PM
"Fav fun char"

Barbara Skullbiter, Gnoll Barbarian and master weaponsmith. Trained in weapon making before being taken as a slave. Forced to make weapons for an army. Eventually crafted a dire-flail and used it to smash her way to freedom. Often acted like a 'big dumb puppy' because she knew that's what people expected of her type, but was much smarter than she let on.

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11th Mar 2019, 5:28 AM

Favorite D&D character was actually a one shot character, a goblin bard in a Ravnica campaign . Named: 'Hay Gobbo' because that's what big folk always said to him. Despite me planning to play Hay for laughs, he came off as seeming to be the smartest person in the party because I was the only one trying to actually plan ahead. Crowning moment of awesome was when the rest of the group had failed to get information from a Fence (he wanted too much money for it). I took my turn talking to the guy. The Fence told me he would sell me the information for 100 gold pieces, and that I could either pay for the information or try to go up against a boar the guy had. Fence then boasted "My money is on the boar."

I told him he had a bet. GM was so startled, I had to point out what he had just said. GM thought about it, then agreed the Fence would make the wager. If I survived the boar, I'd get the information for free. If I failed, the fence got to keep my hundred gold. He agreed and I ran from the boar, luring it to where the rest of my party was able to kill it. Later, when our group got ambushed, my big contribution was... running away, after making the ambushers think I had the item they were trying to steal from us. It gave the rest of my party a chance to make attacks as the ambushers tried to catch me. I like to think Hay Gobbo is still somewhere on the streets of Ravnica, pursuing his dream of playing a flame-throwing lute.

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11th Mar 2019, 8:34 AM

My favorite character I ever built was a mad scientist I built for a one shot but he was so much fun it was unreal. His name was Dr. Voltais Hargraven and he was technically a rouge but he was basically just an alchemist. I built him for role playing because mad science is super fun! but he ended up being super effective as well. Tavern brawler to get proficiency with throwing acid/alchemists fire and as per RAW thrown weapons have sneak attack because they are ranged weapons. I was doing 5d6 + Dex per attack at level 5. Plus it was so much fun to just be a mad scientist guy

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11th Mar 2019, 5:24 PM

Hamstringer, or Hammy for short, the halfling barbarian i played who was literally raised by wolves. I had rolled for his stats and gotten a 4 in charisma and then was the party face because the others in the group didnt really care for roleplaying out stuff.

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Generic Greg

11th Mar 2019, 9:36 PM

And now it's my turn, Kids. My character, the first, and only one I've made. Let's talk about Radiata. She's an loli of about what LOOKS to be around thirteen, but is in reality around 6221 years old. At least, in the current world. She's a Clothier, specifically of the Seamstress path (See: Bullshit constant self buffs.) Her weapon of choice is, of course, a pair of scissor blades, quite literally from Kill A Kill. There's that, her Combat Umbrella, which is of course a piercing weapon, and around 78 needles, all of which are stored within her dress.

Also, she has a lovely, casual 23 AC without actually using any magic items to boost it. So that's pretty good I would say. Personality wise, she's uh...well, not an asshole or anything, more like she's just the kind of person whom just WANTS to see shit happen, has a soft spot for kids, and ABSOLUTELY hates terrible fashion sense.

So yeah that's my contribution.

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12th Mar 2019, 4:43 AM

I got to play an Alchemist/Warlock hybrid who didn't think they had magic but managed to engineer little devices that mimicked spell effects that mysteriously seemed to only work for him, solely because his Great Old One patron was a curious elder god that wanted to inspire him to creation.

Other highlights included a Warforged Monk that was combination pro-wrestler and training dummy in a gladiator ring, a hairless Tabaxi who's name translated as 'Face-like-a-hideous-goblin, a lawful good Hobgoblin samurai seeking to avenge the 'dishonor' of being too nice to everyone and failing, and a lizardfolk necromancer who legitimately had no idea necromancy was considered wrong.

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12th Mar 2019, 6:21 PM

Tough Choice but I'll go with my Scion Ardin Vulcan, Scion of Hephaestus and youngest member of the team at 17, he was a tinkerer who was raised by a biker gang his mom was part of who his dad turned towards an honest trade of bike making. He was a Prodigy Blacksmith and Bike builder who was basically able to no-sell anything and tended to also no-sell shocking revelations given his tendancy to go with the flow.
Ended up going to a journey to find Jesus cause he was needed to help tip the tide of the war of gods and titans. Everyone else when meeting Big J was all reverant and humble, Ardin completely non-pluss smacks him round the back and franky asks him to help fight the good fight and for an autograph for his friend who was a fellow scion who was a big fan who got duped in to serving the light titans who'd taken over the catholic church.
Eventually earned being the God of Determination.

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Emperor Megaman

23rd Jul 2021, 1:38 PM

Phil has lost all semblance of short-term memory.

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